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How often did your lordship meet her? -I met her on two occasions, once

LORD GLENBERVIE, at the Villa d'Este, and a second time at [Was at Genoa with her Royal HighMilan.

ness, whom Lady Glenbervie agreed to at Did you know on either of those occa- tend till the arrival of Lady Charlotte sions that she was the sister of Bergami? Campbell, who was daily expected. Du-I believe I was not informed of that cir- ring this time his lordship dined frecumstance on the first occasion, but I quently with the Princess.] certainly was aware of the fact when I During that time did you see a person saw her at Milan.

of the name of Bergami ? I saw him By the Earl of LAUDERDALE.-At every day I dined there. what part of the table did your lordship What was the conduct you observed in sit when you dined with her Royal High- her Royal Highness towards him during ness the Princess of Wales at the Villa that period ?-Bergami waited behind d'Este? - On the side opposite to her the Princess's chair, in the habit of a Royal Highness.

courier. I often had the honour to sit How was your lordship placed in this next to her, and all I saw in her was the respect when you dined with her Royal behaviour of any mistress of rank to a Highness at Milan?-As well as I am able servant. He often helped the Princess to charge my memory with the circum- and me to wine and other things. stance, I sat at her Royal Highness's side. What was the conduct of Bergami to

You have already stated that Bergami wards her Royal Highness ?—That of a dined at the table ; at what part of it did servant. he take his seat ?-He sat, I believe, on Wasit respectful, becoming his place, or the opposite side of the table.

otherwise ? - I did not observe any thing Did your lordship receive any parti- particular; if there had been anything like cular attention from her Royal High- disrespect, I should have observed it. ness ? --She always treated me in a very

you mention the year?-1815. gracious manner.

What company did you meet at her Was there any thing remarkable in her Royal Highness's table during that pedeportment towards Bergami ?-I re- riod ?-Mrs Falconet and her two daughmarked no peculiarity;

ters; Mr Hownam, a Lieutenant in the Where did Bergami's sister, the Coun- navy; Lady C. Campbell came some tess Oldi, sit on that occasion ?-By the days or a week after the Princess ; DI side of Bergami.

Holland was also there most days, but By the Earl of DARLINGTON.-Did not all; I likewise saw some Genoese noyou never observe any singularity in the blemen; one in particular I recollect, deportment of her Royal Highness to- Marchese Jean Carlo Negri. There were wards Bergami?-I never observed any. also some English officers of the

By Lord ELLENBOROUGH.–Did you Did you see Lady William Bentínck make any observation on the deportment there ? --I saw her at Genoa frequently. and manners of Bergami himself ?-I re- At her Royal Highness's? --I saw her marked that his manners were unobtru. there, but whether I dined with her there sive; I never saw him forward or assu- I do not recollect. ming.

Do you recollect attending any balls Had you any conversation with Bere given by her Royal Highness -The ongami?-No particular conversation ; he ly ball given there I went to. spoke a little: the only time when I was Did you meet there the principal peralone with him was in the gallery at Mi- sons of the place ?-I think a great many lan, but I do not recollect any particular of them, the principal ladies and gentleconversation.

men of the place. From the opportunity you had of observing Bergami's behaviour, could you LADY CHARLOTTE LINDSAY, form any opinion of his being superior to [Was one of the Princess's ladies of the the situation he had formerly filled ? bedchamber since 1808; but on her going



abroad, accompanied her only to Brúns- How did Bergami conduct himself?wick, according to previous understand- In the common way in which a servant ing. She afterwards joined her at Naples would. in 1815.)

How did her Royal Highness conduct How long did you then continue with herself? In the manner that a mistress her ?-I joined her Royal Highness in would conduct herself. the beginning of March. I remained with

Did you ever observe any impropriety her as long as she continued at Naples; of conduct between the Princess and 1 accompanied her to Rome, from thencé Bergami ?-Never. to Civita Vecchia ; I then embarked on When did you quit her Royal Highboard the Clorinde, and quitted the Prin- ness's service ? --I sent in my resignation cess at Leghorn; this was by an arrange in the year 1817. ment which had been settled before wemet. What was your reason for resigning ?

