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old man.

He was

found on our arrival many respectable steps. He was low in stature, and apfamilies already housed. One gentle. parently young. He was masked ; had man, who brought out an iron roof, on a hairy cap, and a large black cloak. was housed with all his family, in three He carried in his left hand an axe, with days and nights, by lodging his roof a circular edge. He was greeted with on stumps of trees, plastering up the hisses and yells. He proceeded in the sides, and giving it a good white-wash- calmest manner to the body, and felt ing, which had a most comfortable the neck. He deliberately lifted the and novel effect. The climate here is instrument, and with one blow sepaso good, that you have four crops a. rated the head from the body. He inyear. By way of experiment we plant- stantly lifted up the head with both ed some potatoes just after a rain, and hands, and held it up to the crowd. they appeared in three days. The The features were pale and ghastly, road up to the settlement is very good, and the blood fell in streams. The and excellent pasturage everywhere for expression of horror from the crowd your cattle ; plenty of water and tim- was so loud, that it could not be known ber. Tell Tum to be sure to bring out that the decapitator said any thing a waggon; as also soine vine slips of when he' exhibited the head. That the best kind, which are scarce. To.


of the sentence which related to bacco will grow here very well. About quartering, was remitted by order of 3000 of us have arrived."

his Majesty's government. 30th.-GLASGOW,-The sentence The crowd, which was immensely against James Wilson was this day large, dispersed peaceably. carried into execution. The Magis

Wilson was an trates entered the Court-hall a few mi- greyhaired, and was partly bald. He nutes before two o'clock. Some mi. moved more like a machine than a hu. nutes after Wilson entered the hall.- man being, and appeared to be com. His arms were pinioned, and he was pletely passive.

His character was dressed in white, edged with black.. that of a weak-minded man, more fond An address was delivered by the Rev. of shooting game than following his Mr Ewing, and Dr Dewar prayed. trade. Great exertion was used to obAt three o'clock, the prisoner was con- tain the royal clemency, to which he ducted to the south side of the jail. had been recommended. He, along with the person who was to decapitate, was placed in a hurdle, and drawn to the steps leading to the drop. As soon as Wilson ascended the drop, the crowd cheered him, crying “ Mur. der, murder!” Not more than three mi.

SEPTEMBER. nutes elapsed from the time Wilson entered the hurdle until the drop fell. 7th.--A public meeting was held He died with difficulty, and after he yesterday, at the Crown and Anchor, had hung about twenty minutes, blood for the purpose of receiving the report was seen on the cap, opposite the ears. of the committee appointed to regulate

At twenty-five minutes past three the subscriptions for presenting to her o'clock, the body was placed in a posi- Majesty a service of plate. tion for having the operation of deca. The room was numerously filled pitation performed. An awful pause with well-dressed ladies and gentlemen now ensued; but at length the person by two o'clock, at which hour Sir G. who was to decapitate ascended the Noel and the other gentlemen who



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formed the committee, entered it amid of the gentlemen proposed were as folthe acclamations of the company as. low:-Sir G. Noel, M. P. ; Duke of sembled.

Leinster ; Earl of Oxford ; M. Wood, Sir G. Noel was in the chair.

