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ard; but as he could not stand upright to the Princess, and saying that he should in it, he was removed next night to ano- like to have satisfaction for it. ther.

What gave rise to this conversation ? Mr BROUGHAM having now put a -It was the general talk of the house. question relative to what Majocci had This was in the month of July 1817? said of Baron Ompteda, the AttorneyGeneral objected, that any such speech Did you begin the conversation, or did could by no means be received as evidence, he commence it with you ?-He comand that the opposite counsel could have menced it with me. no title to put the question, unless Ma- And in the manner you have now stajocci had been asked whether he ever had ted ?-Yes, he did. any conversation with Carrington on the He began by stating that Ompteda had subject. Mr Brougham urged, that Ma- behaved ungratefully? Yes. jocci having been asked if he remembered And that he had employed the posticertain circumstances relative to Ompteda, lion and chambermaid to steal the keys if he could be proved to have mentioned of the Queen ?-Yes. in detail these circumstances to the pre- Was that the precise way in which he sent witness, his evidence would be ma- commenced ? -The first words were, terially invalidated. After a great deal Have


heard of the affairs of Ompof discussion, and a reference to the teda ?" Judges, it was determined that Majocci Those affairs that had been talked of should be recalled, and the omitted ques- in the house ? -Yes. tion put to him by the Court.]

He asked



had heard Did you know Majocci, or meet him at of those affairs ?-Yes. a place called Rucchinelli, not far distant What did you say?-I said I heard from Rome, at any time?-I recollect something of them, by which means he extremely well that I met him there. began, and told me the whole over again.

Did he there speak to you concerning Then he had told you of them before Baron Ompteda? - I had conversation with that? He talked about them in the serhim on one occasion, if not on more oc- vants' hall, when I was in the servants' casions than one, as regarded her Royal hall, with other servants. Highness, and also about Baron Ompteda. What other servants were there?

What did he there say to you upon I think there were at the livery-servants' those subjects?-I recollect his saying table eight or ten, together with other that the Baron had employed one of the people belonging to the house. servants to procure false keys.

Marquis of BUCKINGHAM.-You sta. Did he shew you the keys that were to ted that you had been in the King's serbe imitated, according to his own account? vice ?-Yes. -Yes, he did, at Como.

A midshipman in the navy?-Yes. Did he ever state to you that he knew How long have you quitted the service? a person to have been so employed, and -I left it in 1811. that, if he had had his own pleasure, he How long did you remain in it? would kill that

person “ like a dog?"-I About twelve months. recollect his saying so.

Did you enter the service of Sir W. Did he ever say, in your hearing, that Gell immediately after you left the navy? Baron Ompteda was an ungrateful fellow, -Yes, immediately. and that he brought suspicion on the Do you understand Italian?-Yes. servants? I can recollect his saying Very well ?--Not very well. something to that effect.

Can you speak the language?-Yes. Did he frequently talk to you about the So as to be understood to enable you Baron ? Yes, frequently.

to make your way in Italy ?-Yes. At various places ? at Antwerp, for in- In what language did Majocci hold the stance ?-Certainly.

conversation with you ?-In Italian. Cross-examined. What led to this con- Did any one interpret between you? versation ?-Majocci was talking of the No, I understood him perfectly well. disrespect that Baron Ompteda had shewn I suppose you cannot speak Italian suf

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ficiently well to state the original words By the orders of Sir William Gell, he Majocci made use of as to Baron Omp- hired Bergami.] teda; give the expression to us, therefore, Do you recollect the house her Royal in English ?--Majocci said, that he and Highness lived in the first night at Nathe servants, generally, had made up their ples ? - Yes. minds, if they met Ompteda, to give him Was there sufficient accommodation for a good thrashing, and kill him if they her Royal Highness and her suite?-Not could.

conveniently. Was that all that passed about Omp- Were other arrangements made the day teda 7-It was all he said about killing after? - Yes, several alterations were Ompteda.

made. Then you mean to say, that he never Do you recollect where Bergami’schamsaid any thing to you respecting killing ber was the first night?-Yes, it was where Ompteda, except those words you have Charles Harford slept, or somewhere there, stated ?-He said farther, that he was for- over Lady Elizabeth's room. bidden to do so by Lieutenant Hou- Did he continue to sleep there?-I be

lieve for one night or two only. Was that all that passed on the subject Did he then remove to another chanof beating or killing Ompteda ? That ber?-Yes.

