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THE WONDERS of the UNITED Connected with Literature and the Arts. ARTIST SLAP, RAWING SOCIETY, and Mr. WILLIAM MOFFA Sur . paddle Row, Knightsbridges

AUTOMATA.., at the Horse


DOLIER’S COPY.BOOKS, containing his

Christmas and New Year's Presents to Young Persons.
and WESTMINSTER, and their Environs, to all the
Public Buildings, Reservoirs, &c. above the Trinity High-Water

Mark of the River Thames; from actual Survey and Admeasure-

By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH.
By Mr. FREDERICK WOOD, of 28, Queen Street, Brompton,

3 vols. 911. with nearly 100 finished Engravings.

8 3, Savoy Wharf, Strand.

Land Surveyors.

Works of God fully described, and illustrated by 800 Engravings, The Winter Quarter will commence on the lat of January nert. To be had at Mr. J. Gardner's, Map Seller, 163, Regent Street, coloured and plain. By Dr. Shaw, 6 vols. 81. 38. plain; 31. 108. For Terms and Particulars, apply every Evening at the Rooms,

London; and all the principal Booksellers.

coloured. An entirely new Work. between the hours of Sis and Ten; or to Mr. T. BRADLEY, Price One Guinea, on a Sheet, 40 inches by inches. Treasurer, 18, Manchester Buildings, Westminster.

3. The Atlas of Nature ; consisting of all the Engravings in "Nature Displayed," with satisfactory Descrip

tions. In folio, 21. 89. BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. 4. The Travels of Rolando round the World, Bazar, King Street, and Baker Street, Portman Square,

by Miss Altin. 9 vols. 105. Cd. the splendid Exhibition of Musical and Mechanical Automata,

GRAND comprising nearly Twenty different Subjects, including the cele

NATIONAL 5. The Retired Governess's Legacy to her brated Musical Lady, Jarenile Artist, Nagician, Rope Dancer, and Walking Figure; also a magnificent Classic Vase, made by the British Empire in the Nineteenth Century, displayed in a order of Napoleon, together with a Serpent, Birds, Insects, and Series of Views of Cities, Towns, Public Buildings, Palaces, Ab

6. Barrow's Dictionary of Facts and Know. other Subjects of Nataral History. The wbole displaying, by beys, Castles, Seats of the Nobility, Sylvan and River Scenery, ledge, with 600 Engravings, sh. bound. their exact imitations of Animated Nature, the wonderful Pow. Shipping, Docks, Streets, Churches, Monuments, &c. &c. accom- 7. Watkins's Portable Cyclopædia ; or, Comers of Mechanism.

panied by Historical and Topographical Descriptions of the
Open from Eleven till Six.

Counties, Towns, Villages, and particularly of each Engraving. plete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. In 1 vol. with numerous
Admittance, 11. 62.-Children, la.
With an Inder and other References.

Engravings, 166. bound.
N.B. The whole of the Exhibition for Sale; also, several January 10th, will be published, No. I. price only lo. per

8. Bibles, with 260 Engravings, at a few Self-acting and other Musical Instruments.

No.; India proofs, 21. per No. of

shillings more than without Engravings. The Illustrations of England, commencing 9. Testaments, with 100 Engravings, at

18. 64. extra. RGYLL ROOMS. The Lecture with Liews in Liverpool, Manchester, Lancaster, Preston, Wi

gan, Bolton, &c. &c. in the County Palatine of Lancaster. delivered by Dr. de Prati, on the 11th instant, at High

10. Prayer-Books, with 60 or 70 Engrav.

For Lancashire. gate Park School, esplanatory of the Pestalozzian and mathic Systems of Education, before a select and respectable The Literary Department by W. H. Pyne, Esq. Author of ings, at 1s. 6d.; or 25. 6d. extra. Audience, having been received with the warmest applause, Dr. " Royal Residences," “ Wine and Walnuts," &c. &c. Drawings

11. Barrow's Selection of all the Narrative Duncan begs to inform those Ladies and Gentlemen who feel y Messrs. Pynes, Austin: Harwood Allom, &c. &c. Engrav. Parts of the Old and New Testament. Witb 100 Engravings, 6s.

bound. themselves interested in the grand Object of Education, that the ings by Robert Wallis, and ander his Superintendence, &c. &c. Lecture will be repeated at the Argyll Rooms, Regent Street, on

Just published, No. I. of

12. The Book of English Trades. With 80 Wednesday, the zist instant, at One o'clock.

The Illustrations of Ireland, com

commencing Engravings, 10.. 6d. bound. A Synopsis of the Course of Studies pursued at this School, which will admit the Bearer to the lecture, may be obtained with Views in the Metropolis and County of Dublin.

13. The Hundred Wonders of the World. (gratis) of Mr. Taylor, 30, Gover Street ; Messrs. Hatchard and Drawings by George Petrie, Esq. R.H.A. &c. &c. &c. En.

With 100 Engravings, 104. 6d. Son, Piccadilly; Messrs. Dalau and Co., and Messrs. Treuttel gravings under the Superintendence of Mr. Edward Goodall, and Co. Soho Square; Mr. Panton, 383, Oxford Street; Dr. de

&c. &c. The Literary Department by G. N. Wright, Esq. A.M. 14. The Wonders of the Heavens, with Prati, 10, Charles Street, Clarendon Square; and at the Aca

Professor of Antiquities to the Royal Hibernian Academy, and large and highly finished Engravings, 101.6d. bound. deray. Author of several Tours in Ireland.

15. Gifford's Abridgment of Blackstone's January 10th will be published, No. I. of

Commentaries. 159. bound.
Nero Copy Book.

The Illustrations of Scotland, dedicated, by 16. Goldsmith's Illustrations of Geography,
This day is published, price lt. each,

permission, to Sir Walter Scott, Bart. commencing with Views with highly finished Engravings, 14s. bound.
in Edinburgh, Leith, Glasgow, &c. About 40 Numbers.

17. The History of all the Voyages round

For Scotland. Pen-directing System for the Formation of Letters.

The Literary Department by John Britton, Esq. F.S.A. &c. the World, with 100 Engravings, 103. 64. bound. The following Six Books may be had as below, together or Drawings by Messrs. W. H. Lizars, T. Hamilton, H. Lizars, Ar. 18. The Universal Traveller; or, Abstracts separately:

chitect, J. Ewbank, J. B. Kidd, &c. Engravings by, and under A1. The largest hand first Lessons, up and down Strokes. A 2. The same size, for worded Copy-heads. the Superintendence of, W. H. Lizars, &c.

of the best Modern Travels in all Nations. With 100 Engravings, BI. The common Large-hand First Lessons.

Pablished by Fisher, Son, and Jackson, Newgate Street; R. 10s. 6d. bound. B 2. The same size, for Copy-heads.

Ackermann, Strand, London; and all other Book and Prins- 19. The Elements of the Art of Drawing;

sellers. CI. The Round-hand First Lessons.

with 68 finished Engravings on every variety of Study. By G.

