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date to advance the poll. At the con- ton. The following is a state of the clusion the numbers stood

poll for the first, fourth, and last Monck

418 days: Palmer

399 Wayland

De Crespigny

Chamberlayne 54 412 when the two popular candidates were

Dottin returned. Bedfordshire rejected a Lord of the carried on with great acrimony on the

The election for Portsmouth was Admiralty ; the members had a severe

part of the supporters of the governstruggle, being as under

ment candidate ; every engine was set Tavistock

to work. “ It was," says a late HampPym

shire Telegraph, “then a great strugOsborne

gle between independence and corrupFor the representation of Cam

tion,” in the cause of Admiral Markbridge, there were four candidates.- ham. The following were the numThe numbers were as follows :

bers at the close of the poll :-




There was a severe contest at Taun. Mr Foote, of Charlton-place, pre- ton, and at the close the numbers sented himself, to oppose the late mem.

were : bers for Canterbury, Lord Clifton and Mr Lushington, but perceiving the


Warre poll hopeless, he resigned. The fol

Seymour lowing is the state of it:

Three candidates started for elec-

tion at Bristol, Mr Wright, on the Foote

popular interest, Mr Hart Davis, and

Mé Baillie. The following is the state The election for Sussex was severe

of each day's poll: ly contested to the conclusion ; on the ninth day, Mr Cavendish resigned.

Wright The following is the state of the poll

Baillie on the following days:

Fourth. Burrell

1300 Curteis

1229 Cavendish 1009

APRIL, 'The election for Arundel closed af. ter a contest of three days ; the

56 PROCLAMATION, bers were as follow :

“By the Lord-Provost and Magistrates

Third. of the City of Glasgow, the SheR. Blake 62 126 185

riff of Lanarkshire, and the Justices Bary 62 126 174

of the Peace for the Lower Ward Atherley 60 127 157

of the said County, J. Blake

60 123 157 After a severe contest of seven days, “In consequence of the present threatthe late members, Sir W. De Crespig- ening appearances, the Lord-Provost, hy, and Mr Chamberlayne, were re. Magistrates, Sheriff, and Justices, turned to Parliament for Southamp- hereby order all shops to be shut, this

344 277 224



859 1418 720

846 1337 628

58 32 5

First, 233 343 173

Last. 2420 2258 1857


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nd every following night, until tran- seduce the soldiers of our Lord the quillity is restored, at the hour of six ; King to desert their duty, and to join and they hereby enjoin all the inhabit. in a threatened insurrection, and to ants of the city to retire to their houses intimidate and overawe all loyal and as soon as possible thereafter, and not peaceable subjects by threats of violater than seven o'clock.

lence and devastation: The Lord ProAll strangers are hereby enjoined to vost and Magistrates of the city of withdraw from the city before seven Glasgow, Sheriff of the county of o'clock at night. Parties or groups Lanark, and Justices of the Peace for of people standing together, or walk. the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire, hereing the streets after the hour of seven, by offer a reward of 300l. to any perwill be deemed disturbers of the peace, son or persons who shall, within fourand will be dealt with accordingly. teen days from this date, discover and

“If the lamps are put out, the inha- apprehend, or cause to be discovered bitants are desired immediately to il- and apprehended, those guilty of this luminate their windows with as much

overt act of high-treason, by printing, light as they can conveniently com- publishing, and issuing the said revomand.-GOD SAVE THE KING. lutionary and treasonable address, unGlasgow, April 3, 1820.” der the said treasonable designation

of the Committee of Organization for

forming a Provisional Government, “ Whereas certain wicked, evil-dis. Glasgow, April 4, 1820." posed, and traitorous persons, during the night of the 1st, or on the morn- The following is a copy of the Ad. ing of the 2d of April instant, did fe. dress referred to above :loniously, traitorously, and daringly, in furtherance of a conspiracy to com.

Address to the Inhabitants of Great

Britain and Ireland. pass or imagine the death of our Lord the King, or to levy war against our “ Friends and Countrymen,-Roused Lord the King, within his realm, or from that torpid state in which we to commit other treasons, publish and have been sunk for so many years, we affix on the walls and public places in are at length compelled, from the exmany parts of the city and suburbs of tremity of our sufferings, and the conGlasgow, and other parts of the coun- tempt heaped upon our petitions for