By whom was her Royal Highness vi-My brother wrote requesting me to rea šited while at Naples ? She was visited turn. by all the English of distinction there, While at Civita Vecchia did you see and by the Neapolitans of distinction, Bergami?-I did. and other parties.

Will you try and recollect with accuBe pleased to state the names of some? racy whether you did not see him at Ci-Lord and Lady Landaff, Lord and vita Vecchia walking with the Princess ? Lady Gage, Lord and Lady Cunning -The Princess and I frequently walked ham, Lord and Lady Holland, Lord out together, and Bergami attended ; he Clare, Lord G. Somerset, Lord F. Mon- did not walk with us, but a little way tagu, Lord and Lady Oxford, Sir W. behind us. Gell, Mr Davenport, Mr W. Bankes, and Cross-examined.Will you take upon there may be others whose names I for- you to swear that on none of those occan get.

sions her Royal Highness walked arm in Was her Royal Highness visited by arm with Bergami? I have no recollecMrs Falconet ? - She was.

tion of it. And her daughters ? - And her daugh- Will you take upon yourself to swear

that she did not ? I can only say that I Were you on board the Clorinde with have no recollection of it; as far as I reher Royal Highness ?-1 was.

collect, Bergami attended at a little disDo you remember where her Royal tance, unless he was called to be asked a Highness slept on board ?--She slept in a question. part of the Captain's cabin which was di- Then I understand you will not swear vided into two; her Royal Highness that the Princess did not on that occasion slept in one part, and the Captain and walk arm in arm with Bergami ?-I cerhis brother in the other.

tainly do not recollect that she did. Did any other person sleep in the di- But you will not swear that she did vision of the cabin where the Princess not?-I cannot positively swear, but I slept ?-Yes, her maid.

never was struck by it. Do you recollect any thing arising in Why, if such a thing had happened, consequence of the cabin being divided must it not have struck you ?-I suppose into two parts ?-Nothing particular, it would, and therefore I imagine it did except that the Princess expressed some not happen. regret that the other part of the cabin You filled the office of lady of the bed had not been appropriated to me instead chamber ? --I did. of the Captain and his brother.

That did not necessarily lead you

into Did it occasion any difference between her Royal Highness's bed-room-Very the Priricess and the Captain ? -No, I frequently it did; frequently she sent did not observe it.

Do you remember a person of the At Naples ?-At Naples. name of Bergami being in the service of Was the Princess always alone on those her Royal Highness ? I was often in occasions ?--Not always alone, certainly; company with the Queen when Bergami sometimes there were persons with her. attended.

Do you recollect ever upon these occa


for me.

sions secing Bergami in the bed-room ? Perhaps I may be able to call the cire I have seen him myself in the bed-room, cumstance a little more to your ladybecause we dined in the bed-room. I ship's recollection. After your determidined in the bed-room with the Princess nation to leave the Princess of Wales, did and William Austin, and Bergami used you not say that that determination was to wait upon us as servant.

& vast relief to your mind, for that no Had any application been made to you woman with any regard to her character, to join her Royal Highness in Germany would wish to continue with her Royal before you took the resolution of quite Highness?—I do not recollect having said ting? --Yes, there had.

any such thing, or used any such words. How long before ?- I cannot accurate, Does your ladyship recollect having ly remember how long.

said any thing to that effect ?-No. [Bergami attended as courier on the Will your ladyship undertake to say journey from Naples to Rome, and from that you did not state those words, or Rome to Civita Vecchia.]

make use of words to that effect?-I Does your ladyship recollect whether have no recollection of ever having used Bergami accompanied the carriage as cou- any such words. rier in that part of the journey? --I be- I understand your ladyship will not lieve he did; but I am not so positive in undertake to say that you did not make my recollection of his being present on use of these very words? --I say I do not this as on the former part of the jour- remember having made use of them. I ney.

have no recollection of them. Does your ladyship recollect Bergami Your ladyship having said that you have riding up to the carriage in the former no recollection of those words, I wish to part of the journey, and addressing her ask whether your ladyship will underRoyal Highness, and saying—" a boire, take to say that you never did make use Madame I recollect his coming up to of them ?-I can only say that I think it ask for something to eat or drink, and her extremely improbable I should have used Royal Highness giving him something such words, and I do not recollect that I when called.

ever did. : Do you recollect whether it was before I understand that your ladyship will or after he was called ?--I have no dis- not say that you did not make use of tinct recollection, but I think it was af- those words - I can only repeat that I

have no recollection of having used them, Was it a bottle which her Royal High- and I think it very improbable that i ness handed to Bergami ? Yes, it was a should. bottle of wine.

