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" The bed of the lake is but a rushy swamp ; and the massive ruins of the Castle only serve to show what their splendour once was, and to impress on the musing visitor the transitory value of human possessions, and the happiness of those who enjoy a humble... "
The Visitors' New Guide to the Spa of Leamington Priors, and Its Vicinity ... - Pàgina 204
per William Thomas Moncrieff - 1824 - 318 pàgines
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Ballou's Monthly Magazine, Volums 27-28

...majesty and beauty. We cannot but add, that of this lordly palace, where princes feasted and heroes fought, now in the bloody earnest of storm and siege, and now hi the games of chivalry where beauty dealt the prize which valor won, all is now desolate. The bed...
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