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English Poetry; giving more especially those that are used by the late Mr. Dryden, and our other best Poets : Who, without pretending to the Gift of Prophecy, we may venture to say, will ever be the Standard of English Rhyme..

The Small Portion of Praise, if I may, juftly challenge any, that I can lay Claim to, muft arise from the Chaice I bave made in Selecting thejë Pallages of oyr Poets; and from the Method 7 have observd in the Disposition of them under their proper Heads. That I wanted not Materials for this Edifice is cere

but if I have err'd in the Choice of them, or dispos’d them unartfully, the Blame must be wholly mine : Nor is it jult that any Error committed by me in the Workmanship should result upon those from whom I bave borrow'd the Parts that compase the Structure. In a Word, my chief Aim has been to make it as inftructive and diverting, as possible ; and to avoid every thing that might give the leafl Offence to Re ligion and good Manners. I have endeavour'd likea wife to adapt it to the brightest

. Capacities, not withBut fome Regardi" to the Institution of youth, and to render it nJeful for Schools.




Dictionary of Rhymes :

COLLECTED From the Works of the late Mr. Dryden,

and other the Beft Poets.

A pocrypha Sciatica cand the words that end

A. A. Lgebra Tarantula Africa America Anachema

in AW, AY, EA, EIGH, and EY. AB. and ABE. Srab Babe Astrolabe. And the Termina

tions EB and EBE Web Ebb Glebe. ACE. Face Place Grace Race Space Pace Embrace Deface Thrace Disgrace Mace Efface Retrace Chace Displace Apace Braçe Replace Misplace Grimmace Populace Unbrace. And the Terminarions AISE, AS, ASE, ASS, AZE, and EASE. Also che plural Number of the Nouns, and third Person singular of the present Tense of the Verbs in AY, EA, EE, EIGH, and EY. ACED or AC'D. This Termination contains only the Participle Passive of the Verbs in ACE: As Embrac'd Dirgracd, c. To which rhyme the Participles Pallive likewise of the Verbs in AISE, ASE, ASS, AZE, EASE, and ESS: And also the Nouns of the Terminacions AST, EAST, and EST. ACH. Ach Attach Detach. And the Terminacions ATCH

and ETCH. ACHT. See OUGHT ACK. Track Back Black Crack Slack Tack Lack Quack

Sack Rack Almanack Hack Attack. And all the Words ending in AKE, EAK, and ECK. ACK'D. To this Termination belong only the Participles Pallive of the Verbs in ACK; as, Hack'd, Track'd, C.

and likewise the Words in ACT. ACKS. This Ending includes only the third Person fingular of the Present Tense of the Verbs, and the



Plural Number of the Nouns, in ACK: 'As, Tracks Quacks Attacks, &c. And though Rhymes of this Nature, which are form’d by adding the Letter S only to the Words of each Termination are very frequent ; yet, to avoid Prolixity, I shall make no mention of them: Nor of the Rhymes of the Preter-Imperfect Tenses of Verbs : For, in all Regular Verbs, whose Present Tenses rhyme, the Prerer-Imperfects must rhyme likewise: But those Tenses that are form'd irregularly, are plac'd under their proper Terminations. ACT. Fact Enact Tract Act Protract Transact Contract Attra&t Protract Retract Extract Substract Distract Détract Compact Exact: And the Participle Passive of the Verbs in ECK ; as, Deck'd, O'c. And the words that

end in ECT. AD, ADD and ADE. Sad Glad Bad Mad Add Clad Had Lad Unclad Olympiad Made Shade Trade Invade Wade Glade O'ershadeBlade Ambuscade Retrograde Masquerade Fade Perswade Lade Spade Renegade Diffwade Per. vade Degrade Evade Serenade Cavalcade Palisade : To which Terminations rhyme the Works in AID: the Participles Pallive of the Verbs in AY, EIGH, and EY; as, Betray'd

Neigh'd Convey'd, &c. And also the Terminations EAD, ED, EDE, and EED: all which see

in their proper Places. ADGE. See AGE. AFE, AFF, APH and AUGH. Chafe Safe Unsafe Vouchfafe Chaff Staff Graff Ingraff. Epitaph Paragraph Laugh:

And the Terminations EAF and IEF. AfD or AFED. This Termination includes only the Parti.

ciple Passive of the Verbs in AFE ; as Chaf'd Vouchsaf'd; to which rhyme the Words ending in AFT. AFT. Craft Shaft Haft Waft Graft. Also Laugh'd Draught;

and the Termination EFT. AG. Lag Hag Bag Swag Rag Drag Brag Gag Stag Wag

Jag. And the words in EAGUE and EG. AG'D. The Words of this Rhyme are only the Participles

of the Verbs of the preceding Termination; there being no primitive Word of this Ending: And of Rhymes of this Nature, when there are no such primitive Words that rhyme to them, I shall from henceforward take no Notice: They being easily form d from their Primitives. AGE. Age Rage Afswage Presage Cage Ingage Wage Sage

Page Stage Gage Badge Equipage Pasturage Disengage Enrage Parentage Hermitage Vatralage Pilgrimage Be. verage Messuage. And the Terminations EDGE and EGE

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AID. Maid faid Aid Paid Laid Afraid Inlaid Upbraid Overlaid Repaid Undecay'd Unpaid Unsaid: Likewise the Terminacions ADE, EAD, ED, EDE and EED; and the Participle Pailive of the Verbs in AY, EIGH, and'EY.


