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644 Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. (xcii. Italy, and long supported in the com- tents, powder and shot ; wbicb entered munity of Britain the proprieties of his just below the knee, perforated ob delegated rank. But, amid the revo- liquely about twelve inches, and came lutions and disasters of his devoted out a little above the heel, without country, his income sunk suddenly be making any other external mark. Inneach his feet ; and our inquiry found stead of sending for an army or navy bim (for be bad retired from us, and surgeon, who are the most competent bis distress was proudly dumb) in desti- persons for the treatment of gun-sbot tution and the wretchedness of want. wounds, he was attended by a young Need we say that we received him into man, who assured his family that no our fostering care ; and, if we could not danger whatever was to be apprehended. fill bis pillow with down, that we sof- In three days, however, a mortification tened it under his dying bead."

took place, which in a few hours car

ried bim off, leaving two young children, JAMES MONYPENNY, Esq.

and bis wife far advanced in pregnancy. June 3. Ac Maytham Hall, Kent, Having resided at Grimsby about five James Monypenny, Esq. a Deputy Lieu. years, he bad so endeared himself by : tenant, and one of bis Majesty's Justices strict regularity of conduct, and an as of the Peace ; descended lineally from fectionate and sedulous deportment, tbat Sir David Monypenny, created Lord bis funeral was attended by between Monypenny, Baron Monypenny of Pit- tbree and four hundred persons, many milli in the Shire of Fife, Scotland, who of whom, as the Hon. Col. Clance, and died in 1495; since which period the others, came from Niagara, and various title and dignity have remained une places distant thirty and forty miles. claimed.

Thougb removed thus early, and almost On account of the dormancy of this suddenly, from this transitory scene, he Barony, David Monypenny, Esq. of Pite has left to his deeply afflicted relatives milli, a Lord of the Court of Sessions, the mournful but cberisbing consolaand a Lord Commissioner of the Court tion, that he died in the midst of his of Justiciary, on bis elevation to the Aock, lamented, respected, and beloved. Bench, assumed, and now bears, only the nominal title of Lord Pitmilli.


May 11. At Westminster, aged 56, D. CAMPBELL, Esq.

the well-known Mr. Peter Finderty, Lately. At Campbelltown, Scotland, many years an active reporter for the aged 73, D. Campbell, Esq. Sheriff Sub- Morning Chronicle. stitute of Kintyre ; who held that si- He was the son of a tradesman at tuation for his last thirty-five years. As Loughrea, in Galway. At an early age a Judge be was patient and indefatigable, he had to seek his fortune at Dublia, and in proof of the correctness of bis and was brought up as a printer. In decisions, few of them were ever altered 1798 he succeeded Mr. Artbur O'Connor by the Supreme Court. His manners as the printer of “ The Press." The were unassuming, mild, and complacent; violence of that paper causing it to be his bonour and integrity irreproachable. prosecuted, he removed to London, and

engaged himself as a Parliamentary ReRev. WILLIAM SAMPSON.

porter. Having become acquainted with Lately, from an accident, in his 32nd Sir Home Popbam, be sailed on the year, at Grimsby in Upper Canada, of Walcheren expedition for the purpose which place he was Minister, the Kev. of writing its history; but being preWilliam Sampson, eldest son of the Rev. vented carrying that object into effect, Dr. Sampson, of Petersham, Surrey, after a delay of some weeks, be returned Pursuing his favourite amusements of to England; and, on being tried for a working in his garden, and occasionally libel, was sentenced to a long imprisbooting pigeons which were flying over sonment in Lincoln gaol. He published him, accompanied by one of his children, “ Report of the Speeches of Sir F. Bur. a girl about four years old, be sent her dett at the late Election, 8vo. 1804;" into the bouse, which was at no great and “ His Case, including the law prodistance, for a pair of pincers. She not ceedings against bim, and his treatment returning so soon as he expected, he in Lincoln gaol, 8vo. 1811." was proceeding himself towards the house'; when, in passing through the