Hamilton. 818.
C 2. The same size, for Copy.heads.
The Seventh Book, marked D, for Small-hand, will be published
in a few veeks.

and Smollett's Sold wholesale, by Phelps, Paternoster Row; and to be had of

100 Engravings from celebrated Pictures, 95. bound. all the Booksellers in London, and throughout the United King. ing Fifty-three coloured Maps, on a new Plan, by Mr. ARROW. dom.

SMITH, Hydrographer to the King, is just published. It is 21. Historical Pictures, drawn from the Printed and published by E. Smith and Co. at their general

compiled from original Authorities, for the use of the Students | Episodes and Anecdotes of our National Histories, by John Galt; Printing Establishment, Liverpool. at Eton College, and is dedicated, by permission, to the Rev. Dr.

with Engravings, 196. bound. Keate. Price gl. 28. boards; or 31. 158. full coloured and half.

bound. The Wort is accompanied by a Set of Skeleton Out. 22. Leçons Françaises ; an elegant Selection To Advertisers. lines.

from French Authors. By MM. Noel and La Place, Professors To be had at the Author's, Soho Square ; at the Eton Ware. in the University of Paris. 70. bound. MAGAZINE.

house, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street; and at Williams's Library, 23. The Biographical Class-Book, containing

Eton. The large and increasing circulation of Blackwood's Maga

600 Lives of eminent Persons of all Nations. By J. Goldsmith. zine tbroughout England and Ireland, as well as Scotland, and

With 120 Portails, 71. bound. in the Colonies, renders it a peculiarly desirable channel for ad

Price 68. 1mo. bound,

24. Robinson's Universal Ancient History, vertisements of Heritable Properties, and others of a miscellane. ous character, which require to be extensively etrculated ; and as

THE ELEMENTS of ENGLISH COM- 76. bound. Magazines are not so speedily thrown aside as Newspapers, but


25. Robinson's Universal Modern History, continue to interest and to pass from band to hand for a much


78. bound. longer period, the chances of the advertisements they contain being preserved, read, and attended to, are thereby greatly in

The 8th edition, corrected and enlarged.

London: Printed for Sir Richard Phillips. creased.

Since the publication of the 2d edition, this work has not received the slightest correction from the Author, and the errors of

Illustrated with 19 Designs by Dighton, 12mo. price 6s. boards, Advertisements are inserted on the following Terme : the press, as generally happens in such cases, have been gradu.

Moral Not exceeding Ten Lines ..

0 10 6

been enlarged to the extent of several sheets. Per Line beyond Ten.. Published for John Boyd, 37, George Street, Edinburgh; and

and Instructive Entertainments for Children, in Prose

and Verse. Half a Column

15 0
Westley and Davis, Stationers' Hall Court, London.

Printed for John Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. A Column

3 2 0 Whole Page 4 0 0

In 8vo. 6s. Bills stitched into Blackwood's Magazine at Fire Guineas for

In 2 vols. beautifully printed by Whittingham, with a Whole Sheet, and at Four Guineas for a Half Sheet or under. AYS DEPARTED; or, Banwell Hill.

characteristic Embellishments, 18s. boards, Of these, S&TES THOUSAND FIVB RUNDRED Copies are required.

A Lay of the Severn Sea. Advertisements and Bille to be left with Mr.Cadell, 141, Strand,


By the Rev. WILLIAM LISLE BOWLES. London, not later than the 8th, and at No. 17, Prince's Street,

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

or, the Legends of the Lakes. Edinburgh, not later than the 16th of the month.

In a handsome duodecimo vol. price 6s, in extra cloth boards, * These volumes are, indeed, quite novel and original in their

genus: they are as admirable guides to all the natural beauties

ADVICE to the ROMAN CATHOLICS of ENGLAND, tourist's hands, to point out the picturesque scenery; but they Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. in the Possession of the Marchioness 4th edition, with an Appendix and Notes.

are, at the same time, so interesting as literary companions, that of Conyngham. Engraved in Line, by Mr. WILLIAM FINDEN.


the reader may sit by his own fire-side, and reap almost as much It is respectfully announced, that the above splendid Print,

Chaplain in Ordinary to the King, &c.

amusement from them as if he were actually on the spot. Thus,

for the closet or for the country, for the arm.chair or for the adfrom the whole-length l'ortrait of His Majesty, King George the

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard: venturer, our popular author is equally calculated to be a favour. Fourth, is now completed, and that a finished proof having been and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and H. C. Langbridge, Bir- ite, with his genuine Legends and characteristic • Sayings and submitted to the King's inspection by Sir Thomas Lawrence, the mingham.

Doings.""-Literary Gaxette, Dec. 20, 1828. pablication of it has recetved His Majesty's gracious sanction.

John Ebers and Co. British and Foreign Library, From the great care requisite in the printing, which will not ad.

Old Bond Street. mit of the least hurry, a few weeks must elapse before the Prints

In 1 vol. 12mo. with a Frontispiece, 6t. can be ready for delivery ; but Subscribers are assured, that no ELF.DENIAL. A Tale. unnecessary delay whatever sball take place, and that the Proofs

In 8vo. 93. bound, and 12mo. 58. Bd. bound, will be previously delivered in their respective order, as soon as

By Mrs. HOFLAND. they can be printed.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. THE NEW WHOLE DUTY of MAN, The size of the plate is 18 inches broad, by 27 high. Price of

of whom may be had, by the same Author,

containing the Faith as well as Practice of Christian, Prints, 31. 38.; Proofs, on French paper, 61. 58.; on India paper,

Integrity, a Tale, 12mo. 6s. boards.

maile easy for the Practice of the present Age, as the Old Whole 71. 76.; before the Letters, 101. los.

Duty of Man was designed for those unhappy Times in which it In consequence of the great excellence of this engraving, as well Patience, a Tale, 12mo. 6s. boards.

was written; and supplying the Articles of Christian Faith in correct likeness as in power of execution, it is expected that

which are wanting in that book, though essentially necessary to proofs and good impressions will become scarce immediately on

Decision, a Tale, 12mo. 6s. boards.

Salvation. its publication. The Publishers, therefore, request that those of Moderation, a Tale, 12mo. 6s. boards.

Printed by assignment from W. Bent, for C. and J. Rivingthe Nobility and Gentry desirous of possessing this Portrait of

ton; Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green; H. T. Hodg. their Sovereign, will be so kind as to make immediate applica. Reflection, a Tale, 12mo. 6s. boards.

son; J. Richardson; J. M. Richardson ; Hatchard and Son ;. tion, in order to ensure early Impressions. London: Pablished by the Proprietors, Moon, Boys, and Africa Described, 12mo. with a Map, 6s. 6d. Hurst

, Chance, and Co: J. Booth: Baldwin and Cradock, Ha

milton, Adams, and Co.; G. B. Whittaker ; Simpkin and Mar. Graves, Printsellers to the King, 6, Pall Mall. boards.

shall; Westley and Davis; and Houlston and Son.

