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" Plantations to adopt such Measures as shall appear to them best calculated to obviate the Causes which have hitherto impeded the natural Increase of the Negroes already in the islands, gradually to diminish the necessity of the Slave Trade, and ultimately... "
Papers Presented to the House of Commons on the 7th May 1804, Respecting the ... - Pàgina 11
per Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons - 1804
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Slaves and Missionaries: The Disintegration of Jamaican Slave Society, 1787-1834

Mary Turner - 1998 - 223 pàgines
..."obviate the causes which impeded the natural increase of the negroes; gradually to diminish the necessity of the slave trade; and ultimately, to lead to its complete termination." Under the planters' benign administration the slave trade would dwindle away. No provisions were made...
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