Imatges de pÓgina

I should seem to flatter myself, more than honour them ; which is assuredly not the case. I leave them to be guessed by those who know what political warfare is, and who might think these evidences of good-will after the battle incompatible with it. I must say for myself, that I never was of that opinion, nor ever gave the world reason to think so; and therefore, so far, I am not as surprised as some may be, nor indeed surprised at all. I am only glad and confirmed. What was observed by one of these gentlemen, particularly delighted me. It amounted to saying, that he would gladly help in binding up my wounds, and the battle might be renewed afterwards. This is in true chivalrous style, and poetry in action. Let me add, that the end of all conflict, carried on in this spirit, and secured by the knowledge of the time, can only be good for all parties, and merge them in the great cause of mankind.

L. H.


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