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PHE BOOK OF NATURE: being an Popular TH





artbur Monteith. 12mo. 3s. 6d. 2d edition. CONVERSA

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The Book of Nature, Second Edition.

In foolscap 8vo. price 86. 64. the ed edition, with BROW ROWN'S PHILOSOPHY of the MIND,

In 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 168. boards,

Additions, of with a Portrait, Memoir, and Indes, complete in 1 large tol. 8vo. beautifully printed, 11. 1o. In linen boards.

HE FOREST SANCTUARY ; « An inestimable book."- Dr. Part. Illustration of the general Laws and Phenomena of Cre.

with other Poems. Tytler's History of Scotland, Vol. I. includ-ation, in its Unorganised and Organised, its Corporeal and Men.

By FELICIA HEMANS. ing the Eventful Times of Alexander III. Wallace, and Bruce, tal Departments.

Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and 8vo. 124. Vol. II. is in the press. To be completed in Six By JOHN MASON GOOD, M.D. F.R.S. F.R.S.L.

T. Cadell, Strand, London. Volumes.

" The work is certainly the best philosophical digest of the or whom may be had, Just published, by the same Author, in Picture of Scotland, by R. Chambers. A kind which

we have seen." --Monthly Revien.

foolscap 8vo. price 8s. 6d. the ed edition of new edition, with Eight fine Plates of Abbotsford, Melrose Abbey,

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Records of Woman. With other Poems. Fastcastle, Stonebyres Linn, Edinburgh, Linlithgow Palace, Loch Katrine, and Glencoe. 9 volk. post 8vo. Il. 18.

Miss Benger'. Historical Works.

In foolscap 8vo. price 108. 6d. the 7th edition of Smith's Wealth of Nations, with large 2d edition, in 2 vols. 8vo. with a genuine Portrait, never before

engraved, price 11. 48. boards,

THE COURSE of TIME. A Poem, Additions by Professor M‘Culloch. 4 vols. 8vo. 21. 125. 6d. “ The best edition of one of the best books in the English lan

in Ten Books. TEMOIRS of MARY QUEEN of SCOTS, guage."--New Yonthly Magazine.

with Anecdotes of the Court of Henry II. during her

By ROBERT POLLOK, A.M. Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica ; or, General Residence in France.

Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and

T. Cadell, Strand, London.

By MISS BENGER. Index to British Literature. 4 vols. 410. (uk. lls.) 61. 6s.

In this edition, Arguments are prefixed to each Book, Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Printed for William Tait, Edinburgh, and Longman and Co.

which may be had separately, price 6d.

Of whom may be had, by the same Author,
Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Queen

Published by S. Maunder, 10, Newgate Street.
In 12mo. price 15.

of Henry VIII. 3d edition, 1 vol. 8vo. with 2 Portraits, 193. bds.
The Historical Works of Miss Benger, com-

VISION of HEAVEN, and a VISION of HELL. Young Artist.

prising Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry
VIII.-Mary Queen of Scots-and Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of

Author of the " Eskdale Herd-Boy, " &c. &c.
Bohemia. Uniform, in 5 vols. post 8vo. with Portraits, and a

Author of the “Omnipresence of the Deity."
Also, by the same Author,
Memoir of the Author, by Miss Aikin, price 31.

Second edition, 78. 6d.
The Scottish Orphans. 12mo. 38. Od. 3d

2. The Omnipresence of the Deity. 7th

In 9 rols. 18mo. with Plates, &c. 168. edition.

edition, 78. 6d. ONVERSATIONS on the ANIMAL 3. The Wanderer's Legacy. Poems by

Catharine Grace Godwin. Post 8vo. price 89. 60. Young Artist. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

By a PHYSICIAN. London : Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London. 4. Christianity, Protestantism, and Popery,

Of whom may be had,

Compared and Contrasted. Demy Bvo. price 78. 6d.
Price 48. boards,

Conversations on the English Constitution, 5. What is Luxury? By a Lay Observer.
M A S.
12mo. 88.

Post 8vo. price 73. 6d.

Conversations on Mythology, 5s. boards. 6. Conversations on Geology. With En.
My vexed spirit blamed

Conversations on the Evidences of Christi. gravings, price 7s. 6d. That austere race, who, mindless of the glee anity, 12rno. 88. boards.

7. The Tale of a Modern Genius. 3 vols. Of good old festival, coldly forbade

Conversations on Mineralogy, with Plates, price 24s.
Th' observance which of mortal life relieves
The languid sateness, seeming too to bring
engraved by Lowry. 2d edition, in 9 vols. 12mo. 146. boards.

8. The Little Lexicon. An unique English Sanction from hoar antiquity and years Conversations on Algebra. 12mo. 78. bds.

Dictionary, remarkable for its diminutive size and distinct type. Long past.

C.Lloyd. Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.

Conversations on Botany, 6th edit. enlarged, Price ts. 6d. boards; and in various neat bindings, from 6s. ld. 18mo. with 21 Engravings, 78. 64. plain, or 194. coloured.

9. The Miniature Grammar, price 1s. bds. Richly bound in green silk, price 18s.

19mo. price 23. half-bound,

10. Miscellaneous English Examples, price HE AM U L E T for 1829.

18. boards.

N.B. These two are printed on the same plan as the
Edited by S. C. HALL.

« Little Lexicon."
“A pair of highly instructive and delightful volumes, by Mr.
Hall and his lady, the • Amulet,' and Juvenile Forget-Me- By the Author of “Stories from the History of England."
Not.'"-Times, 5th Nov.
All books of geography (which I have met with) begin with

The ed edition, price ls. 6d. boards, ** The Amulet has always been an especial favourite of mine, the more abstruse and difficult, and postpone the more easy and and it works more charras and wonders this year than ever."

technical parts of the study. This order I have reversed. I en.
Christopher North-Blackwood's Magazine.
deavour to impress upon the mind, in the first instance, those

Occasional Prayers.
See also, all the leading Periodicals.

London : Printed for Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, Sta- things which are the subject of memory alone, and for which no

reason need be, or can be assigned. There is no reason why the tioners' Hall Court; and Wightman and Cramp, Paternoster capital of England might not have been named Paris Instead of

Minister of St. Mary's Chapel, Park Street, Grosvenor Square. Ros. London, or why Poland should not be called Italy, or the Danube

Printed for J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly. the Volga. No reason can be given why a peninsula of the parti

cular shape of Spain and Portugal, should have been placed at Loudon's Gardening, Agriculture, &c.

Superior Present for the Young. the south-west of Europe, rather than at the south-east. The Complete in 1 large vol. 810. a new edition, price 21.

Half-bound in Turkey morocco, with gilt leares, and Sixteen names themselves, and the appropriation of them to places, are extra boards,

beautiful Embellishments, price 70. (in this view) purely accidental and arbitrary. It seems, there.

