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" A right of way may also arise by act and operation of law : for, if a man grants me a piece of ground in the middle of his field, he at the same time tacitly and impliedly gives me a way to come at it ; and I may cross his land for that purpose without... "
The Compleat English Copyholder : Or, a Guide to Lords of Manors, Justices ... - Pàgina 581
per Sir Bartholomew Shower - 1735
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Commentaries on the Laws of England, Volume 2: A Facsimile of the First ...

William Blackstone - 1979 - 568 pàgines
...impliedly gives me a way to come at it ; and I may crofs his land for that purpofe without trefpafsm. For when the law doth give any thing to one, it giveth impliedly whatfoever is neceflary for enjoying the fame". By the law of the twelve tables at Rome, where a man...
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