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general good. Indeed whatever be the folly or fury of tyrants for a season, we entertain no fears of the result. The age is rapidly advancing in every kind of improvement, and the efforts of despotism to bind more closely the bonds of servitude upon the minds of men, will only be the means of more speedily snapping and breaking them.

With regard to our own country, the influence of the royal visits, another of which is recorded in this volume, has been and will, we doubt not, prove to be permanently beneficial.- When kings can purchase renown and diffuse satisfaction by so simple a means, and at so cheap a rate, as simply travelling through their dominions, it is surprising that this mode is not oftener adopted.

The nation is looking with pleasing antici pations to the influence of that change in the administration whici: lås: substitued for a distinguished statesmäj: and leader: one, who with greater accontplishments and a more powerful hand is now at the political helm.

April 10th, 1823.


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Lord Chancellor.

Lord Eldon. President of the Council

Earl of Harrowby.'
First Lord of the Treasury Earl of Liverpool.
Lord Privy Seal

Earl of Westmoreland.
Secretary of State for the Home

Rt. Hon. R. Peel.
Secretary of State for the Foreign

Rt. Hon. G. Canning.
Secretary of State for the Colonial

Earl Bathurst.
Master General of the Ordnance Duke of Wellington.
Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt. Hon. N. Vansittart.
First Lord of the Admiralty Viscount Melville.
Treasurer of the Navy

Rt. Hon. F. J. Robinson.
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lan-

Rt. Hon. C. B. Bathurst. Master of the Mint

Rt. Hon. Lord Maryborough. President of the Board of Control Rt. Hon. C. W. Williams Wynn.

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Commander in Chief

H. R. H. the Duke of York. Secretary at War

Viscount Palmerston. Paymaster of the Forces

Rt. Hon. Sir C. Long.
President of the Board of Trade Rt. Hon. W. Huskisson.
Auditor of the Exchequer

Lord Grenville.
First Commissioner of the Land

Rifon w Huskisson.
Post Masters General

· Eari of Chichester and Marquis of

Salisbury. Master of the Rolls .

R+Hoa: Sir T. Plumer. Vice Chancellor

Rt. Hor: 'Sir'J. Leach. Lord Chief Justice

RE, Hớn: Sir C. Abbot. of the Common Pleas kt. Hon. Sir R. Dallas. Lord Chief Baron

Rt. Hon. Sir Rich. Richards. Attorney General

Sir R. Gifford. Solicitor General .

Sir J. S. Copley.
Judge of the High Court of Ad-

Rt. Hon. Sir W. Scott.
Speaker of the House of Commons Rt. Hon. C. Manners Sutton.
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Marquis Wellesley.
Lord Chancellor of ditto

Lord Manners.
Vice Treasurer

Sir G. F. Hill, Bart. Chief Secretary to Lord Lieut. Rt. Hon. Hen. Goulburn.

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