Who appointed the other chamber?The Earl of ENNISKILLEN.-You said I did. you were a midshipman in the Poictiers, What chamber was it?-A small cawhat time were you there, and why were binet. you discharged ?-I did not like the sea, Did


make that arrangement by the and Sir J. Beresford procured my dis- direction of her Royal Highness ? —No, I charge.

did not. By Lord Colvill.E. - Have you got a Did her Royal Highness converse with certificate from Sir John Beresford

you yourself:- Many times. Yes, I got a certificate, but I have it not In what manner did her Royal High

ness converse with her servants ?-GeneYou had a certificate, but you have lost rally uncommon kind, almost to a fault. it?-Yes.

Was this manner of her Majesty geneWhat situation did you occupy in the ral towards all her servants, or was it con, Poictiers? I was a midshipman. fined to one individual?- It was general

How long were you a midshipman in to all. the Poictiers ?-I don't know exactly. Have you ever had occasion to walk

By the Duke of CLARENCE.—You were near her Royal Highness, or with her?never in his Majesty's service previously Many times, by her Royal Highness's to serving in the Poictiers ?-ÑO.

command. When you entered, how were you ra. Did you ever walk so with her Royal ted; whether as a midshipman, or as a Highness in a garden ?-Yes, in the garyoungster?-I went with Sir John Be- den and pleasure-grounds at Blackheath, resford.

Were you at once rated as a midship- On those occasions did her Royal Highman ?-I am not sure that I was at the

ness talk with you ? Yes, very condetime, but I was rated as a midshipman scendingly. when I left the Poictiers.

Has her Royal Highness ever had oca The witness is perfectly sure that he casion to take your arin when so walking? left his Majesty's service for nothing else - No, except when ascending steps, or a but at his own request ?— Yes, I am sure rising ground, and sometimes in course of I left it at my own request.

conversation her Royal Highness did me

the honour of laying hold of my arm, and JOHN JACOB SICARD,

saying, “ Do you understand what I [Had served the Marquis of Stafford ten mean? do you agree with me?” Your years as cook, and was engaged by the Lordships see how I hold the atın. (A Princess of Wales in the same capacity. luugh.)

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How long did you walk so!-About the bed-room of Bergami to the bed-room half an hour perhaps.

of the Princess ? —Yes. Do you remember a masked ball at Was there, beyond that passage, and Naples? -Yes.

parallel to it, a smaller passage, leading Was it given by her Royal Highness ? the whole length ?- There was. -Yes.

Was there at the end of that passage To the Court of Naples ?-Yes. a small cabinet ?- Not to my recollec

Who had the management of it? I tion. had the management.

Was it so constructed that a part of the Did any one assist you in the manage passage might be enclosed so as to form ment? Yes, Mr Parelli.

à small cabinet ?- I cannot answer what Who is Parelli ?-He is a very respect might be done. able person, a merchant, known to some Was there not a communication along of your Lordships ; he is known to Lord that passage, through those doors you Landaff.

described, to the bed-room of the PrinWere any of the suite masked ?-Yes, cess - Yes. Hieronymus and I went together.

Did any body sleep there ?-Not that How were you dressed?--As Turks. I know of. Do you happen to recollect her Royal The rooms in which Hieronymus, Dr Highness attending that masquerade her- Holland, and William Austin slept, all self?-Yes.

coinmunicated with the other wide and Did she wear onedress or more dresses ? public passage ?—They did. - I recollect two dresses.

