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readily believe, that, in sitting down to which they were charged, occurred in narrate the lamentable events of last our hearing ; and, knowing something Saturday, we undertake a most labo- of the general disposition of all the rious and painful duty. Harassed by classes of the inhabitants, we are tothe conflicting statements we have re- lerably confident that no such sympa. ceived of occurrences, to the far great- thy was either generally felt or uttered. er part of which we were not eye-wit- The escort, with five prisoners in a ness, the difficulty of separating the cart in the centre, marched along Cath. false from the true must be self-evi. cart-street, to beat of drum, with clear dent. All, indeed, that we can pre- ranks, and without the slightest antend to do, is to weigh the evidence noyance. In the same order they de. before us, to strike an impartial ba. livered up their charge at the gaol ; lance, and give what we conscientious, and but a few minutes intervened, while ly believe to be the best of our infor- they prepared to return homewards.

During this time the first attempt at The rumour very generally prevailed molestation, it appears, took place.bere on Saturday forenoon, that some Some boys on the rising ground of individuals, apprehended and imprison- Bank-street threw some small stones ed in Paisley for political offences, amongst the volunteers, and, to repress were, in consequence of the crowded this disposition, two or three pieces state of the gaol there, to be brought were, we understand, discharged in the down to this town, during the day, air. Their march was recommenced, under the escort of the Port-Glasgow and, in repassing Cathcart-street, the Volunteers, on their return from doing crowd became less orderly, and some military duty at Paisley. No positive annoyance to the volunteers was coninformation, however, to that effect tinued to be exercised as they went arrived till four in the afternoon, when along. Occasionally, some of them two of the local military came into were observed to turn round to intitown, and gave intimation at the gaol midate the mob from pressing upon that the prisoners were brigging in.-- their ranks, and, from the Post-office From that time the streets began to onwards to the Rue-end, missiles were throng with idle people and children; occasionally thrown. These, however, and when, about three quarters of an were few in number, and projected hour thereafter, the prisoners and es- chiefly by boys. After turning the cort did arrive, a considerable crowd corner of Cathcart-street, the throw. had been attracted towards the line of ing of stones, though still but little street through which they were to pass, remarked, perceptibly increased, and but nothing like tumult prevailed.- the volunteers had not gone many paces, Curiosity was the sole exciting motive when some of them, indignant at treatwith the old as well as young; and ment which they considered as unmanamongst the former, assembled in occa. ly, and which, while in the strict line sional groups, we remarked that the of their duty, they had so little reason general sentiment was regret that cir- to anticipate, fired off their muskets cumstances should have caused the among the crowd. The number of necessity of transferring these prison. shots discharged at this critical junc. ers to our gaol, to the temporary in. ture, we believe, was considerable.terruption of the tranquillity of the Many supposed that merely blank cartown. Nothing like an expression of tridges were fired. Unfortunately it sympathy for the individuals, on ac. proved otherwise, as two persons fell count of the peculiar offences with wounded. Stimulated by passion, and


forgetting who were the original ag- sider the extent of ground passed over gressors, others joined in the missile at- from the commencement of the serious tack; stones were projected of larger attack, being little short of half a mile, size, and in greater number. Much, it will not appear extraordinary that we understand, was done by the of- in the numerous irregular discharges ficers of the volunteers to restrain their of musketry so many casualties occurmen from the use of their arms, and, red. We cannot state the precise numbesides the many instances in which ber at any particular point, but from exemplary forbearance was spontane- a general view it appears to us that the ously exercised, this was partially ef- more mortal part of the conflict took fectual. Still, however, a number of place in Cartsdyke. On the whole, shots were fired within the distance of two persons might be said to have been a few hundred yards; and from the killed on the spot, one died shortly afnarrowness of the way, and the com- ter being removed from the ground to pactness

of the crowd, several of these an adjacent house, and three the same continued to take fatal effect. The evening in the Infirmary. The medimob did not retire from the unequal cal gentlemen in the town were almost conflict, in which they were invoking all on the spot in the shortest time destruction on many innocent indivi. possible, and most indefatigably active duals, notwithstanding it was evident in rendering their assistance. Besides that the temper of the military was pro- the three above mentioned, six were gressively rising, and that they were immediately carried to the Infirmary. now yielding more readily to its im- The rest of the cases were attended pulses

