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1. Lord, what a heaven of saving grace, Shines in the beau- ties of Thy face;

243, L. M.

1. LORD! what a heaven of saving grace
Shines through the beauties of Thy face,
And lights our passions to a flame!
Lord! how wo love Thy charming name!


And lights our passions to a flame! Lord! how we love Thy charming name!

2. When I can say, my God is mine-
When I can feel Thy glories shino-
I tread the world beneath my feet,
And all that carth calls good or great.

3. While such a sceno of sacred joys

Our raptured eyes and souls employs,
Here wo could sit, and gaze away
A long, an everlasting day.

4. Well, wo shall quickly pass the night,
To the fair coasts of perfect light;
Then shall our joyful senses rovo
O'er the dear object of our love.


244. L. M.

1. 'T WA3 on that dark, that doleful night, When powers of earth and hell arose, Against the Son of God's delight,

And friends betrayed Him to His foes:

From the Psalmodist.

2. Before the mournful scene began, [brake; He took the bread, and blessed, and What love through all His actions ran!

What wondrous words of grace He spake!|

3. "This is my body, broke for sin;
Receive and eat the living food;"
Then took the cup, and blessed the wine:
""Tis the new covenant in my blood."

4. "Do this," He cried, "till time shall end,
In mem'ry of your dying Friend;
Meet at my table, and record

The love of your departed Lord.”

5. Jesus! Thy feast we celebrate;

We show Thy death, we sing Thy name,
Till Thou return, and we shall cat
The marriage-supper of the Lamb.


245. L. M.

1. THE morning dawns upon the place

Where Jesus spent the night in prayer; Through yielding glooms behold His face! Nor form, nor comeliness is there.

2. Brought forth to judgment, now Ile stands Arraigned, condemned, at Pilate's bar; Here, spurned by fierce prætorian bands,

There, mocked by Herod's men of war.

3. Ho bears their buffeting and scorn

Mock-homage of the lip, the kneeThe purple robe, the crown of thorn

The scourge, the nail, th' accursed tree.


No guile within His mouth is found;

He neither threatens, nor complains; Meek as a lamb for slaughter bound,

Dumb, 'mid His murderers Ile remains.

5. But hark! He prays: 't is for His foes:

He speaks: 't is comfort to His friends;
Answers: and paradise bestows;

He bows His head: the conflict ends.



3 ÷


He knelt; the Saviour knelt and prayed, When but His Father's eye (
Look'd, thro' the lonely garden's shade, On that dread ag - o- ny: The Lord of

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3. He knew them all-the doubt, the strife,
The faint, perplexing dread:
The mists that hang o'er parting life
All darkened round His head;
And the Deliverer knelt to pray;
Yet passed it not, that cup, away.

CRUCIFIX. 7s & 6s.


beneath, Was bow'd with sorrow un

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till now


4. It passed not, though the stormy wave Had sunk beneath His tread;


O sacred wounded. With grief and shame weigh'd down;


Now scorn fully sur rounded With thorns, thy only crown; ) O sacred Head, what glory, What

to death.

It passed not, though to Him the grave
Had yielded up its dead;

But there was sent Him, from on high,
A gift of strength, for man to die.

5. And was His mortal hour beset
With anguish and dismay?
How may we meet our conflict yet
In the dark, narrow way?

How, but through Him that path who trod?
"Save, or we perish, Son of God."

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Greek Melody.

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Behold the Lamb, O Thou, for sinners slain,

Let it not be in vain that Thou hast died; ) Thee for my Saviour let

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Thee, Thee a-lone my re- fuge make, Thy pierced side, Thy pierced side. 苫


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T. B. WHITE. From the Modern Harp.


248. 8s, 7s & 4s.
2. Behold the Lamb!
Archangels-fold your wings-
Seraphs-hush all the strings

Of million lyres:

All heaven admires!

me take,

The Victim, veil'd on earth, in love—
Unveil'd-enthroned-adored above,

4. Behold the Lamb!

All hail-Eternal Word !—
Thou universal Lord-

3. Behold the Lamb!

Drop down, ye glorious skies-
He dies-He dies-He dies-
For man once lost!

Yet lo! He lives-He lives-He lives-
And to his church Himself He gives-
Incarnate Host!

Purge out our leaven:
Clothe us with godliness and good,
Feed us with Thy celestial food-
Manna from heaven!

6. Behold the Lamb!

Worthy is He alone,
To sit upon the throne
Of God above!

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One with the Ancient of all days-
One with the Paraclete in praise-

*This is a continuation of page 78.

All light-all love! BRYDGES.

5. Behold the Lamb!
Saints, wrapt in blissful rest-
Souls-waiting to be blest-
Oh! Lord-how long!
Thou church on earth, o'erwhelm'd with
Still in this vale of woe and tears,
Swell the full song.


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1. O Thou e- ternal King most high! Who didst the world redeem;

And conquering Death and Hell, receive A dig ni ty su

252. C. M.

2. Thou, through the starry orbs, this day,
Didst to Thy throne ascend;
Thenceforth to reign in sovereign power,
And glory without end.

3. There, seated in Thy majesty, To Thee submissive bow

The Heav'n of Heav'ns, the spacious earth,
The depths of Hell below.

4. When Thou shinest on the clouds,
With Thy angelic train.

May we be saved from vengeance due,
And our lost crowns regain.

5. Glory to Jesus, who returns

Triumphantly to Heaven; Praise to the Father evermore, And Holy Ghost, be given.


253. C. M.

1. JESUS, our Lord, ascend Thy throne,
And near Thy Father sit:

In Zion shall Thy power be known,
And make Thy foes submit.

2. What wonders shall Thy gospel do!
Thy converts shall surpass
The numerous drops of morning dew,
And own Thy sovereign grace.

3. God hath pronounced a firm decree,
Nor changes what he swore ;-
"Eternal shall Thy priesthood be,

When Aaron is no more."



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