And there was no person slept in the Do you recollect what her Royal High- line of communication you pointed out ness's dresses were? -One was a kind of between the room of the Princess and the country dress, and the other a Turkish room allotted to Bergami ?-I understood dress.

that when Bergami was ill, a servant was You are no longer in her Majesty's to have slept there, but I never saw it. service?--I have a pension as long as her Then, with that exception, there was Majesty is pleased to give it.

nothing to interrupt the communication, Cross-examined.- What amount of pen. provided the parties were desirous of sion have you ?-Four hundred pounds communicating, between one room and a-year.

another? I do not recollect that there Depending on her Majesty's pleasure? -Entirely so.

Have you not been on the Continent You entered her Majesty's service some- to bring over witnesses ? - I had a letter time before she went abroad, and left her from her Majesty to Carlsruhe. Majesty at Naples?-Her Majesty left Did you bring over any witnesses to me. (A laugh.)

this country?-No. When did you join her Royal High- By Lord ELLENBOROUGH.-Did you ness again ?-Not till I went to inform make any observation as to Bergami's her Majesty of the news of the King's manners ? — They were proper. death.

Did he seem superior to the situation So that the only time you speak to is for which he was hired ?-I believe he during the time of her Majesty's resi- was not quite so chatty as the Italians dence at Naples ?-Exactly, yes. generally are. I believe he behaved pro· With respect to the apartment occu- perly as far as I saw. pied by Bergami at Naples, had it not a di- Did his manners appear to be superior rect communication by a passage with the to his situation ?-Not particularly so ; apartment occupied by the Princess ? - he was very civil and obliging. Not exactly so, but through several doors. You did not consider him too much of

Was there a small cabinet contiguous a gentleman to act as courier ? -Not exto the apartment of Bergami ?-There actly so; he never shewed himself in that were several: two.

way: he never refused to do any thing Was there a public passage leading from when he was told.




Were his manners rather those of a Cross-examined.-Are you acquainted gentleman than of a courier ? -He might with a minister at York ?-I am. have been rather more of a gentleman Having reminded you of that, allow than of the lower sort.

me now to ask whether you ever stated

to that gentleman that you disapproved Dr HENRY HOLLAND,

of her Royal Highness's conduct towards [Accompanied her Royal Highness as Bergami? - I never have. physician, was with her at Naples and Have you ever informed any person Genoa, left her at Venice.]

whatever that you did not think the conDid you know a person in her Royal High- duct of her Royal Highness was proper, ness's service named Bergani ? —I did. or words to that effect ?-I have never

Did he dine with her Royal Highness stated any thing to that effect. while

you were at Genoa ? --He did not. I ask not with reference to Bergami, During the period you resided with her but whether you have not made


obRoyal Highness, what conduct did she servation of this kind ?-I am so satisfied observe towards Bergami ?—Always that of the negative, that I can venture to conduct which became a mistress towards

swear it. her servant.

We all know, Dr Holland, that you What did you observe to be the con- have published some travels. I wish to duct of Bergami towards her Royal High- know whether, in publishing them, you ness ?-Never any other than unpresu- have had occasion to alter any opinion ming and respectful.

you had previously entertained respecting Was there any understanding, before her Royal Highness ? you left England, as to the period which Mr WILDE objected to this question. you were to stay with her Royal High- The SOLICITOR-GENERAL then put ness ? — There was a general understand- the following: ing that I was to stay a year and a half Have you always entertained the same or two years.

opinion which you now have respecting At what place did you quit her Royal her Royal Highness ?-I feel it quite imHighness's suite ?-At Venice.

possible to describe all the fluctuations Had there been any conversation as to of opinion I may have had at different your leaving her Royal Highness before times; but of this I am satisfied—that I you arrived at Venice ?--There had at do not recollect any change whatever in my Milan.

opinion respecting her Royal Highness. At whose suggestion was it that you By Lord Erskine.-During the whole went on to Venice?--It was my own. time of your attendance on the Princess

When you left her Royal Highness at at all places, did you ever observe any inVenice, was it understood that you were decent, immodest, or improper conduct to quit her household entirely, or to re- in her Royal Highness ? --I have not. turn?-It was understood that I was to By Earl Grey.-Have you, during any

part of your residence with her Royal Did you leave articles belonging to you Highness, observed any thing in her in the household of her Royal Highness, Royal Highness s conduct which was calwith the intention of returning?-I did. culated to bring disgrace upon this coun