MR, R. PADDY. garden-gate, as be held the fowling-piece Dec. 1, 1821. Died at Wolverbamponder his left arm, be made a false step, ton, co. Stafford, aged 71, Mr. R. Paddy, and fell to the ground. The gun, from drawing-master at the free grammar the shock, instantly discharged into the school of that place, and of the catholic fleshy part of his right leg all its con- seminary, Sedgley-park, Mr. Paddy


PART 1.) Obituary; with Anecdotes of remur kable Persons. 645 published several views of ancient build- pensioner of the Artillery upwards of 40 ings; a large S. E. view of the venerable years, in which corps he served at Gib. church of St. Peter in Wolverhampton; raltar during the memorable three years a view of Dudley Castle, with a shortsiege; at ibe conclusion of which he description in English and French ; and lost both his eyes by the explosion of a views of the Abbeys of Lillesball, Haugb- shell, and received a severe contusion on mond, and Buildewas, in Shropshire, the back, by wbich he was for the last with a short description of each ap- 15 years confined to his bed, not withpended thereto.

standing wbich bis general health con

tinued good, and his spirit undiminished ABBE L. LE MAITRE.

to the last, June 16, 1822. Died at Shrewsbury, aged 65, much and deservedly lamented,

MR. THADEY DOORLEY. the Abbé L. Le Maitre. He came to

April 8. England in tbe height and frenzy of the Doorley, a respectable farmer residing

Aged 126, Mr. Thadey French Revolution, where, as he grate

near the Hill of Allen, co. Kildare. He fully expressed it, he found a safe and retained his faculties to the last moment, friendly asylum. He gained a comfort and was able to take the pleasure of any able subsistence by teaching the French

sort of field amusement within the last language ; and on tbe death of the Rev. six months of his life. He was father J. Corne, in 1817, was appointed Off

of the renowned Captain Doorley, well ciating Minister of the Roman Catholic

known in Kildare, and was married cbapel of that place.

about 19 years ago, at the age of 107,

to a woman of 31, His remains were MRS. JULIANA HARDINGE.

accompanied to the grave by a numerous Lately. At the Grove, near Seven- assemblage of friends and relations who oaks, a pretty little seat in the vicinity are left to deplore his loss. of the residence of her cousin, the present Marquis Camden, in her 72d year, Juliana, youngest daughter of Nicholas

April 16. At Tottenbam, aged 11, Hardinge, Esq. Clerk of the House of Henry Merzeau Bird Heraud, youngest Commons, Joint Secretary of the Trea

son of Mr. James Abraham Heraud, of sury, &c. by Jane, fifth daughter of Sir Lincoln's Inn. This promising and John Pratt, of Wilderness in Kent, amiable youth early attached himself to Chief Justice of the King's Bench from drawing, and made a silent progress in 1718 to 1724, and sister to the Lord

the art, frequently surprising with a Chancellor Earl Camden. Her father, facility of imitation which his friends Nicholas Hardinge, Esq. died April 9,

were at a loss to conceive how he ac1758; and her mother (who survived quired. It was not so much the fruit of her husband nearly balf a century), study as of natural aptitude. (See our May 17, 1807 *.

Poetry for May, p. 452). His remains Like her eldest brother, the celebrated

are deposited in the family vault at George Hardinge, Esq. Justice of the

Bethnal Green). The following is his Counties of Brecon, Glamorgan, and

epitaph. Radnor, Mrs. Juliana Hardinge possessed Lo! Angels hail the Mind which considerable and highly cultivated ta

Death awakes! lents, with peculiar vivacity, and was an

“ In the bird Heaven the Dawn of ornament to society. The qualities of

Promise breaks!" her heart even surpassed those of ber mind ; they were sbown through her

WILLIAM Apsis life by the exertion of acts of kindness, generosity, charity, and beneficence, parish of Much Birch, Essex, Wm. Addis,

