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to retain the reputation, the rights, and persons of what quality or rank soever immunities of innocence.

they be, who either upon our letters to “ In the present perilous crisis of my them directed, or by reason of their offate, I am supported by that courage fices, or tenures, or otherwise, are to which arises from the consciousness of do any service at the time of such corectitude ; and I feel that the English ronation, are discharged from their at. people will never suffer an injured tendance, on Tuesday, the 1st day of Queen to appeal in vain either to their August next. justice or to their humanity. I am Given at our court at Carlton-house, convinced that in this land of liberty this 12th day of July 1820, and in the no oppression can be practised, and first year of our reign. that to be upright is to be secure.

“ In the warm desire which the peo- GALWAY, July 17.-It is our painple of Westminster

have expressed for ful duty this day to advert to the perthe conservation of my honour, they petration of a most malignant and atrohave exhibited a striking testimony of cious outrage on an officer's party of their loyalty to the King ; for the ho- the 49th regiment, by a numerous body nour of his Majesty must for ever be of armed peasantry, on the night of identified with that of his Queen. Friday the 7th inst. at the Glebe-house

My first wish is to prove, that my of Clonfert, in this county. This ofcharacter has been unjustly traduced; fence exceeds in enormity any of those my next is to terminate my days among lately committed. The sentinel on his the high-minded people of this coun- post was assailed by those miscreants, try, to whose affectionate sympathy and knocked down by a stone, on which I am at present indebted for so much they deprived him of his arms and amof the cheerfulness which I feel, and of munition. He lay insensible for some the support which I possess, under the time from the effects of the blows iopressure of such complicated wrongs, Alicted on him. They then attempted and such accumulated persecutions." to force open the yard-gate of the

house appropriated to the use of the

military, but were repulsed ; on wbich A Proclamation for adjourning the so- they renewed their assault on the sen

lemnity of the Coronation of his Ma- tinel, by placing a rope round his neck, jesty.

with the intention, as they intimated, “G. R.-Whereas by our royal Pro- of hanging him on a tree adjacent to clamation, bearing date the 6th of May the place, as an example to the corps last, we did (amongst other things) to which he belonged. This menace publish and declare our royal intention they, however, dispensed with putting to celebrate the solemnity of our royal into execution, but tendered an oath Coronation, upon Tuesday, the 1st day to him, and on his having resolutely deof August next, at our palace, at West- clined taking it, a blunderbuss was disminster ; and whereas for divers weigh- charged at him, the contents of which ty reasons, us thereunto moving, we lodged in his left arm. The poor fellow's have thought fit to adjourn the said so- arm, we understand, having threatened lemnity until our royal will and plea- a mortification, it was deemed indis. sure shall be further signified thereon, pensably necessary to have it amputawe do by this our royal proclamation ted. He sustained serious other da. give notice thereof; and we do hereby mage from the blows he received ; and further signity to all our loving sub- we cannot too much admire the coujects whom it may concern, that all rage evinced by him in having resisted




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taking the oath, notwithstanding the purpose of appointing an effiintimidation made use of by these delu- cient successor, as such, at the ded wretches to induce him to do so.

recommendation of By a return to parliament, from the General Sir Robert BrownHorse-guards, of the number of officers rigg, Bart. G.C.B. and Com, who have been appointed from the half- mander of the forces at Ceypay to full-pay, upon vacancies in the lon,

1 army, and not by exchange, since the 31st of December, 1815, it appears that the total numbers are as follow :

Maidstone, Monday, July 31. Colonels, 12 Ensigns, 54 This wretched criminal surrendered Lieut.-colonels, 33 Paymasters, 11 his life to-day to the outraged laws of Majors, 11 Surgeons, 26 his country. Captains, 48 Assistant-sur- It is gratifying to know, that in the Lieutenants, 157


59 interval which elapsed between his conBy a similar return, it appears that demnation and his execution, a consithe number of gentlemen who have been derable change took place in his frame appointed to commissions in regiments of mind and general deportment. On of cavalry and infantry of the line, from leaving the court on Friday last, after the 26th January, 1819, to 25th Jan- receiving sentence, he evinced the same uary, 1820, has been 182. Of these, levity, the same hardened ferocity of 40 were gentlemen cadets from the disposition, that had marked his conRoyal Military College, of whom nine duct during his confinement before the obtained their appointment by pur- trial. So insensible was he of his awchase, and 31 without purchase. Of sul situation, that on being placed in the remaining 142, there were 69 by the cart which was to convey him back purchase, and 73 without purchase. from the court-house to the gaol, feel