What was the occasion of your leaving try?-As far as I can say, decidedly not. the Princess at Venice and coming to Eng- By the Earl of HARROWBY.- What land ?--At Milan her Royal Highness sug- kind of Italian did the Countess of Oldi gested to me that I might make a tour of speak ?-Very much that kind of Italian six weeks to Switzerland. I expressed my which is spoken in Lombardy: wish that, instead of going there, I should Is that dialect generally spoken by perbe allowed to return for a short time to sons of fashion and education ?-I have England, on private business. Her Royal heard it spoken by persons of education Highness agreed. It then became mere, and fashion, when conversing with each ly a question whether I should go first to other ; but almost all such persons have Venice, or return straight to England. I been capable of speaking the pure Itapreferred the former.



Did you ever hear the Countess of Ol- Did, in point of fact, Roman and Engdi speak pure Italian ?--It would be very lish persons of rank visit her Majesty difficult, upon my recollection only, to then to pay their respects ?-Yes, they say whether it was pure or not.

did. Mr BROUGHAM. You have said that Do you remember who they were ?your salary did not cease in June, 1815. I can speak of their names as I saw them I wish to ask whether your salary has entered in the book. ceased since ? -It has.

(Evidence of what he saw in the book · How long ?-Fifteen months exactly was objected to.) from the time I entered into her Majes Did you see any of those persons visit ty's service.

her Majesty ? Speak of your own knowHave you any pension since ?--None ledge.--I did not. I can only speak of whatever

the names as I saw them in a book kept

for visitors. CHARLES Mills, Esq.

Was it then known that the funeral of [Resided at Rome, where he commonly his late Majesty had taken place ?-I dived with the Princess during the twelve think it was. days she remained there. He met there Was Bergami chamberlain in 1820 as some of the nobility, and in general the in 1819?-He was. first company.]

Was there any difference in the apDid you see any of their Eminences pearance of her Majesty's household at (the Cardinals) at dinner? - I never saw the different periods to which you speak ? any at dinner.

I saw none. At other times, besides dinner, did Did you ever see any thing in the conthey attend ?-They came frequently to duct of these parties (the Queen and the evening parties.

Bergami) derogatory to the honour and Was Bergami then her Royal High- dignity of the British empire, or likely to ness's chamberlain ?-He was.

wound the moral feelings of the people Did he, in that character, dine at her of this country ? -Never (with peculiar Royal Highness's table?-He did. emphasis.)

Did you often see her Royal Highness Did you in other respects, either in and her chamberlain Bergami together? public or in private, see the Queen con-Frequently.

duct herself in any way at which a Did you ever see the smallest impro- just exception could be taken ?-I never priety of conduct between them ?-Ne- did.

By Viscount FALMOUTH.-Were you, Does this answer apply to your obser- on the occasions when you dined and tation of the Princess and Bergami as supped with the Countess Oldi, introduwell at Rome as at other places ? — Yes, eed to her by her Majesty ? - Yes, my certainly.

lord; I was introduced on the first ocHad you the honour of paying your casion. respects to the Princess after she became Did you make any observation upon Queen ?-Yes, I had.

her manners ?-Her manners appeared When and where?- At Rome in the to me to be unobtrusive and natural. beginning of the year.

Were they the manners of an Italian Had she then assumed the title and lady?-I did not consider them otherdignity of Queen of England ?-She had. wise at all.

About what month was that? I think February, 1820.

Joseph THEOLINE, Had she two ladies of honour then ap- [Colonel in the Italian army, member pointed to attend her by the Roman go- of the French Legion of Honour; and vernment?-No, she had not.

brother to a General of Division.] Had she any guard of honour, or any Did you know Bergami when he served of those marks of distinction paid her, in a military capacity in General Pino's which you saw when she was Princess of brigade ?-I did. Wales - No.

When did you know him first? -At a


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