FORGET-ME-NOT; distinctions and divisions, which require no reasoning, and which, comprising the Theory and Practice of Horticulture, if not learned by rote in early youth, are seldom thoroughly, and

a Christmas and New Year's Gift, and Birth-day Present Floriculture, Arboriculture, and Landscape Gardening: includ.

for 1829.

Edited by Mrs. S. C. HALL. ing all the latest Improvements, a general History of Gardening never without inuch difficulty, learned afterwards." -Author's

Preface, in all Countries, and a Statistical View of its present State, with

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

" A charming little volume."-Literary Gazette. Suggestions for its future Progress in the British Isles.

“Of the juvenile annuals, the Juvenile Forget-Me-Not stands Illustrated with many Hundred Engravings on Wood.

first."-Edinburgh Literary Journal. By J. C. LOU DON, F.L.S. H.S. &c.

In 1 vol. 19mo. 78. 6d. boards,

« The Juvenile Forget-Me-Not,' which I have read, and it is Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

YOUNSELS for the SANCTUARY and excellent." --Christopher North-Blackwood's Magazine. By the same Author,

London: Printed for N. Hailes, Piccadilly; and Frederick

for CIVIL LIFE; or, Discourses to Various Classes in Westley and A. H. Davis, Stationers' Hall Court, and Are Maria An Encyclopædia of Agriculture, 21. 10s. the Church and in Society.

Lane. The Gardener's Magazine, Vols. I. to IV.

By HENRY BELFRAGE, D.D. price 91. 194. 6d, boards. Continued in Numbers, every two Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh ; and

Dr. Ayre on Dropsy. Months, alternately with the “ Magazine of Natural History,"

Geo. B. Whittaker, London.

In 8vo. price Bs. boards, price 31. 60.

Of whom may be had, by the same Author, uniformly The Magazine of Natural History, Numbers

printed with the above, I. to IV. price 30. 6. each. No. V. will be published on the 1st Discourses on the Duties and Consolations demonstrating their inflammatory Origin, and shewing, by illos

the NATURE and TREATMENT of DROPSIES, of January of the Aged. Be. boards.

trative Cases, their general facility of Cure, under a new and Early in 1829 will be published, edited by Mr. Loudon,

A Monitor to Families ; or, Discourses on

corresponding Method of Treatment. An Encyclopædia of Plants. În 1 large vol. some of the Duties and Scenes of Domestic Life. 2d edition,

By JOSEPH AYRE, M.D. 8vo. closely printed, with upwards of 7000 Engravings on Wood. 70. 6d. boards.

Member of the Royal College of Physicians, &c.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Practical Discourses, intended to promote

the Improvement and Happiness of the Young. 3d edition, 74. 6d. A new and beautiful edition, with Portrait and Plates. boards. 4 pocket rols. 18mo. price only 18s.

of PROSE, extracted from the Writings of American John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Authors. 12mo. 68. boards. chetical Form. 18mo. Od.

“ We have much praise to bestow on this collection of Ameri.

can literature. It contains well-chosen extracts from their most Miss Aikin's Court of Elizabeth, Afe.

celebrated writers, and displays inuch vigour, great variety of In 2 vols. 8vo. with a Portrait from the rare Print by Crispin UBLISHED THIS DAY, at HAILES'S style, some fine description, and is altogether é most interesting de Passe, 6th edition, 11. 58. boards, JUVENILE LIBRARY, 168, PICCADILLY, opposite volume."-Literary Gazette, Dec. 13, 1838.

1. Hints to teach Children the First Princi.

A Catalogue (gratis) of Miscellaneous Books,
ples of Music, price 3s. boards.

on sale by Richard James Kennett, 30, Lincoln's Inn Fields. By the same author,

2. Examinatory Questions in Arithmetic, Memoirs of the Court of King James the Geography, Latin Grammar, English Grammar, and History of

In 1 vol. 12o. 3d edition, 10%. 6d. boards,
First, designed as a Sequel to the Memoirs of the Court of Queen England, price 11. 6d. sewed.
Elizabeth. In 9 vols. 8vo. 3d edition, Il. 46.
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

to Young Married Ladies on the Management of their rents and Teachers, price 21. sewed.

Households, and the Regulation of their Conduct in the various of bom may be bad,

Relations and Duties of Married Life. Annals of the Reign of George the Third. 4. A Compendium of British Geography,

By John Alkin, M.D. In : vols. 8vo. a new edition, brought with Questions for Examination, and Explanatory Notes, by the
Author of “ First Lessons in Geography." Price 13. 6d. sewed.

* The volume before us is a perfect vade-mecum for the young down to the Period of His Majesty's decease, price 11. 68. boards.

married lady, who may resort to it on all questions of household Dr. Aikin's Annals of the Reign of George 5. First Lessons in Geography, in Question cconomy and etiquette."--New Monthly Magasine, We Third, abridged for the l'se of Schoola, la 12mo. 44. 1. bd. and Answer, by a Lady. 3d edition, price 18. swed.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green

A COMPANION to the ALTAR; with




A Guide to the Lord's Table, in the Cate. AMERICAN COMMON.PLACE BOOK


3. A Key to the above, for the Use of Pa- DOMESTIC DUTIES; or, Instructions THE

A 1. De Lisle; or, the Sensitive Man. 2a SKETCHES of the CHARACTER, MAN.



TWO YEARS IN NEW WITH WALES. by Luca Alting or editione volt

: ero hin board



In 3 vols, price 11. 118. 6d.
Sterart on the Highlanders.

In 12mo. price 58. 6d. boards,
In 9 vols. 8vo. the 3d edition, price 11. 84. boards, Illustrated

SECOND SELECTION from the by a Map of the Highlands,

Also, by the same Author,

By the Rev. E. BERENS, M.A.
NERS, and present STATE of the HIGHLANDERS of education has been more advanced, and who have more leisure

The present Selection is intended for readers whose literary edition, 3 rols. ll. 11:. 6d.

SCOTLAND; with Details of the Military Service of the High- for light reading, than many of those for whom the former volume 2. The Romance of History, by Henry Neele, land Regiments:

was designed.

By Major-General DAVID STEWART. vols. Id edition, 11. 11.. 6d.

Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,
Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London;
In the press,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall.
and Adam Black, Edinburgh.

of the same Publishers may be had, 3. The Adventures of a King's Page, 3 vols.

The former Volume, price 4s. 6d. boards. 4. Francis the First, King of France. Me.

In 9 vols. 8vo. price 243. boards, moirs of his Life and Times, with Portrait, 3 vols. 8vo. 5. Conversations on Intellectual Philosophy, LÆTITIA BARBAULD, with a Memoir. RESPONDENCE, and other PROSE PIECES, of ANNA In 8vo. price 9s. boards, dedicated, by permission, to the

Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, 3 vols. 12mo.