. If some of the crowd dropped privately. In all, the persons who died off in the rear of the local military, it on the spot and during the evening were was, in a similar degree, augmented in six, and five more remained wounded in the front by the inhabitants of the sub- the hospital, of whom three are consiurbs through which they were ma- dered dangerous, making the total king their way. Many of these were number of ascertained casualties, inspectators and unconscious of their cluding out patients, 18. It is reportdanger, and to this is to be attributed ted, that the man already mentioned as the circumstance, that almost all the so active in fomenting the disturbances, sufferers in this melancholy affray were was also wounded. He has absconded. altogether unconcerned in its origin or The number above is within that geissue. We have, indeed, heard of but nerally reported, but we have the auone person who fell, that was known thority of the medical gentlemen for to have acted offensively against the saying, that, from comparing notes, it volunteers. The strait passage of is believed the list subjoined is nearly, Cartsdyke, the skirmish being still con- if not altogether correct. The previous tinued, increased the number of vic- misapprehension originated in several tims; and here, of course, many narrow of the profession having at different escapes

also occurred. One window in times inspected the same patient, so asmallale house is pointed out which no that many of the casualties were enuless than seven balls had penetrated, merated twice. and in which two men had almost im. From the eastern extremity of Cartsmediately previous been sitting. It was dyke the volunteers proceeded homenot till the volunteers got clear of ward without molestation. Many of Cartsdyke that the annoyance of the them received severe contusions ; but mob, or the retaliatory proceedings of these, from our own knowledge, we the former ceased ; and when we con. are not able to particularize.

At six o'clock, the release of all the until they got clear of the town. None operative classes from labour increased of them have since been found. the throng on the streets, and fears be- Unrestrained as the mob were by any gan to be entertained that they would military force, (to the presence of meditate some attack on Port-Glas- which we have long been strangers in gow ; but in a short time the current this town), it was perhaps fortunate of their feelings was impelled in a dif. that the attack on the gaol occupied ferent direction. The liberation of the their attention so exclusively till their radical prisoners from the gaol became purpose was gained ; as immediately the channel through which they de. after some desperate individuals shout

. cided to vent their turbulence. To this ed, “ Away for Port Glasgow ;" and there is strong ground for believing now, as easily led to mischief as imperthey were instigated by strangers, and vious to reason, a sort of recruiting at all events, when assembled on the was commenced in the streets, and, spot, it proved that they were to reap proceeding onwards, they pulled up material assistance from such. The the iron railing on the premises of difMagistrates, Justices of Peace, and a ferent individuals in their route ; but, number of the respectable inhabitants learning an express had been early sent were on the ground, entreating the to Port-Glasgow to put the inhabitcrowd, by every possible argument, to ants on their guard, they desisted ; and withhold from their unwarrantable in- after some further parade and noise, tentions. But to all these entreaties dispersed. At 10 o'clock, the streets the answer was uniformly, that they were as quiet as if nothing extraordi. were determined to persist. Those nary had happened ; perhaps more so, persons known to be strangers, of whom indeed, than usually on a Saturday there were a great many, and evidently evening. The same tranquillity pretaking an extreme interest in the re- vailed throughout the night and morn. sult, did not allow this determination ing ; so that when a party of 25 of the to cool. They addressed the crowd 10th Hussars (the Lord-Lieutenant around them in the most inflammatory having been apprized by official es. language, and it is even said, were seen press of the disturbance, and military distributing money amongst them. requested) galloped into town from They proceeded to assail the outer gate Paisley, about two o'clock, they pushof the prison, which soon yielded to ed right through, expecting to find the great force applied. Against the the people congregated at some partidoor of the gaol itself they next im- cular spot, and were in utter amazepelled their offensive engines, still fol- ment when, on going to the farther lowed by the Magistrates, Justices of extremity of Blackhall-street, they the Peace, Special Constables, and turned the heads of their horses, having others, who repeatedly risked their per scarcely met an individual.

. sonal safety, and some of whom were hurt in the attempt to avert the consequences. All was, however, vain ; the 10th.-On Monday night, informadoor was burst open, and no alternative tion was received at Huddersfield, og remained but to allow the mob to carry those active magistrates, Mr Haigh, off the prisoners which came from and Mr Haigh Allen, that a large Paisley. None others were sought, force was to assemble the following or escaped. After a few minutes spent morning from Bradford, Keighley, in clamorous triumph, the prisoners Halifax, Dewsbury, and Mirfield. It were conveyed away by different ways, was, without delay, communicated to


Sir John Byng, who immediately mo- 60,000 companions in arms; but, perved his headquarters from Pontefract ceiving that all these flattering repre- . to Wakefield. During the night, a sentations were mere delusion, they movement was observed on the west of threw away their arms, exclaiming that Huddersfield ; but this party, proba- they were betrayed. Soon after their bly from the smallness of its numbers, dispersion, a detachment of cavalry and the want of co-operation, disper- from Huddersfield, consisting of 16 of sed. The great movement was from the yeomanry and 10 of the 4th Drathe vicinity of Barnsley, where, early goon guards, under the command of on Tuesday morning, large bodies of Major de Barth, appeared, but they men, armed with muskets and pikes, found that the enemy had fed in small and having colours and drums, were groups towards their respective homes. seen moving in the direction of Grange. The pikes left upon the field amounted moor and Flocton, between Hudders- to upwards of 100, which the soldiers field and Wakefield.

