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8. WHITFORD, ELIZA SODEN; born 12th Nov. 1833—father 16 years in National Debt Office, with very small salary-highly respectable-had 7 children, 4 living-sister unsuccessiul at four elections, once by nine votes only. Islington.

9, COLE, EMILY; born 29th March, 1831 -father a corn-factor—7 children. Islington.

10, ELLIS, SUSAN HANNAH; born 1st Aug. 1831-an orphan-father was clerk to Sir Thos, Willie 19 years—6 children. Bagnigge-wells.

22. GILLAN, MARY ANN C.; born 15th Feb. 1831-father a lithographic printer-grandfather and two uncles ipinisters of the Scotch church. 41, Sandwich-street.

12. GRIFFITHS, CHARLOTTE EMMA ; born 10th Ang. 1833—an orphan-father was in the Stainp Office-3 children. 3, Great Clarendon-street.

13. HARCOURT, FANNY; born 1st Aug. 1831-father was a farmer-Ichildren. Rotherham.

14. LONG, MARY ELIZABETH; born 14th Oct. 1831-an orphan-father was a cheesemonger - 2 children. Hoxton.

15. ROSEDEW, CAROLINE ; born 1st Jan. 1835—an orphan-father was a solicitor. St. Hellier's.

17. CRUMP, 24th Aug. 1833-5 now compelled to wife and 7 children

18. DANIEL June, 183.5—an ory dren, one deaf and

19. DELANI May, 1835-fathe cessful in business

20, DUPREE an orphan-father -will be entitled t 22, Spring-street,

21. DYER, 31st March, 1835master at Writtle,

22. MULLE -an orphan-fall ther in ill health.

23. BOXER LEY; born 20th F was a Coinmande Cornwall.

24. BROWT -father a tailor

25. BUCK, 1833—no father i 4 children. Taco

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63. KERRI 1831-father mar fortunate-6 chil

64. MACI horn 20th March much afflicted wit

65. MIMM born 11th June, street, Holborn.

66, PLAYS 1832-one of 5c to support and ed a clergy man.

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34, SINGLETON, HENRY EDWARD; born 16th Jume, 1832—most respectable descended—3 chil. dren-grandfather twice robbed of property to a large amount-had 10 children and died suddevly. Clois. ters, Westminster.

(last time.) 35. WILLS, CHARLES OAKLEY; born 18th Apr. 1832—an orphan-father was a clock-case maker-6 children. Shoreditch. (last time.)

36. EASTERBROOK, THOMAS FORD; born 13th Sept. 1832—father was a baker at Bristol-7 children—no mother. Marshall-street, Golden-square

37. JOHNSON, CHARLES WEDGE; born 2911 july, 1832--father was a yrocer, died after two years' illness-i children. Dalston-road. (last time)

38. JONES, WILLIAM; born 16th Dec. 1832 -father was in trade, but unsuccessful, and now in very ill healti-7 children. Barswater.

67. ARNO born 18th Nov. dener-grandfath 8 children. Hig

39. JORDAN, ALEXANDER JOSEPH; born 2nd Nov.1832—an orphan-father was a pastrycook-3 children. Bishopsgate-street.

40, KROHN, JOHN F. W'.; born 11th Nov. 1832—an orphan-faiher was a chemist-grandfather a farmer in Germany-3 children. Hare-street.

41. POMROY, EBENEZER; born 5th Oct. 1832—an orphan-father was a clerk—3 children. Camberwell.

42. TEWSLEY, ARTHUR; born 6th Oct. 1832— father a grocer, reduced by a barsh creditor -6 children. Mortlake, Surrey.

43. LAMB, FREDERICK ; born 8th June 1832 -an oiphan-father was manager of the Trafalgar


68. ATLE 1831-an orpha after a lingering dren totally desti

69. GETTI 3rd March, 18: merly a farmer ir Godstone. Win

70. GOWA Nov. 1832; fat 5 children. We

71, HILL, father once pos reverse of fortune


a clergyman. 5, Cumberland-street, St. Pancras. NG, LOUIS ADOLPHUS; born

95. NEWTON, ISAAC; born 14th May, 1833 34–one of 9 children—father for

an orphan--father was a corn-dealer-8 children. very prosperous circumstances, near Croydon, Surrey. nal, near Winchester.

96. PRYKE, JOSEPH; born 28th Sept. 1834 IR, ALFRED DEAN; born 12th -an orphan-father was a farrier, died leaving his

Uwumas formerly a coach builder- wife and 5 children destitute. Ockham, Surrey, one of 109r. Ishrimpotpidedaksis; born 1st Jan. 1835–

97. THOMSON, ANDREW; born 19th June,

1835—an orphan-father was a carpenter. Willowlood property, but from Peppebesgesyen

walk, Bermondsey. оuѕ o Jo əпоопG Lane-6 children. Fowey.

98. YATES, ROBERT HENRY; born 21st horn 41h July, 1832 July, 1832—an orphan-father was a solicitor-7

deserted his wife and facildren - zupate real Amandfather you

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