NSTRUCTIONS in READING the 6. The Manual for Invalids, by a Physician. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

LITURGY of the UNITED CHURCH of ENGLAND Printed for Edward Bull, New Public Subscription Library,

Of whom may be had,

and IRELAND: offered to the attention of the Yonnger Clergs, 20, Holles Street, Cavendish Square.

A Legacy for Young Ladies ; consisting of and Candidates for Holy Orders; with an Appendıx on Pronun

Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Verse. By the late Mrs. Bar. ciation, and a Selection of Scripture Proper Names most liable Bmigration. bauld. 2d edition, in 1 vol. 12mo. price 78. 68. boards.

to be variously pronounced. 3d edition, resised, with a Map, in 2 vols. post 8vo. price 188.

By the Rev. JOHN HENRY HOWLETT, M.A. Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, Reading Chaplain of His Majesty's Chapel Royal, Whitehall;

Vicar of Hollington, Sussex; and fornerly Fellow of Pernbroke By P. CUNNINGHAM, Esq. R.N.

Hall, Cambridge. "Mr. Cunningham's Two Years in New South Wales' is the

Memoirs of the Court of King James the Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, best book of general information that has been written upon that First, by Lucy Aikin. % vols. 8vo. ad edition, il. 15. boards.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. interesting country."-Monthly Magaxine. Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.

In 8vo. price 78. 6d. boards,

Post 8vo. 98. 60. of whom may also be had, just published, DIANS EXPLAINED and ILLUSTRATED.

FURIOSO. by George Thompson, Esq. comprising Observations made during

By JOHN M'CAUL, A.B. Trin. Col. Dublin.

Translated by WILLIAM STEWART ROSE. an Eight Years Residence at the Cape, on the Progress and London: Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and

John Murray, Albemarle Street. Prospects of British Emigrants. The ed edition, in 9 vols. 8vo.

Green; and R. Milliken and Son, Booksellers to the University, with Forty Engravings, price 11. 11.. 6d. boards.

Dublin. " This is the completest book on the subject of this interesting quarter of the world, and contains the best and most rational ac.

TURE of the GREAT PAINTERS of ITALY. count of the important colony of the Cape."- Atlas. 2d edition, with important Additions, in 8vo. illustrated

By GILBERT LAING MEASON, Esq. by Ten Plates, 16s. boards,

In 4to. illustrated by 55 Plates. Now ready for delivery, price 128. in crimson silk, and with

A few Copies of this work, which was printed for privato THE ELEMENTS of NATURAL PHI.

LOSOPHY proof Impressions on Indian paper, 11. 1o.

circulation, are left for sale with James Carpenter and Son, Old

Bond Street.

By JOHN LESLIE, Esq. THE BIJOU, and Annual of Literature and Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh, the Arts, for 1829. and Corresponding Member of the Royal Institute of France.

In 2 large vols. 8vo. with 70 Plates, price 21. 55. bound and Illustrated with Engravings from celebrated Paintings by Sir Vol. First, including Mechanics and Hydrostatics.

lettered, Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A.; J. M. W. Turner, R.A.; T. Sto.

2d edition, corrected and enlarged. tbard, Esq. R.A.; F. P. Stephanoff; Sir Joshua Reynolds; Hol

Also, lately published, by the same Author,

PETERSBURGH; a Journal of Tra. bein; Claude Lorraine; Primaticchio, &c.

Rudiments of Plane Geometry, including the Banks of the Rhine, through Prussia, Russia, Poland, Saxony, Among the literary contributions to this volume will be found the naines of the most celebrated writers of the day, together Geometrical Analysis and Plane Trigonometry. Designed chiefly Silesia, Bavaria, and France. with some unpublished Poetry by Mary Queen of Scots. for Professional Men. Illustrated by numerous Cuts, 8vo. 70. 6d.

By A. B. GRANVILLE, M.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. M.R.S. &c. The Plates separate, proofs, on India paper, 4to. price Il. 104.; boards. er before the letters, 31. 31.

Published by Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and

“ As a book for tourists to consult, Dr. Granville's is certainly William Pickering, Publisher, Chancery Lane, London.

Geo. B. Whittaker, London.

a very superior guide, and its ornaments are another great recommendation to it. He enjoyed opportunities of seeing more than

any writer upon that city with whom we are acquainted."-LiteIn 9 vols. post Bro. 918.

In 1 large vol. 8vo. price 13s. boards,

rary Gazette.

" It should find a place in every drawing-room in England." :

Allas. Reminiscences of Seventeen Years in the Service, Abroad

APOSTLES, EVANGELISTS, and other SAINTS. and at Home. With Reflections adapted to the Minor Festivals of the Church.

Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street. By an OFFICER of the LINE.

By the Right Rev. RICHARD MANT, D.D.

Lord Bishop of Down and Connor.
These volumes form a delightful pendant to the Naval Sketch-

In 18mo. price 2s.6d. half-bound,
Oxford: Printed for J. Parker; and C. and J. Rivington,
Beok. There are some excellent descriptions of the various cam.

St. Paul's Churchyard, and Waterloo Place, London.

N ENGLISH LESSON.BOOK for the paigns in which the Author has served. Like his predecessor,

Junior Classes.

By LUCY AIKIN. matter, which will tend to make the book useful, as well as

A new and Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. richiy humorous talent, in which he combines very considerable

improved edition of this popular Work is just published,

Of whom may be had, by the same Author, porers of observation, with a high relish for the ludicrous. thoroughly revised, and divided into Chapters.

Poetry for Children at an early Age, 2s. Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street.


half-bound. Vicar of Great Gransden.

Also, by Dr. Aikin, 8vo. 19.

With Eight Woodcuts, large type, and fine paper. In 1 thick Moral Biography; or, Lives of Exemplary
vol. 19mo. price 78. boards, or &s. bound and lettered.

Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

For the Instruction of Youth. 18mo. 3s. 6d. half-bound. SCENES, and PASTORAL CONVERSATIONS.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Carefully corrected, 23s. in roan; or bound in morocco, 368. In 1 vol. 19mo. price 6s, boards, with a Memoir of the Author,

TOČDALE'S CALENDAR for 1829, In Sve. with numerous Plates, Woodcuts, &c. 156. boards,

and a Portrait, engraved by Scriven, the 10th edition of
FEMALE SCRIPTURE CHARACTERS, and the Baronetage, with the Arms of the Baronets; all newly

Calendar, the Index, the Peerage, with the Arms of the Peers, MOREA, giving an Account of the present State of

and beautifully engraved. Éat Peninsula and its inhabitants; including a View and De

By Mrs. KING.

The Peerage and Baronetage may be had separately, kription of the Port of Navarino. Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, and

price 78. 6d. each. By Sir WILLIAM GELL.

Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and sold by Hatchard and Son, Pic. James Ridgway, 169, Piccadilly, and all Booksellers. Pripted for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. cadilly. Of whom may be had,

Of whom may be had, by the same Author, A Spinster's Tour in France, the States of 1. The Rector's Memorandum Book ; being

la l vol. 8vo. illustrated with a Frontispiece, drawn and

engraved by John Martin, price 98. boards, Graca, &c. during the Year 1997. In 108. 6d. boards. the Memoirs of a Family in the North, 12mo. 78.