picked up as trophies, and conveyed to About one o'clock the malcontents, Huddersfield, with a green flag, edged who amounted to 200, all armed with with a black fringe, on which was inpikes or other offensive weapons, be- scribed—“ He that smiteth a man so gan to move by different routes to. that he die, shall surely be put to wards Grange-moor, the appointed death." rendezvous, which is a large common The only prisoner made during the between Wakefield and Huddersfield, night in Barnsley was a boy about 14 and nearly at an equal distance between years of age, who was found with a the two places, from each of which it scythe in his hand, preparing to fix it is about six miles. In their line of into a shaft, and he was sent off to march they did not proceed in a colPontefract, where the magistrates were lected body, but took different routes, sitting, but he was discharged on his all avoiding the town, except a body master's recognizance. On Wednesday of six, who, notwithstanding the pa- three men were apprehended, and on trol, fearlessly passed through the Thursday morning the Barnsley troop streets, each of them armed with a pike. of yeomanry were sent to Dodsworth, Having gained the main road from a neighbouring village, where they apBarnsley to Huddersfield, they re-col- prehended nine men on suspicion of lected their forces, and began to col- having been amongst the armed men at lect arms from the inhabitants at a lit- Grange-moor ; another person was also tle distance from the town. Their first apprehended at Barnsley the same day, call was at Mr Pickard's, where they and underwent an examination before were not successful. At Mr George the magistrates. Of these persons nine Hurst's, of Bank-lane, they obtained have been committed to York-castle, a gun; and from Mr Richardson, of and one to Wakefield house of correcthe Rose and Crown Inn, at Darton, tion. Four other persons, one of whom after using considerable violence, they is represented as the captain, were apcollected three guns, leaving a pike and prehended by a patrol of cavalry. That an axe behind them.

the exchequer of the insurgent army From Flockton, which is about a was not very full, may be inferred from mile from Grange-moor, and where the fact, that when searched, the capthey arrived about break of day, they tain (Constive), and his three men, were watched. Here these poor infa- only a single halfpenny was found tuated dupes had been led to expect amongst them. Another patrol found, that they should find from 50,000 to in the same neighbourhood, a knapsack containing a white flag, with a fringe assembly, of which the prisoner seems round it, and black crape at the corner, to have been the head, but all inquiries on which was inscribed_“ You have on that point were fruitless, and Blackcondemned and killed the just, and he well was committed to York-castle, to doth not resist. And he that hath no take his trial for the offence. sword let him sell his garment and buy 11th.—Glasgow.—This city is one !” Amongst the


taken is now quiet. A considerable number of a man of the name of Scholefield, of the leaders of the radicals in it and the Horbury, and another named Pilling, surrounding villages have been appreof Almondbury.

hended and safely lodged in our gaol SHEFFIELD.-Soon aftereight o'clock and bridewell. The military, aided by on Tuesday evening, a number of dis- the civil power, are every where on the orderly persons assembled in the mar- alert in searching for arms, &c. ket-place at Sheffield, but with what Numbers of the weavers have again object it is difficult to define. About begun to their looms. Few or none of the time of meeting a pistol was fired the public works at which the men had in the street, and after giving a loud struck are yet going, the proprietors shout they marched down King-street being determined to receive back ooly over Ladies-bridge, and advanced about those workers who are of peaceable half a mile on the Attercliffe-road ; in habits, and who give up the cames of the course of their march their numbers their leaders. were somewhat augmented, but never, 12ch.-Pursuant to a requisition, a we believe, exceeded 200. On their re- highly numerous and respectable meetturn to the town, which they re-enter. ing of the manufacturers and proprieed about 10 o'clock, some of them pro- tors of public works was held yesterday posed to stop the mail; others cried in the Town-hall. The Lord Provost a. All in a mind to the barracks ;' and was called to the chair. others, “ Not till the 14th of April.” Mr Kirkman Finlay, in proposing “ Remember the 14th of April.” The the resolutions, remarked, that the preproposed adjournment of the insur. sent treasonable confederacy had been rection (which the number and ap- in contemplation for a number of years. pointments of the revolutionary army This spot was the very centre of the seemed very strongly to suggest) met rebellion; and he stated with the utwith general approbation, and after a most confidence, that an audacious at. ittle more firing, and a few more ex- tack was to have been made on Glasclamations, they retired to their respec. gow on Wednesday, by a large armed tive homes. On the following morning, force. On Tuesday, however, it was a person of the name of Blackwell was generally known that the English had arrested while he was at work, and in not co-operated ; and, in consequence the shop in which he was employed of this disappointment, the rising on were found a loaded pistol, a bayonet, Wednesday was not so general as it and two pike handles. Soon after his would otherwise have been. If the at. arrest Blackwell underwent an exami- tack on Glasgow had been made with nation before Messrs Alderson and the numbers which were expected, it Chandler, who had been sent for from would not have been defeated but with Pontefract, and he very frankly admit- considerable difficulty. Almost the ted that he was the person who had vhole mass of the population were confired the pistol on the preceding night. cerned in these desperate designs. Some pains were taken to discover what The following declaration was then was the plan, or what the object of the agreed to :

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