of Lanark, a most wicked, revolu- redress, to assert our rights, at the hationary, and treasonable address to the zard of our lives; and proclaim to the inhabitants of Great Britain and Ire- world the realmotives, which, if not mis. land, dated at Glasgow, April 1, 1820, represented by designing men, would and bearing to be issued " by order have united all ranks have reduced us of the Committee of Organization for to take up arms for the redress of our forming a Provisional Government,” common grievances. directly and openly proclaiming rebel- “ The numerous public meetings lion against our Lord the King, and held throughout the country has dethe laws and constitution of this realm, monstrated to you, that the interests inciting and stimulating the subjects of all classes are the same; that the of our Lord the King to take up arms protection of the life and property of for the overthrow of the government

the rich man is the interest of the poor and constitution as by law established, man, and, in return, it is the interest and to levy war against our Lord the of the rich to protect the poor from King; and further, endeavouring to the iron grasp of despotism ; for, when


its victims are exhausted in the lower “ Friends and countrymen,—The circles, there is no assurance but that eventful period has now arrived when its ravages will be continued in the the services of all will be required for upper; for, once set in motion, it will the forwarding of an object so univer. continue to move till a succession of sally wished, and so absolutely neces. victims fall.

sary. Come forward, then, and assist “Our principles are few, and found. those who have begun in the compleed on the basis of our constitution, tion of so arduous a task, and support which were purchased with the dear- the laudable efforts which we are about est blood of our ancestors, and which to make to replace to Britons those we swear to transmit to posterity un- rights consecrated to them by Magna sullied, or perish in the attempt. Équa- Charta and the Bill of Rights, and lity of rights (not of property) is the sweep from our shores that corruption object for which we contend, and which which has degraded us below the digwe consider as the only security for nity of man. our liberties and lives.

“ Owing to the misrepresentations " Let us shew to the world that we which have gone abroad with regard are not that lawless, sanguinary rabble, to our intentions, we think it indiswhich our oppressors would persuade pensably necessary to declare in violathe higher circles we are—but a brave ble all public and private property and generous people, determined to be And we hereby call upon all Justices free. Liberty or death is our motto, of the Peace, and all others, to supand we have sworn to return home in press pillage and plunder of every de. triumph-or return no more !

scription ; and to endeavour to secure “Soldiers,-Shall you, countrymen, those guilty of such offences, that they bound, by the sacred obligation of an may receive that punishment which oath, to defend your country and your such violations of justice demand. King from enemies, whether foreign or “ In the present state of affairs, and domestic, plunge your bayonets into during the continuation of so momenthe bosoms of fathers and brothers, tous a struggle, we earnesly request of and at once sacrifice at the shrine of all to desist from their labour, from military despotism, to the unrelenting and after this day, the 1st of April ; orders of a cruel faction, those feelings and attend wholly to the recovery of which you hold in common with the their rights, and consider it as the duty rest of mankind ?-Soldiers! turn your of every man not to recommence until eyes towards Spain, and there behold he is in possession of those rights which the happy effects resulting from the distinguish the freeman from the slave, union of soldiers and citizens. Look viz. that of giving consent to the laws to that quarter, and there behold the by which he is to be governed. We, yoke of hated despotism, broke by the therefore, recommend to the proprieunanimous wish of the people and the tors of public works, and all others, soldiery, happily accomplished with to stop the one, and shut up the other, out bloodshed. And shall you, who until order is restored, as we will be taught those soldiers to fight the bat. accountable for no damages which may tles of liberty, refuse to fight those of be sustained, and which, after this pubyour own country ? Forbid it, Hea- lic intimation, they can have no claim ven! Come forward then at once, and free your country and your King from “And we hereby give notice to all the power of those that have held them those who shall be found carrying too, too long in thraldom.

arins against those who intend to re


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generate their country, and restore its ing meetings in the fields; and a good inhabitants to their native dignity, many are at Johnstone, where, with we shall consider them as-traitors to the aid of vast numbers from the sur. their country, and enemies to their rounding villages, they are endeavourKing, and treat them as such.

ing to intimidate the workers at the “ By order of the Committee of Or- different cotton-mills, so as they may ganization, for forming a Provisional also give up work. Most of the pubGovernment.

lic works in the immediate vicinity, Glasgow, April 1, 1821.

through intimidation, gave up work « Britons, God Justice -- the at nine o'clock this morning. A large wishes of all good men, are with us. party of men and boys assembled this Join together and make it one cause, forenoon on the Sacel-hill with two and the nations of the earth shall hail flags, and for several hours practised the day when the standard of liberty military maneuvres, by marching and shall be raised on its native soil." forming into close column.