EVE, and

other POEMS. Ft and improred Editions of Conversations on Chevnistry, fc. Temper on Domestic Happiness, 12mo. 85. 6d.

By BERNARD BARTON. The ilth edition, considerably enlarged and corrected, in 2 vols. 3. A Tour in France in 1802. 2d edition,

Printed for J. Hatcbard and Son, 167, Piccadilly. 1?no. with Plates by Lowry, 148. boards, of


Price 88. in which the Elements of that Science are familiarly

The Holy Bible, Chronologically arranged.

HE JUVENILE KEEPSAKE. etplaised and illustrated by Experiments. In this edition, a Cerersation has been added on the Steam Engine. Handsomely printed, in 4 large vols. 8vo. price ul. boards,

Edited by THOMAS ROSCOE, Esq. a new edition, with Marginal References, of

Among the list of Contributors to this volume will be found Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

the Names of Mrs. Opie, Mrs. Hemans, Miss Aikin, Miss Porter, of whom may be had, by the same Author,

THE OLD and NEW TESTAMENT, Miss Emily Taylor, the Misses Strickland, the Rev. H. Stebbing, arranged in Historical and Chronological Order, in such

William and J. E. Roscoe, the late Mr. John Taylor, Thomas Conversations on Natural Philosophy. 5th Manner that the Books, Chapters, &c. &c. may be read as one

Jerons, Thomas Pringle, D), L. Richardson, and the Authors estien, 104. 64. boards, with 22 Engravings by Lowry. connected History, in the very Words of the Authorised Trans- of “Tales of the Munster Festivals," and " Gomez Arias," &c.

The Illustrations consist of Eight beautiful Line Engravings Conversations on Political Economy. 6th lation. With copious Notes and Indexes.

on Steel, some of which are executed by, and the whole under elsies, limno. 9s. boards.

By the Rev. GEORGE TOWNSEND, M. 4.

the immediate superintendence of, Mr. Charles Heath. Prebendary of Durham, and Vicar of Northallerton. London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.

Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, In: large rols. 8vo. price 11. 1s. boards, the 9th edition,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. revised and corrected, of

4th edition, in The Old and New Testament may be purchased separately,

vols. post 8vo. price 188. LEMENTS of GENERAL KNOW. price 21. each, boards.


CHARACTER; or, the History of Men of Genius, drawn Lanches of Literature and Science. With Lists of the most

from their own Feelings and Confessions. proved Authors, including the best editions of the Classics.

Price 21. 6d. plain; 35. 6d. coloured,

By I D'ISRAELI, Deaned chiefly for the Junior Students in the Universities, and 'S FIRST SPELLING-BOOK for

Author of the < Curiosities of Literature,'' &c. &c. belieber Classes in Schools.

The 4th edition, with a letter and Notes by Lord Byron.
CHILDREX, on a new Principle. Ilustrated by Eighty Printed for Henry Colburn, 8, New Burlington Street,
By Henry KETT, B.D.
finished Engravings on Wood.

of whom may also be had, by the same Author, Late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford.

Pablished by c. Tilt, Fleet Street ; Seguin, Regent Street; Printed for c. and J. Risington, St. Paul's Churchyard, M'Clery, St. James's Street: Gosling and Egley, New Bond

Commentaries on the Life and Reign of and Waterloo Pizce, Pall Mail. Street; and E. Wilson, Royal Exchange

Charles I. King of England. 9 vels. 8vo. Slá,





2. The Beneficial Effects of the Christian A









Ebers' (J.) Seven Years of the King's Theatre, 418, 469.

In 3 vols. post &vo.

Edinburgh Review, No. XCIII., 193.


Eldon's (Dr. A.)

Continental Traveller's Oracle, 327, 338, 390. Eltham
written during a Residence in that Country.
The great variety of our contents during the past

Hall, Plans, Elevations, Views, &c. of, 522. Ely's
By the Author of the “ Lettre de Cachet."
year, and the accumulation of intelligence under heads

(Rev. J.) Female Piety and Zeal_exemplified, 410.

Printed for Saunders and Otley, Conduit Street,

hitherto less conspicuous among our arrangements, has

Emma de Lissau, 408. English in France, 259. Eng-

rendered it necessary to extend our Inder to this Volume.

lish in India, 56. Epistle to the Duchess of St. Albans,

In 1 vol. 8vo. price 108. 6d. boards,

712. Epistles in Verse, 519. Epsom, a Vision, 229.


Evans (Col.) on the Designs of Russia, 534. Ewart's

(Rev. J.) Lectures on the Psalms, 56. Experience, a

Accum's (F.) Chemical Re-agents or Tests, improved by

Tale for all Ages, 712. Edwards's (H. M.) Manual of
Minister of Douglas.
Maugham, 696. African Fables, 771. American Com-

Surgical Anatomy, 826. Ellis Correspondence, the,

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and

mon-Place Book, 789. American Publications, 530, 583.


Geo. B. Whittaker, London.

America, Political Survey of, 593. Americans as they Fairy Mythology, 73. Family Pra

and Collects, 522.

are, 146. Amesbury (J.) on the Nature and Treat- Farewell to Time, with Devotional Exercises, 504.

Small 8vo. 43. 60.

ment of Fractures, 791. Amulet, the, for 1829, 675. Faulkner's (T.) History of Chelsea and its Environs,

Analysis of the Historical Books of the Old Testament,

567. Fellowes's (W. D.) Sketches of Charles I. Crom-

TICAL, for Plain People.

56. Annesley's (J.) Researches into the Causes, Nature, well, Charles II., &c. 499. Field's (Rev. W.) Memoirs
By G. R. GLEIG, M.A. M.R.S.L.

and Treatment of the Diseases of India, 100, 522. An- of Dr. Parr, 24, 547. First Flowers, or Literary Bou-

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

niversary, the, for 1829, 678. Annual Biography and

quet, 28).

Foreign Review, 50). Forget-me-not for

Obituary for 1828, 3. Angelo's Reminiscences, 72, 88. 1829, 642, Franklin and Richardson's Second Ex-

Angling, Practice of, in the Northern Counties, 451. pedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea, 369. Friend,


Anglo-Irish of the Nineteenth Century, 626. At Home, ship's Offering for 1829, 643.

a noi el, 389. Atherstone's (J.) Fall of Nineveh, 296,

In the first week of January will be published, in 1 vol. 4to. 324. Atkinson's (T. and C.) Selection of Gothic Orna. Gem, the, for 1829, 661. Gent's (T.) Poems, 85. Gentle-

ments, 586. Atlantic Souvenir for 1828, 197. Apology

man's Pocket Magazine, 280. Gentleman Cit, 247.

of an Officer for withdrawing from the Profession of Gibson's (W.) Sailor, and other Poerns, 682. Godwin's

History of England.