June 18. At his mother's house, in the which endeared her to all who

knew her. belonging to the 3d batt. of the GrenaShe is deeply regretted, and, as she was valued, will be long remembered by her dier Guards, now in Dublin. This


fellow bore his share in the glorivus neighbours, friends, and relations.

battle of Waterloo in 1815, where he

was wounded. In consequence of ill JOHN MEDLEY.

health, a short time since he obtained May 27. At Bell Hall, in Skircoat, leave to visit bis friends, with the hope aged 8a, John Medley, formerly in the bat his native air would prove beneRoyal Artillery, and only surviving bro- ficial to his shattered frame, but a rapid ther of late Mr. W. Medley, Merchant, decline left recovery hopeless, and be of Halifax. This veteran had been a contemplated the approach of death 646 Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. [xci. (the anniversary of the battle of Wa. -In Surrey-square, Kent-road, 78, Mr. terloo), he requested his mother to de- Henry Metcalf.-Aged 82, the wife of corate his room with laurel, and place F. Chapman, esq. of Chapel-st. Grosvenorhis medal on his breast; he also rereived place. -At Teddington, Susan, wife of the sacrament, and after surveying the Col. Sir Rob. Arbuthnot, K. C. B. Coldreward of his bravery with evident exulta- stream Guards. tion and pleasure, desired it to be laid BEDFORDSHIRE.-June 17. At Carltonon his coffin when he should be buried, house, 41, Mr. Robt. Battams. He bas left thanked his mother for all ber atten- a family of seven children, and his death will tions to him, and in the evening re- be long deplored by a numerous circle of resigned his gallant spirit for a better latives and acquaintance; and in him the world, observing with a smile of satis- poor have lost a most liberal benefactor. faction, just before he expired, “ that it BERKSHIRE.--June 12.AtBralfeld-house, was a day on which a soldier ought to 35, Frances-Rebecca, wife of W.Boulger, esą. be proud to die!”

with the firmness of a man, and the reSee Vol. LXXVII. 480. signation of a Christian. On the 18th


June 25. Aged 50, Mr. William Davis, an opulent and most respectable maltster of

Abingdon and Radley. He had just returnDEATHS.

ed to the former place, from his house at

Radley, and alighted from his gig; while LONDON AND its ENVIRONS.

his servant was in the act of lifting doo Lately.--At Lambeth, David Jones, esq. his children from it, on the opposite side, of New-Inn, Solicitor.-In Park-lane, à double-barrelled gun, strapped in the Charlotte, wife of G. Jones, esq. of Mon- apron, went off, and its contents were lodged mouthshire.—June 13. In Edwardes-street, in the left thigh of Mr. Davis. The only Portman-square, the eldest dau. of late H. words he distinctly uttered, were, “ Who Comelisen, esą: June 14. Aged 65, Mr. could have cocked that gun?” He attemptSam. Tagg, of Bell-yard, many years Clerk to ed to say something, which was thought to Messrs. Graham, Kinderley, and Domville, he, “ God bless you," but was unable, for Lincoln's Inn.At Knightsbridge, Col. he sank into the arms of one of his men, George Evans, half-pay Royal African Corps. and immediately expired. Mr. Davis has

- June 15. Near Croydon, 79, John Brick- left seven children, the youngest of whom wood, esq.

-At Hammersmith, the widow is only six weeks old.—June 29. At Reading, of late Richard Erle Drax Grosvenor, esq. of 82, Martin Annesley, esq. Charborough Park, formerly M.P.for Chester. CHESHIRE.—Lately. At Chester, 84, T. Her death took place, while she was requesting Townsend, esq.-- June 15. At Nantwich, 72, a magistrate not to punish too severely an