Will your ladyship undertake to say Did he drink on receiving it! I think that you have not made use of words to he did.

that effect more than once? I have no From the bottle, without a glass ?-I recollection of using them at all. think so.

Your ladyship, however, will not unDid he afterwards return the bottle to dertake to say that you have not used her Royal Highness ?- I cannot positive them more than once ?-I can only rely say ; but I fancy he did.

peat what I said before, that I have no After you had made up your mind to recollection of using any such words, and quit the service of her Majesty, did you that I do not think it probable I ever did not state to some person that you found use them. a vast relief to your mind in having come Did you not say, on quitting the serto that resolution ?-1 have no distinct vice of the Princess of Wales, that, if it recollection of having stated that. had not been for the desire you had to

Your ladyship says you have no dis- assist an individual with what tinct recollection of having made this from that service, you would have quitstatement; but do you reinember having ted it long before ? -It is very possible said anything to the same purpose or ef- that I may have used these words, but I fect? --No; I may have said something do not distinctly recollect having used like it, but I do not think I ever did. them. I think it, however, possible.


you saved


Having recalled those last words to Had you not lost some near relative at your ladyship’s recollection, I would beg that time?-Yes; two. to know whether the former did not pass Were they not the late Lord Guilford at the same time?-I have no recollec. and Lady Glenbervie?-Yes. tion of having used the former words, I wish to ask whether you yourself and do not think I ever used them. I ever observed in the conduct of her Mahave no distinct recollection at what time jesty, any impropriety which induced I said, that, had it not been for my de you to leave her service ?-I never mysire to assist an individual, I would have self observed any impropriety to induce quitted her Royal Highness's service me to resign. sooner; but certainly I do not think that I Examined by the Peers.—The Earl of coupled that observation with any words Donoughmore.—There was nothing implying an unfavourable opinion of her improper that you have seen ?-No, I Royal Highness.

have not seen any impropriety. Does your ladyship say that you recol- Was there any report ? (A general call lect you did not couple the observation of “ Order, order.") about leaving her Royal Highness's ser. The Earl of DonoughMORE.-I only vice with the former words ?-As far as ask the reason which induced her ladyI recollect I did not.

ship to quit the service of the Princess of But your laclyship will not be positive? Wales. - I can only say that I have no kind of Mr BROUGHAM objected to such a recollection, and think it not at all pro- question being asked. bable.

The LORD CHANCELLOR. It is cer- Do I understand your ladyship that tainly competent for any Noble Lord to you do not say positively that it was not ask whether there was any other reason so?-I have no recollection of ever saying which induced her ladyship to quít her that no woman of character would wish Royal Highness's service. to continue with the Queen.

Ár BROUGHAM.-Reports of a very Your ladyship must perceive that this atrocious nature may have gone forth is not an answer to my question, whether against her Majesty. you can positively say it was not so ?- The Earl of Donoug HMORE.-Order, I can only say that I have not the least order. I ask only into the reason of recollection of having said so to any body quitting her Royal Highness's service. at any time.

The Lord ChancELLOR.—No report Re-examined.-The Solicitor-General of any kind can be evidence to your has asked you a question relative to a Lordships. communication on your resignation. To The Earl of DonoUGAMORE proceedwhom was it made? - To my husband. ed.--Had your ladyship any other reasons To any one else ?-No.

except those which you have mentioned Is Mr Lindsay at present in distressed for quitting the Princess of Wales ? circumstances ? -Yes.