Arms, 628. Anti-Slavery Album, 649. Arundell's (Rev. (Mrs. C. G.) Wanderer's Legacy, a Collection of Poems,


F.V.J.) Visit to the Seven Churches of Asia, 161. Aus-

721, 772. Godwin's (W.) Commonwealth of England,

With Introductory Chapters on the Intellectual Excitement of tria as it is, 22, 39. Auldjo's (J.) Ascent to the Summit

694. Golden Lyre, the, 725. Gombert's (A.) French

the Sixteenth Century-the Corruptions of the Ancient Catholic

of Mont Blanc, 401.

Drama, 424. Gomez Arias, 195. Graham's (Dr.) Mo-

Church-Rise and Progress of Luther-Proceedings of the Coun-

dern Domestic Medicine, 200. Granville's (Dr.) St.
cil of Trent-and a Supplement on the Massacre of St. Bartho- Babylon the Great, 665. Baillie's (Joanna) Bride, a drama, Petersburgh, &c. 561, 580, 597, 613, 663. Granville's

417. Bakewell's (R.) Introduction to Geology, 295.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

(G.) English Grammar, 104. Gray's (S. F.) Supplement

Barclay's (A.) State of Slavery in the West Indies, 600. to the Pharmacopæia, 791. Grimaldi's (S.) Origines

Barker's (E. H.) Parriana, 484. Barnum's (L. H.) Spy Genealogicæ, 519, 536. Guillaume's (Prof.) Table of

On the 1st of January, 1829, will be published, to be continued Unmasked, 729. Barnard Castle, or the Monk, a poem, French Conjugations, 327. Guesses at Truth, 468

monthly, Part 1. of

791. Barton's (B.) New Year's Eve, and other Poems,

755. Beaumont's (J. A. B.) Travels in Buenos Ayres, Hajji Baba, Adventures of, 273. Hakewill's (J.) Plan,

36, 87. Beauclerk's (Capt. G.) Journey to Marocco, 482. &c. of an Abbatoir at Paris, 103. Hall's (Hon. Judge),
Series of Views, drawn and engraved by Mr. H. Winkles,

Beaufoy's Mexican llustrations, 549. Beazley's Roué, Letters from the West, 722. Haley's W. T.) Curse

containing Six Engravings, and Twelve Pages of Historical and

Descriptive Letter-press. Price, demy 4to. Es.; or on royal 4to. 211. Bee's (J.) Picture of London for 1828, 200. Bee- and Cure of Ireland, 586. Halliday's (Sir A.) Present

India paper, 108.

chey's (Capt. F. W. and Mr. H. W.) Expedition to the State of Lunatics and Lunatie Asylums, 227. Harland

London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 66, St. Paul's Churchyard; Northern Coast of Africa, 121, 133. Becher's (Rev. J.) (Mary), a Tale of Humble Life, 280. Harwood (Dr.)
and Constable and Co. Edinburgh.

Anti-Pauper System, 391. Belsham's (W. J.) Chrono- on the Curative Influence of the Southern Coast of

logy of the Reigns of Geo. III. and IV., &c. 665. Best's England, &c. 489. Hazlitt's Life of Buonaparte, 708.
Hughes'. South of France, uniform with Batty and other (J. R.) Transrhenane Memoirs, 693. Beta Depicta, or Heber's (Bp.) Travels in India, 97, 118. Hebrew, the,
European Scenery.
Remarks on Mangel Wurzel, 215. Bevan's (Dr. E.)

a Sketch in the Nineteenth century, 185. Hemans's
Early in February will be published, by James Cawthorn,

Natural History, &c. of the Honey Bee, 90.

Cockspur Street,


(Mrs. Felicia) Records of Woman and other Poems,

for 1829, 694. Blanchard's (S. L.) Lyric Offerings, 610.

289. Henley, a poem, 19. Henley Guide, 19. History


Blaquiere's (Edw.) Letters from Greece, 71. Blumen- of George Godfrey, 151. Hoare's P.) Memoirs of Gran-

the RHONE, made during the year 1819.

bach's (Dr.) Elements of Physiology, 407. Botanical

ville Sharp, 326. Holberg's (L.) Subterraneous Travels


Register, 168. Bowles's (Rev. L. W.) History of Brem-

of Niels Klim, 487. Hook's (T.) Sayings and Doings,

Of Oriel College, Oxford.

hill, Wilts, 166. Brand's (Lieut. C.) Voyage to Peru,

third series, 68. Hora Religiosa, 616. Houlton's (J.)

The work will be sold with or without the Illustrations, con-

&c. 465. Bray's (Mrs.) Protestant, 728. British Alma- Formulary of several New Remedies, 538. Hungarian
sisting of Twenty-four Views, engraved in the Line Manner,

nac, 87. Britton's (J.) Memorable Events in Paris in Tales, 791, 806. Hunt's (Leigh) Meinoirs of Byron, 6,

from the Drawings of De Wint, by W. B. Cooke, G. Cooke, and


J. C. Allen.

1814, 280. Browne's (Mary Ann) Ada and other Poems, Hale (Sir Matthew) on the Knowledge of Christ

** As only One Hundred Copies of the royal 4to. and Two 244. Brussels, Companion for the Visitor at, 343. Buck-

Crucified, 808. Hutton's (G.) Theory and Practice of

Hundred and finty of the imperial 8vo. are printed, early applica. ler's (J. C.) Account of Elthain Palace, 723. Bucking-

Arithmetic, 826.

tions are requisite.

ham's (J. S.) Travels in Assyria, Media, and Persia, 742. Irving's (Washington) Life, &c. of Columbus, 65. Irving

« I informed my friend that I had just received from England
a Journal of a Tour made in the South of France, by a young

Burrows' (Dr.) Commentaries on Insanity, 516. Bur-

(Dr.) on Fortification, &c. 682. Italy as it is, 373.

Oxonian friend of mine, a poet, a draughtsman, and a scholar, in ton's Diary of the Cromwell Parliament, 148, 198. By-

which he gives such an animated and interesting description of ron's, Works, 213, 775. Belfrage's (Rev. H.) Counsels Jacobs (W.) on the Corn Trade and Corn Laws, 327.

Chateau Grignan, the dwelling of Madame de Sevigne's beloved for the Sanctuary and for Civil Life, 825. Bowles's

Jennings's (J.) Pleasures of Ornithology, a poem, 615.

daughter, and frequently the place of her own residence, that no

(Rev. W. L.) Days Departed, or Banwell Hill, 806. Jew Exile, the, 682. Johnson's (Dr.) Dictionary of the
one who ever read the book would be within forty miles of the
same without going a pilgrimage to the spot. The marquess Caddick's (Mrs.) Tales of the Affections, 682. Campbell's

English Language, 168. Johnson's (Rev. G. M.) Vil-
smiled, seemed very much pleased, and asked the title at length

lage, a descriptive poem, &c. 775. Johnstone's (Dr.)