Esq. M. P. ; Hon. D. Kinnaird ; P. Mr C. Pearson read the report, Moore, Esq. M. P.; J. Hume, Esq. which was of considerable length. It M. P. ; Ald. Thorp; Ald. Waithman; stated that the framers of it had as. Major J. Williams ; Lord W. Fitzsembled on the 23d of August last, at gerald, M. P.; Gen. Sir R. Wilson, the Crown and Anchor Tavern, and M. P.; Sir F. Burdett, M. P.; John had then, passed several resolutions, C. Hobhouse, Esq. M. P. ; Ch. Calwhich it recited, for the purpose of vert, Esq. M. P; Ed. Ellice, Esq. opening a subscription to procure for M. P.; Sir J. Newport, M. P.; Sir her Majesty a service of plate suited to H. Parnell, M. P.-The motion was her rank as Queen of England, and to put and carried unanimously. the generous feelings which the people Thanks were then moved and care felt towards her; that they had request. ried to Alderman Wood, and also to ed Mr Alderman Wood to act as their Mr C. Pearson, the Rev. R. Hayes, treasurer, and Mr C. Pearson as their and Dr. Gilchrist, for their exertions secretary, which those gentlemen had in behalf of the object of this meeting. undertaken to do ; that, though their 8th.—STIRLING.-EXECUTION OF numbers had originally consisted of only HARDIE AND BAIRD.—During last 20 members, it now consisted of 80 ; night the usual'apparatus waserected in that the subscription was not to be front of the stair leading to the Townconfined to the inhabitants of England house, and in the morning exhibited only, but was to be extended to those two decently ornamented coffins on the of Ireland and Scotland. (Cheers.) platform, with a dark-coloured wood. Well knowing the influence of vir en block. tuous women upon society, they in- About 12 o'clock two troops of the vited the ladies to co-operate with Dragoon Guards entered the esplathem in their designs ; that no person nade before the Castle, and formed a was permitted to subscribe more than wide semicircle in front of the draw. 1s. in order to give all classes of the bridge. Within this a party of the community an opportunity of evincing 13th foot drew up. The crowd col. their respect to her Majesty ; and that lected on the esplanade was inconsidero those who were able to subscribe more able. At a quarter to one o'clock the were desired to recollect that they had Sheriff and Magistrates left the Townservants and children, who by their li- hall in procession, and walked to the berality might be enabled to add their Castle to receive the prisoners. Im. mite to those of their fellow-country, mediately on their arrival the gates of men. This report was then approved; the Castle were thrown open, and Baird after which 'Messrs Const," Clarke, and Hardie appeared, attended by the Thelwall, Bowie, Wooller, and Flani. authorities of the garrison and the esta. gan, then proposed several resolutions, blished clergymen of the town. Baird tending to promote the object for which looked pale and thoughtful ; Hardie's the meeting was called ; after which, countenance did not seem much alter

Mr Murphy proposed that the fol- ed. With astonishing calmness they lowing noblemen and gentlemen be re- bade an affectionate farewell to the of

, quested to accept the office of trustees ficers of the corps in the Castle, and for the purpose of this subscription, expressed warmly their gratitude for and that the committee be empowered the indulgence they had experienced to add to their numbers. The names during their confinement. They both

surveyed the ignominious preparation ted violently, turning round in all di. for their removal with dignity, and rections. Hardie, at the commence. were kindly assisted to their seat on ment of it, sat calmly down on the the hurdle' by the clergymen. The block, and in rising up paid his respects headsman in the mask, who decapita. to an acquaintance whom he saw in the ted Wilson at Glasgow, took his seat crowd. He then spoke with equal on the hurdle opposite the two victims, freedom, but less distinctness, and with his hatchet resting on his thigh. seemed less subdued in spirit. His poAs he entered, a slight expression of litical conduct appeared uppermost in contempt marked the features of Hare his thoughts ; and the crowd could die. Baird was busy with a Bible, and only hear him say, " I die a martyr to spoke a few words to the clergyman the cause of liberty, truth, and jusnext him. The cavalcade began to tice.” This seemed to operate like a move down the esplanade, and the pri. charm on the hitherto sad multitude, soners united in singing a psalm till and was greeted by three vehement they reached the bottom of the scafé cheers. He was interrupted by the fold. Hardie stepped out of the hur- cheering and a tap on the shoulder by dle, and looked up to the drop with the sheriff, to whom he turned round, out the slightest trace of discom posure. and replied to whatever had been said They walked into the court-room, each to him. He then resumed his address, resting on the arm of a clergyman.- changing the subject to an expression With great apparent earnestness they of his religious feelings. The execujoined in the religious devotions, which tioner having prepared Baird during the lasted till twenty-five minutes past two, address of Hardie, they were soon when their arms were bound, and they both ready to be launched. Having walked with a firm step and elevated both joined in the prayer of a clergymien to the drop. They were follow. man behind them, Baird spoke someed by the civil authorities and the cler. thing towards the spectators through gymen. Baird advanced to the railing, his cap, and dropped the signal. They and bowed gracefully; a smile was on died almost without a struggle. his countenance, and he expressed a After hanging half an hour, Calder, wish to be heard. Silence being ob- the sheriff's officer, came forward and tained, with a loud unfaltering voice, caught the bodies alternately, whilst he recommended to the understandings the hangman cut them down. They and lives of his hearers the doctrines then placed them on the scaffold, and and precepts of Christianity. We Calder having bared the neck to the caught, “Oh! I entreat of you, no. shoulders, cutting open the coat and tice your Bibles, and conduct your- vest, the decapitator came forward selves soberly ; mind religion at all amid execrations, hisses, and shouts of times ; but be not regardless of justice “ Murder!” One blow aimed at the and reason on every subject." He first neck he engaged failed to sever the then maintained his strong attachment head; and a second, with mangling, to the cause in which he had been scarcely effected it. He held it up ; it merely imprudent, and declared him- seemed to be that of Hardie, swoln self pure in his political purposes. He and livid, but placid. The blood trinrejoiced in the knowledge he had ob- kled down ; the usual proclamation was tained of a Saviour, who had likewise feebly pronounced, having to come suffered innocently; and spoke grate through the crape mask of the heads. fully of the clerical aid he had enjoy- man. The cries of " Butchery ! Rufed. During his address he gesticula- fian!” were general, but seemed to make no impression on the operator, sloop was lying nearer to the shore, a who advanced to the next, and was boat from which promptly put off, and, equally unfortunate in his odious work. with the assistance of others, fortuThe mangling horrified the spectators; nately picked up the survivors. The the head was proclaimed ; and the de- cause of the disaster is not precisely capitator quickly retreated, amid loud- known, but the fact we understand to ly expressed disapprobation.