The following return has also been ing himself annoyed by the gaze of made of the number of gentlemen who the spectators, he exclaimed in a peehave been appointed to commissions in vish and surly tone of voice to the the line since the 14th of March, 1819, turnkey who had charge of the cart, and who have subsequently been placed “Drive away like hell, and let's get upon half-pay :

out of this as quickly as possible !” Purchasers of half-pay commis- But when replaced in his cell, and al

sions, vacant at the period of lowed an opportunity of reflecting the reduction of the corps, or

quietly on his fate, he found it imposits establishment,

5 sible to retain that indifference which Riding-masters of cavalry, to he had hitherto assumed. He became

make them eligible as such, restless and agitated, but still he evinthey having been non-commis- ced no symptoms of contrition. He sioned officers of cavalry,

had called for a pipe of tobacco, and, At his own request, he having on a refusal, he repeated the request

affairs of the utmost conse- in so urgent a manner, that the suspiquence, which prevented his cions of his attendants were aroused.

embarking for the East Indies, 1* They accordingly began to examine At his own request, for the re- the cell in the first place, and in one of

storation of his health, and the the corners they discovered the handle

prosecution of his studies, 1 of the sauce-pan in which his victuals An old quarter-master, for the were usually brought to him. The

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* Both gentlenen cadets, appointed from the Royal Military College.

tin tube forming the handle of the ted, and was unable to sleep. In that pan had been taken off, and was per- state he continued during Saturday, forated near the lower end ; and this and the greater part of Sunday. He instrument was immediately suspected joined in prayer with the Rev. Mo to have been constructed by the pri. Harker, the chaplain of the gaol, and soner as a rude though certainly an in- professed to be sincere in his devotions; genious, substitute for a pistol. His but still he persisted in denying that person was instantly searched, when he committed the murder for which he thrust into the hand of the turnkeya he was to suffer. About six o'clock quantity of gunpowder, wrapped up in on Sunday evening his wife and chil. a paper, and a couple of marbles, which dren arrived from Woolwich to take had been intended to supply the place leave of him. The interview was disof bullets. Various conjectures have tressing beyond description, and cu been made as to the manner in which this occasion he evinced a greater de. he was supplied with the powder and gree of feeling than he had previously marbles ; a very general suspicion at- shewn. He wept much on embracing taches to his mother, who had seen them; and when his wife implored him him a short time previous to his trial. not to die with a falsehood on his lips, It is most probable, however, that the he promised to reveal the whole of bis articles were conveyed to him by some guilt before he died. His family conperson in the court, while he stood in sists of four daughters and two sons ; the dock. Those who have had the the eldest about 18 years, and the best means of knowing the character youngest only 16 months old. of the parties certainly favour the for- After his family had taken leave of mer supposition ; and if outward ap- him, he made a full confession of his pearances formed a just criterion of guilt. Some of the particulars which moral character, one would be justified he communicated are said to be very in concluding that the mother was a important, and the whole of his stateperson capable of such an act. She is ment is, for the present, kept strictly a woman of almost gigantic tallness ; secret. Various rumours are, of course, of a perfectly upright figure, though in circulation respecting the nature of apparently more than 70 years of age ; his confession, to which it would be her features are sharp, haggard, and equally improper to give publicity, of a peculiarly unamiable expression. whether they be ill or well founded. Upon the whole, her appearance ir

After his mind had been disburdesresistibly forces on the mind the por. ed of the load of guilt which had presstrait which the author of Guy Man. ed so heavily on it, he became more nering has drawn of that wild and al

composed, and joined in the exercises most supernatural being Meg Merri. of devotion with more fixed attention, lees.

and apparently with a greater degree In consequence of this attempt to of intelligence, than he had hitherto destroy himself, Nesbett was stripped evinced. On Sunday night he slept for of the dress which he had hitherto more than two hours ; and this mornworn, with the exception of his shirting he was more tranquil than usual. and stockings ; and on being conveyed The Rev. Mr Harker, whose humane on the same evening to the condemn- exertions in administering to him the ed cell, he was furnished with a prison consolations of religion have all along dress, and heavily ironed. During been unremitted, attended him at six Friday night he was extremely agita. o'clock, and remained with him till eight. He returned again at nine I am Gilty or Not of the Crime that o'clock, to assist him in preparing for is laid to my Charge, that is the mourthe last awful trial of his fortitude. der of Mr Parker and his House keepr,

At a quarter past eleven the unhap- or any other part of that Crime that py culprit was placed in a waggon, to is laid to my Charge, or any other be drawn to the place of execution, on Crime that is laid to me, as God has Pennenden-heath, about a mile from my soul in his Charge this Day to try Maidstone gaol. The procession mo. my Gilt that is the truth, and I hope ved slowly towards the heath, the cri- no one will Cast it up to my wife or minal frequently turning up

his eyes to Childer, for the Do not Deservit. I heaven and ejaculating, “O Lord, have sine this to be truth, mercy upon me! Christ, have mercy

66 JAMES Nesbet." upon me!” About 100 yards from the prison-gate, his mother caught his eye in the crowd. He did not appear to be much moved at seeing her, but