AIL and EIL. Fail Pail Jail Intail Retail Bail Sail Flaib Hai Ait Prevail Tail Nail Allail Trail Frail Avail Mail Rail: Quail Snail Wail Countervail (Bewail Detail Outrail Veil Vnveil. And the Terminations' AL, AIL, EAL, EEL, and AIM. See AME.

AIN, AIGN, EIN and EIGN. Plain Strain Swain Gain Paia Complain Vain Suitain Remain Main Contain Disdain Obtain Grain Restrain Ordain Train Again Slain Rain Amain Drain Abstain Refrain Maintain Twain Distain Entertaia Spain Regain Domain Brain Chain Grain Fain Lain Stain Wain Perrain Attain Derain Inchain Explain Apper táin Chamberlain' Arraign Soveraign Campaign Charlemaign Deign Peign Reign Vein Rein. And the Words that end in AN, ANE, EAN, EN, and ENE.

AINST. Against. To this Word rhyme the second Person fingular of the Present Tense of the Verbs in AIN, AN, ANE, EAN, EIGN, EIN, and EN.

AINT and EINT. Attaint Faint Acquaint Paint Restraint Saint Constraint Complaint Taint Meant Teine Feint. And che Words in ANT and ENT.

AIR. Air Despair Hair Repair Chair Impair Pray's Fair Pair Debonair Affair Heir Their Coheir. And the Terini Darions AR, ARE, EAR, EER, ER and ERE.

AITH. See ATH. :

AKE. Snake Make Srake Take Forsake Rake Lake Bake . Sake Brake Mistake Ake Undertake Wake Partake Bespake Awake Quake Shake Overtake Berake Flake Spake. And the Words in ACK, ECK and EEK.

AL. Admiral Apocryphal Conditional Animal Canibal Natural Corporal Festival Funeral General Hospital Liberal Interval Rational Madrigal Mineral Schismatical Chimerical Carnaval Cardinal Urinal. Tragical Poetical Personal Pedestal Pastoral Original Musical Analogical. And the Terminations AIL,ALE, ALL, AUL and EAL, 5. ALD. Bald Scald Emerald. And the Participle Paflive of the Verbs in ALL and AWL.,


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ALE. Tale Vale Gale Scale Pale Whale Dale Stale Male
Sale Impale Exhale Regale. And the Terminations AIL
ALL, EAL, EEL, and ÉL.

ALK and AWK.Walk Stalk Talk Chalk Balk Hawk.

ALL, AUL and AWL. Small Ball Fall Call All Stall
Wall Hall Gall Recal Pall Tall Thrall Shall Withal Appal
Befal Inthral Caul Gaul Saul Bawl Sprawl Mawł Squawl.
Also the Terminations Al and ALE.

ALM. Calm Pfalm Balm Qualm Becalm Embalm. And
the Words in ELM.

ALMS. This Termination hath no other primitive Word
rhan Alms, which rhymes to the Plural Number of the
Wouns and third Person Singular of the Prefent Tense of
the Verbs of the preceding Termination.

ALPS. Alps. This Word rhymes to the Plural of the
Nouns, and third Person Singular of the Present Tense of
the Verbs in ALP and ELP.

ALSE and ELSE. False, Elfe. These Words rhyme with
the Plural Number of the Nouns, and third Person Singular
of the Verbs in AIL, ALE, ALL, AUL, and AWL.

AŁT. Hale Malt Salt Exalt. And the Termination AULT
and OLT.

AM, AIM, AMB, AME, and AMN, Am Swam Ram
Dam ClamAnagram Epigram Marjoram Lamb Damn
Claim Aim Declaim Disclaim Acclaim Maim Proclaim Ex-
claim Reclaim Same Flame Frame Came Tame Name
Fame Game Dame Shame Became Inflame Defame Lame
Overcame Blame Milname Misbecame Surname, Likewise
the Terminations EAM, EM, EME, and EMN.

AMP. Camp Stamp Encamp Damp Decamp Cramp
Champ Vamp Hemp.

AN. Can Man Began Ran Bran Span Van Scan Plan
Puritan Alcoran Ban Fan Tan Swan Wan Clan Trep211
Divan Caravan Fore-ran Uoman Artisan Over-ran Quran
Partisan African Republican Talisman Husbandmán Ferry:
man Pelican Leviathan Nobleman Gentleman Alderman
American Druggerman Metropolitan Diocesan Musulman
Suffragan Publican Veteran Currefan Charleran. And the
Terminacions AIN, ANE, EEN, EIGN, EIN, EN and ENE.

ANCE, Advance Dance Prance Chance Lance Ignorance
Glance Inheritance France Trance Mischance Romance
Complaisance Ordinance Main enance Intemperance - Fura
therance Exuberance Circumftance Concordance Cogni.
zance Countenance Exorbitance Dissonance Deliverance
Extravagance Medifance Recognizance Arrogance Urrerance


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