be, that the lee side of the boat was alTo the credit of the humanity of most gunnel-to, and a light gust of the inhabitants of this place, very few wind causing the sail to dip in the waattended the execution. The crowd ter, it instantly upset. seemed almost entirely composed of 20th. The following is a list of people from the country, this being the places from which addresses have alreamarket-day. Females of any respecta- dy been presented to the Queen, with bility there seemed none ; and scarcely the numbers (where known) by which any spectators occupied the neighbour- they were signed :-Aldersgate ; Aling windows.

ston, 200; Aylesbury, 500; Barnard 10th.- EDINBURGH.—This after- Castle, 600; Bath, two, one by ladies; noon, about four o'clock, a melancholy Bethnal Green, 700; Bolton, 6200; occurrence took place off Portobello. Bridport; Bristol, (ladies) 11050; BriA party of fifteen persons, including tish seamen in Middlesex, 5000; Camtwo boys (the one about 15, and the berwell; Castle Donnington,520; Carother six years of age) and a girl, about lisle ; Clippenham; Clerkenwell, 2050; 15, left Portobello on a pleasure sail to Cripplegate-without; Derby, 4300; Inchkeith. On their return, when Dover , Edinburgh, (ladies) 8321 ; about a mile and a half from land, the Exeter, 11,000, (ladies) 9000; Globoat suddenly upset, and the whole of cester, 1700;, Portsea, the party were immersed in the danger. 1000; Haddington, 150; Halifax, 3600, ous element, and, melancholy to relate, (ladies) 3700 ; Hammersmith; Herefive persons unfortunately perished.- ford, (young men ;) Hexham, 700; Those who did not immediately sink High Wycombe, 400; Hampton and clung to the boat, which as suddenly Grately, 90; Litchfield ; Leicester mi. turned over again, and thus, by a flap litia (privates) 300; Liverpool, 30,000; of the sail, the strugglers were depri- London (married ladies) 8500; Ludved of their hold, and in a worse situa. low, 660; Mary-le-bone, 7500, (martion than before. One person was ried ladies) 8700 ; mechanics of Lonstruck so violently as to be driven to don, 29,500 ; Morpeth, 264 ; Newcasthe bottom; on again reaching the sur- tle-upon Tyne, 3800 ; North Shields, face he looked anxiously for the young- 1250; Nottingham, 7100; (ladies) est boy, who was under his care, and 7800 ; Poole, 800 ; Preston, 2300; seeing his leather cap at a considerable Reading, 2000; Ross, Sandwich, 480; distance, he swam to it and recovered Shaftsbury, Sheffield, 4600 ; (ladies) the child, with whom he returned to the 11,000 ; Stockport, 3600; St Sidwell, boat, and, with the assistance of ano- St Stephens, (by Summerston) 400; ther person, succeeded in replacing him Sunderland; trades and artificers of on it as often as he lost his hold. That Northampton, 1600; Wakefield, 1440; other person also endeavoured to assist Whitechapel, 4000; Worcester; Bedone of the party who could not swim, ford (signed by the Mayor ;) Berwick (John Haxton,) but who entreated him upon-Tweed (Mayor, City, Lord to save his daughter, in which the hu. Mayor, and Common Council ;) City, mane individual succeeded. A coal (Lord Mayor and Livery ;) Dalkeith,