Since writing the above we learn Paisley, April 3.—The radicals the menaces of the mob succeeded in have at last shewn themselves in their causing all the cotton-mills at Johntrue colours. An address to the inha. stone to be shut up. bitants of Great Britain and Ireland was Two men are lodged in the policemost industriously circulated through office for sticking up the radical adthe town on Saturday evening, dated dress on Sunday morning, and two at Glasgow, the 1st April, and during others are also confined here for tearthe night many of them were posted ing down the proclamation of the Maon the walls. This address, which may gistrates on Sunday evening. be considered as the manifesto of the Last night, about twelve o'clock, radicals, is fraught with the most open nearly thirty radicals went out from and barefaced rebellion. At first those Paisley to Lounsdale, a mile southwho, lukewarm in the cause of govern- west from the town, and demanded ment, and who are ever ready to make whatever fire-arms might be in the apologies for the proceedings of the house. On being told there were no disaffected, pretended it was a govern- arms in it, they said they would go ment trick, and quite unauthorized by next to Foxbar, a little to the westthe radicals. The radicals have, how- ward. The proprietor of Lounsdale ever, given their friends on this occa- told them, if they did, they would sion the lie ; for, in obedience to the meet with a determined resistance, request of this “ Committee of Orga- which they found to be the case, as nization for forming a Provisional Go- the proprietor, after vainly giving vernment,” by whom this address bears them warning to retire, fired upon to be issued, the greater part of the them, by which a young man of the working classes in this town voluntari- name of Cochrane was killed, and it is ly gave up work, and by actual vio- supposed several others were woundlence to the persons and property, or ed, as blood was traced to some disthreats, have prevented the few who tance from the house. The body was were willing to work from doing so. lying at Foxbar this morning, the Our working population are, therefore, party having retired after the first fire, this day quite idle, many of them saun- without carrying off the body. Cochtering through the streets as on the rane was only liberated from prison a holyday of the 13th December last ; few days ago for insulting the miliothers are gone to the country, hold- tary.

GLASGOW, April 4.-About mid- 15th._ACTION AT the Dumbartonshire yeomanry ca- The following account of this affair valry arrived in town, and in the af- was published by authority :-“ Wed. ternoon the Ayrshire yeomanry caval- nesday morning, about seven o'clock, ry. Another troop of Ayrshire yeo- one of the Stirlingshire yeomanry, in manry cavalry arrived this morning. proceeding to join his troop at FalMore troops are expected in the course kirk, was stopt on the high road, withof the day. Several troops of the 10th in a few miles of Kilsyth, by a party hussars, and the 80th regiment of foot, of armed radicals, who refused to almarched from Edinburgh yesterday low him to pass. On his return he morning for this district.

met an orderly of the Kilsyth troop, From the threatening appearances with dispatches, proceeding in the on the streets during yesterday, a pro

same direction, and both came into clamation was issued by the Lord Pro- Kilsyth, where they acquainted the vost and Magistrates, the Sheriff of officer with what had occurred. Lieu. the county, and Justices of Peace, or. tenant Hodgson of the 10th hussars, dering all shops to be shut at six, and and Lieut. Davidson of the Stirlingenjoining the inhabitants to retire to shire yeomanry, immediately marched their houses not later than seven o'clock. with a party of each of those corps in These orders were strictly observed by pursuit of the men, whom they overthe great body of the people. All our took near Bonnybridge. garrison, together with the numerous ving this force the radicals cheered and volunteer corps, were on duty for a advanced to a wall, over which they great part of the night ; they muster- commenced firing at the military. ed again early this morning, and are Some shots were then fired by the solall under orders to be ready at a mo- diers in return, and, after some time, ment's warning. Little more was done the cavalry got through an opening than hooting and howling by the mob, in the wall, and attacked the party, on the streets, as small detachments of who resisted till overpowered by the the military were passing.

troops, who succeeded in taking nineMany corps have been observed teen of them prisoners, who are lodged drilling in this neighbourhood for see in Stirling Castle. In this encounter veral nights past, and some of them Lieutenant Hodgson received a pike even during the day. In some places wound through the right hand, and a strangers have taken possession of serjeant of the 10th Hussars was sesmiths' shops, who instantly fell to verely wounded by a shot in the side, work in manufacturing pikes, &c. and by a pike. Three horses were also The times are perilous in the ex

wounded. Four of the radicals were treme. We do not exaggerate when wounded, one of whom was left on the we say that there are at this moment field ; five muskets, two pistols, eigh60,000 persons in this city, and the teen pikes, and about one hundred surrounding towns and villages, who round of ball cartridges, were taken. have struck work; many of these, not Lieutenant Hodgson has reported to a doubt remains, have been compelled Major-General Sir T. Bradford, that to join this highly illegal combination no troops could behave better than the by threats ; such an immense body, whole party under his command.” however, cannot long remain inactive. If strong measures be not instantly resorted to, it is impossible to say when 8th.—(From the Greenock paper.) and where the mischief will end. - The considerate of our readers will

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