There was nothing seen improper; but Has he been so for a considerable pe- the reports were of so unpleasant and riod ?-For some years.

degrading a nature as to operate on my Did you experience any difficulty, mind in quitting her Royal Highness. while in her Royal Highness's service, By Lord Calthorpe.-During your respecting the payment of your sa- ladyship's acquaintance with the conduct lary? -Yes, at one time there was a good of the Princess of Wales, did you obdeal of arrears due.

serve any familiarity on the part of her Did any other circumstance occur in Royal Highness with her menial ser1817 which might have rendered your vants, both male and female ?-I only situation in her Royal Highness's service observed that her Majesty was particudisagreeable to you?-Yes ; being obli- larly affable and familiar to all her serged to attend at a time (here her ladyship was much affected]-if my attendance Did your ladyship think that her Mahad been required there, because I was jesty's familiarity towards her servants thenunder great depression of spirits. exceeded what is usual in the higher



a com

classes in this country ? -I think the The LORD CHANCELLOR.--If Lady higher classes are more condescending Charlotte Lindsay can find or cannot towards their servants than the class be- find the letter, you will communicate to low them. Her Majesty was particular

the house. ly so.

Mr BROUGHAM.-Most undoubtedly, Was her Majesty's condescension pe- my Lord. culiar even in foreign society ?-Perhaps. Lady Charlotte afterwards appeared I am no good judge of foreign manners. again at their Lordships' bar, and was Foreigners are more apt to converse with re-examined by the Lord Chancellor. their servants than the English are. Has your ladyship searched for that They have less reserve. Her Royal letter ? - Yes, my lord, I have. Highness had that familiarity which i Have you been able to find it?--No, observed in foreigners conversing with I have not. their servants.

Do you believe it not to be in existence? Did the familiarity of her Royal High- I have reason to think it not in existe ness greatly exceed the degree of familiarity you had seen among the foreigners Have you reason to think it can be any by the opportunities your ladyship had where else than in your own possession? of seeing foreign society --No, not -No. greatly

By the Earl of LAUDERDALE.-Can By the Earl of LAUDERDALE.-Your Lady Charlotte Lindsay state the grounds ladyship mentioned that


of her brother's request, as stated in that munication from your brother, the Earl letter?- I have no distinct recollection of Guilford ; did your brother in that of any thing contained in that letter, exletter advise you to quit the service of cept an advice that I should resign my the Princess of Wales ? was that your situation, and some pecuniary arrangebrother's advice?-It was.

ments that were to take place between us. Have you the letter in your posses- Does her ladyship’s recollection lead sion ?-No, I have not.

her to think that that advice was given The LORD CHANCELLOR asked her her without any cause assigned ? ladyship-Do you know whether the let- Mr BROUGHAM objected to the form of ter is in existence not ?-I believe not. this question, which was then put by the I did not keep it.

Earl of Lauderdale in this manner: Did you make any search for it?-No, Can her ladyship say whether her broI have not searched for it.

ther gave his advice without assigning After some farther conversation the any cause for it?- I don't recollect, in Earl of Liverpool said he wished to that letter, his assigning a cause ; but I know where they were was a search or- have some indistinct idea that the reports dered or not?

to which I have before alluded must have The LORD CHANCELLOR said, if any been mentioned in that letter, though I Noble Lord desired search to be made, cannot positively say. he might order to that effect. But if any What reports does your ladyship, alquestion should arise upon the letter, af- lude to ? - Reports that I mentioned in ter it was ascertained whether the letter

answer to a question put to me yesterday could be found or not, that question by a noble lord—reports of an unpleacould not be asked now. But if it con

sant and degrading nature, that have intained only reports, it was impossible fluenced me in resigning my situation. that any question respecting such reports By Lord ERSKINE.- Are those the recould be asked.

ports which your ladyship said had not The Earl of LAUDERDALE desired that been confirmed, but contradicted, by your a search should be made for the letter. own observations ?-Yes.

The LORD CHANCELLOR.--Search must be made for the letter.

WILLIAM CARRINGTON, Mr Brougham (Lady Charlotte Lind- [Was at Naples as servant to Sir W. say having withdrawn.) We undertake, Gell. Bergami slept the first night in &

very small room above Sicard's the stew.

my Lords.

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