(Hammerman Society ;) Greenwich, tuitously, by hundreds of thousands, (Vestry ;) Ilchester, (High Bailiff ;) for a period of three years, which plaLeeds, (ladies ;) Montrose, (Provost;) cards had been imputed to the disNewbury, (Mayor;) Norwich, (Al- affection of the people ; and that he dermen ;) St Leonard's parish; Shore. had done all this under the protection, ditch, (Churchwardens), Westminster and by the authority of government. Livery, (High Bailiff;) York, (Mayor.) Mr Pearson said he had evidence to

prove these charges, and obtained a warrant to apprehend Mr Franklin. He afterwards applied to Lord Sid

mouth, to exert the authority of his OCTOBER.

department, to prevent the delinquent

from escaping from the country ; but 7th.-A poor illiterate boy, who his Lordship, after examining into the could not read, was taken to Bow- matter, replied that he saw no reason street Police office, London, charged for his interference. It has since been with distributing handbills of a sedi- learned, that Franklin has filed to tious and treasonable tendency, in the France; and Mr Pearson, with Vick. neighbourhood of the House of Lords. ery, the Bow-street officer, have gone They had been given him, he said, by there in pursuit. a gentleman, wlio paid him a shilling, 9th. This being the day appointed and promised to reward him liberally. by her Majesty the Queen for the reThe bills purported to come from the ception of a number of addresses, the Queen's Plate Committee. - Mr Pear- road from Hyde-park corner to Hamson attended, and said that he believed mersmith was at an early hour throngwhat the prisoner had stated was true, ed by vast bodies of persons, who were and that he had been in pursuit of the on their way to Brandenburgh-house to said gentleman these three days, and pay their homage to the Queen. At begged that the matter might stand twelve o'clock upwards of 200 carover till next day. On Sunday Mr riages, some with six horses, and the Pearson, with a Bow-street officer, greater part with four, the postillions traced the gentleman (named Franks fancifully dressed, had passed Hyde. lin or Fletcher) to his residence near park-corner, filled by ladies and genLondon, and brought him a prisoner ilemen, deputed from several parts of to the office, from which he was allow. the metropolis and the country to preed by the Magistrate, Sir R. Baker, sent to the Queen addresses of congrato depart without bail, upon an assu

tulation. rance of another gentleman, Mr Wil- - The following were the addresses liams, that he was a respectable man, presented by appointment to her Ma. and would attend to answer the charge jesty yesterday :–From Ely-place Lion Monday. Mr Franklin, however, berty, Holborn, Croydon, Wandsfailed to appear; and upon sending to worth, St Ann's (Limehouse), Farhis house, it appeared that he had fled ringdon-within, Portsoken Ward, through the night. Mr Pearson then Horsleydown, Christ-church (Surrey), boldly stated that this gentleman was Winchester, Oxford, St Ive's, Here. a man of independent fortune, and had ford, Stockton-on-Tees, Cardiff, Lei. a son an officer in the Guards; that he cester, North Petherton, Taunton, had gone on in this course of distri. Truro, Sedgeley, Colebrook, Milford, buting, at great expence and trouble, Surrey, Kendal, Ambleside, Kirby seditious and treasonable placards gra. Lonsdale, Milnthrop, the letter-press

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