AUGUST. bent his head towards one of the officers who sat before him, and said, The Rev. William Gillespie, mini“ Mind, tell Mr Bowen to do some- ster of Kells, has published a discourse, thing for my family.” The proces- under circumstances that may well be sion arrived at the place of execution deemed extraordinary. This reverend about ten minutes before 12, and the gentleman has for some years acted as waggon was drawn up along the side chaplain to the Stewartry Yeomanry, of the scaffold. The chaplain then and on Sunday the 30th July, he joined the criminal in prayer, and the preached before the corps, which was stillest silence pervaded the immense then assembled at Kirkcudbright, one crowd, who stood uncovered while the of the most loyal and patriotic disservice was reading. The criminal, who courses ever delivered from a pulpit. had knelt down by Mr Harker's side, In his prayer, however, after many pejoined in the prayers with as much fer- titions in behalf of his Majesty, he vour as his agitation would permit. added the words, " Bless also the

About five minutes after 12 o'clock Queen;" and for this he was placed unthe fatal signal was given. He did der military arrest by his commanding not seem to suffer more than one mi- officer, Colonel Gordon, who is also nute. The body, after hanging the Sheriff of the Stewartry of Kirkcudusual time, was cut down, and convey. bright. This proceeding excited a ed in a shell to Messrs Day and Wat- strong feeling of surprise-particularman's, to be anatomized, pursuant to ly among the members of the Presbyhis sentence.

tery of Kirkcudbright, who are no Previously to his trial, Nesbett had strangers to the soundness of Mr Gilprepared the following declaration, in lespie's political principles, and who his own hand-writing, to be delivered are themselves in the general practice to Mr Hay, the barrack-master of of praying for her Majesty. Woolwich :

Another singular circumstance, with Maidstone, the 24th July, 1820. which the above mentioned proceed

“ This is the truth, as I have God ing appears connected, took place on to meet in the next world, let me Be the 16th July. The parish of CrossGilty or Not, no one of my family, michael being vaccant, the Rev. Mr father or mother, wife or Childern or Jeffrey of irthon was on that day ap. any Raltion of mine, knows whether pointed to preach ; and on that occa

sion, as was his constant practice, he Hope. The John took out 600 setprayed for the Queen. Sir Alexan- tlers for Algoa-bay, principally from der Gordon, Stewart-Depute, and his Lancashire. The passengers were seson, Mr James Gordon, Sheriff of the verely attacked with the measles on Stewartry, were present, and, after ser. the voyage out, but, from the great vice, requested Mr Jeffrey to convene attention paid them, they soon recovera meeting of the kirk-session, which ed from its effects. he did accordingly; wlien Mr James By the John the following letter has Gordon proposed a resolution that no been received from one of the settlers minister appointed to preach in that who went out :parish, during the vacancy, should “My Dear Friend,-Accept a hurpray in express words for the Queen. ried statement of our situation, as far Sir Alexander Gordon and Mr Jeffrey as I have experienced it. We arrived being the only persons present, besides at Algoa-bay, after a tedious passage the mover, the resolution was of course from England, during which we expecarried ; Mr Jeffrey protesting, and rienced sufficient proofs of the very exappealing to the Presbytery.

cellent arrangements of the governThe Presbytery, on the 23 August, ment for our comfort. I have been up ordered the resolution in question to the country as far as Graham's town, be erased from the session book of and a more delightful one cannot be Crossmichael. At the same time they expressed. The first landing at Algoa. took into consideration the case of Mr bay is a little unpleasant, occasioned Gillespie's arrest by Colonel Gordon by a continual surf ; but, once landed, for praying for the Queen, when they your greatest difficulty is over. You unanimously agreed that the chaplain then apply to the proper officer, who of the corps had done nothing to merit has a surveyed government plan besuch treatment, and came to the reso- fore him of the intended settlement, lution of laying the commandant's con- marked out in lots, of from 100 to duct before the next General Assem- 10,000 acres. Especial care is taken bly of the Church of Scotland. that every lot has a good spring of wa

However, on the 6th instant, Sir ter, and well wooded. You are then Alexander Gordon and his son appears asked the number of followers you ed at the bar of the Presbytery, and have, each being allowed 100 acres.having there stated, that, in obedience This being ascertained, the quantity to the judgment of the Presbytery of of land you want is sought for on the the 2d of August, they had erased government map, without any partialfrom the records of the kirk.session ity, An authority is then given you the minute in which the obnoxious re. to take possession. Too much praise solution in question was contained, cannot be given to the governor for and declared that they had no inten- those arrangements. If you have not tion of infringing on the rights of the brought waggons, they can be prochurch, however in appearance they cured of the boors, with a team of oxhad seemed to do so, and in the am. en, and off you set. The settlement is plest manner apologized for their con- about 190 miles from the sea. You duct, the Presbytery were pleased to pass a good Dutch farm every 15 or accept their apology, and agreed to 20 miles. The government sell you sist all further procedure in the busi. a good tent for two guineas, which

you set up every night, make a bla- The John transport has arrived at zing fire, and, surrounded by your Portsmouth from the Cape of Good team, sleep in the greatest safety. We


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