(T.) Poetical Works, 360. Campaigns of the British
of the work in question, and writing down to my dictation, an

Life and Writings of Dr. Parr, 787. Journal Asiatique,
Iuinerary of Provence and the Rhone, made during the year 1819, Army at Washington and New Orleans, in 1814-15, 225.

152. Juvenile Keepsake for 1829, 709. Juvenile For

by John Hughes, A.M. of Oriel College, Oxford,'-observed, he Canning's (Hon. G.) Speeches, 135. Castilian, 791, 805.

could now purchase no books for the Chateau, but would recom.

Castle's Manual of Surgery, 615. Cawdor's (Earl) Let-

get-me-not for 1828, 8. Ibid. for 1829, 677.

mend that the Itinerary should be commissioned for the library ter to Lord Lyodhurst on the Administration of Justice Keepsake, the, for 1829, 690. Kennedy and Granger's
to which he was abonné in the neighbouring town."-Sir Walter

in Wales, 513. Chalmers's (R.) Picture of Scotland,
Scott's Quentin Durnard.

State of the Tenancy of Land in Great Britain, 503.
324, 488. Chameleon Sketches, 553. Chateaubriand's

Kennedy's (Rev. R.) Tribute in verse to the Right Hon.
Travels in America and Italy, 1, 38. Christmas-Box for G. Canning, 23. Kitchiner's (Dr.) Art of Invigorating

On Thursday, 1st of January, 1829, will be published, 1829, 648. Chronicles of the Canongate, 305. Clifford's and Prolonging Life, 296. Kinsey's (Rev. W. M.) Por.

price Six Shillings,

Tunbridge Wells Guide, 396. Coleridge's (S. T.) Poe- tugal Illustrated, 449. Klattovsky's' (W. K.) German


tical Works, 535. Comparative View of the Social Life Grammar, 327. Knowles's (J. S.) Beggar's Daughter of

of England and France, from Charles II. to the French Bethnal Green, 776. Kerrison's (Dr.) Letter to Mr.

Barthés, and Lowell, Great Marlborough Street.

Revolution, 497. Compavion to the Almanac, 215. Peel on the Supply of Water, 489. Kuzzilbash, the, 129.

Confessions of an Old Maid, 8. Constable's Miscellany,

209, 230, 649. Constables, whole Duty of, 613. Con- Lairds of Fife, 360. Lambe's (Dr.) Investigation of the

In a few days will be published,

versations on the English Constitution, 280. Conway's Thames Water, 391. Landsborough's (Rev. D.) Arran,


(D.) Solitary Walks through many Lands, 296. Coo- a poem, 135. La Pia, or the Fair Penitent, a poem,


per's Notions of the Americans, 385. Cradock's Literary 410. Lathom's (F.) John Bull, a novel, 424. Law.


and Miscellaneous Memoirs, 17, 37. Crawfurd's (J.) rence (Sir J.) Etonian out of Bounds, 663. Leigh's (C.)

Translated from the French.

Embassy to Siam and Cochin China, 387, 405. Croker's Epistles to a friend in Town, and other Poems, 707.

London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.

(T. C.) Daniel O'Rourke, 115; Legends of the Lakes, Life in India, 677. Life of Mansie Wauch, 243.

801. Croly's (Rev. G.) Salathiel, 145, 456. Croppy, Lindsay's (Rev. H.) Lectures on the Historical Books

On the 1st of January will be published,

the, 279, 325.' Cousin's Nouveaux Fragrnents Philoso- of the Old Testament, 615. Literary Souvenir for 1829,

(E EDINBURGH MEDICAL and phiques, 776. Cruikshank's (G.) Illustrations of Punch 639, 759. Londonderry's (Lord) Narrative of the Pe-
SURGICAL JOURNAL, No. XCVIII. price 66. And and Judy, 82, 342. Cuthbert, a novel, 24. Chedworth ninsular War, 260, 278, 294. Lugar's (R.) Villa Archi.

(Lord), Letters of, 49. Catechism of the Christian Reli- tecture, 538. Lyon's (Capt.) Residence and Tour in

The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal,

gion, 808. Christmas, a poem, 826.

Mexico in 1826, 116, 184, 214, 246, 584. Last Supper,

No. XI. price 78. 6d.

the, 808. Legendary, the, consisting of Original Pieces,
Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman, Rees, Dagley's (E. F.) Birthday, 80. Dallaway's (Rev.J.) Wal- principally illustrative of American History, Scenery,
Orine, Brown, and Green, London.

pole's Anecdotes of Painting, 262, 577. Davy's (Sir H.) and Manners, 820.

Salmonia, or Days of Fly-Fishing, 433, 451.' De Beau-
On the 1st of January will be published, in 8vo.

voir, 35. Demonologia, or Natural Knowledge Re- Macaulay's (Dr. A.) Dictionary of Medicine, 215. Mac-

vealed, 595. Denman's (T.) Inaugural Discourse at nish's (R.) Anatomy of Drunkenness, 545. Madras,

the City of London Literary and Scientific Institution, Transactions of the Literary Society of, 594. Maho-
TUARY for the Year 1829-containing Memoirs of cele- 504. Dillon's (Visc.) Eccelino da Romano, a poem, med (S. D.) on Shampooing, 553. Malet's (Sir A.) Ac-
brated Persons who died in 1827-28.

360, 563. D'Israeli's (J.) Commentaries on Charles I., count of the System of Fagging at Winchester School,

Contents: The Queen Dowager of Wurtemberg-Archbishop


336, 358; History of Men of Genius, 434.

Sutton--Lord Liverpool-Dugald Stewart, Esq.-Sir J. E. Smith

745. Man of Two Lives, 744. Manchester, account of

- Bishop Tomline-Sir T. B. Thompson-Sir R. J. Strahan- the, 753. Don Juan, 569; Beauties of, 440. Doran's its Collegiate Church, Free Grammar-School, and Chee-

Capt. Clapperton-Archdeacon Core-Sir H. Torrens-Sir Neil (J.) Sketches and Reminiscences, 327. Douglas Anec- tham's Hospital, 135, 472. Manzoni's (A.) Betrothed

Campbell - Dr. Mason Good-Admiral Nowell, &c. &c.

dotes, 791. Drake (Sir F.), Life of, 569. Drake's (N.) Lovers, 494. Marcella; or, the Missionary Abroad and

Also may be had,

Mornings in Spring, 131. Dudley's (J. B. W.) Tocsin, at Home, 467. Markham's (Mrs.) History of France, 8.

The preceding Twelve Volumes, 15s. each. 585. Davis's (Rev. W.) Hints to promote a Profitable Marly; or, a Planter's Life in Jamaica, 181. Marriage

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, Attendance on an Evangelical Ministry, 808.

in High Life, 327. Martin's (J.) Plan for Supplying

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