Geo. Cappur, esq; impudent fellow who had quarrelled with Cornwall.- Lately. At Lansallos, 78, her footman.-- June 17. In Lincoln's Inn- Mr. W. Stevens.- -At Lavethan, General fields, 81, Anne, relict of late J. Barnes, esq. Morshead.—June 26. At Truro, 97, Mrs. -- June 19. At Leyton, 17, Mary-Anne, dau. Lidgey.- -At Helston, R. Johns, esq. of Sam. Edenborough, esq. of Milk-st. Cheap- DERBYSHIRE.Lately. At Elvaston, 100, side. June 21. At Prince's-st. Spitalfields, Mrs. E. Smedley.--At Winster, 81, Mrs. 95, Anne, relict of M. Dale, esq. of Winch- Norman. more-hill, Edinonton.- -At Enfield, 27, DEVONSHIRE.-June 27. At Silverton, Louisa wife of C. P. Meyer, esq. and dau. of Louisa, 4th and youngest dau. of Col. Payne, late R.H. Boddam,esq.-June 24. In Bolton- of Exmouth. row, Emily, the relict of the late lamented Dorset.-June 24. At Weymouth, 75, Edward Jerningham, esq. She was the dau. James M. Hilhouse, esq. father of the of the late Nathaniel Middleton, esq. and present worthy chief magistrate of Bristol. was married in 1804 · (see p. 564). In Durham.- Lately. At Bishopwearmouth, Braynes's-row, Clerkenwell, Henry Harrison, Mr. J. Haughton. esq. formerly a leather-seller in Shoe-lane.- Essex. Lately. At Chelmsford, 80, Mrs. June 25. In Devonshire-sq. Maria, the lady Brown.-George Dellmor, esq. of Blake of Sir Wm. Blizard, the eminent Surgeon. - Hall, Wanstead. -At Colchester, 76, C. In Hill-st. Berkeley-sq. Mrs. Gomm.-June

L. Spitta, esq. 26. Dorothea, wife of H. Powell Collins, esq. GLOUCESTER.–At Kempsey, F. Wilson, -- June 27. Very much respected, Mr. Chas. esq.-- June 15. At Cheltenham, Anne, wife Bonnor, of Fleet-street, linen-draper, one of of Mr. W. H. Conper, formerly of Oxford, the oldest inbabitants of the parish of St. and dau. of Mrs. Fisher, of Alstone Villa. Bride. -Aged 62, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. June 20. At Winterborn, 54, Anne, wife of Geo. Lovell, of Henry-st. Pentonville.—June Rev. Geo. D'Arville, of that place, and da. of 28. At Maize Hill, Greenwich, after a late Alderman Shortland, of Oxford.-- June short illness, Mrs. Collins, relict of the 21. Aged 28, Elizabeth, wife of H. M. late William Collins, esq.—June 29. Maria, Ambury, esq. Solicitor, of Bristol.- June 32, dau. of Ar. D. Stone, M. D. of Charter- Aged 101, Mrs. Anne Dyer, of Bristol. house-sq.--June 30. At Lady Cornewall's, HAMPSHIRE.-AtMoira-place, Southampin Park-st. Charles Amyand Cornewall, esq. ton, J. P. Edwards, csg.


PART 1] Obituary; with Anecdotes of remarkable Persons. 647

HERTFORDSHIRE.—June 22. At Northaw, Overdown House, 16, Thos.-Benet, eldest 75, Patrick Thomson, esq.--June 23. At son of Thos. Calley, esq. of Burderop Park. Buckendon Bury, Win. C. A. Dent, esq.. WORCESTERSHIRE. - June 10. At Per

HUNTINGDONSHIRE —June 9. At Brough- shore, Mr. Hen. Harding, late of Caldecot, ton, the wife of Mr. Blot, an extensive far- near Abingdon, of which Corporation he mer of Hemmington-lodge, near Oundle. had been a principal burgess nearly 30 years.

Kent.Lately. At Bridge, G.:U. Leith, - June 16. At the house of his uncle, w. esq.-At Canterbury, J. Abbot, esq.–At Bricknell, esq. Everload, 21, Mr. John Deal, Lieut. Clayson, R. N.- - June 16. At Bradshaw Bricknell. Stone-cottage, near Dartford, 72, Sarah, wife YORKSHIRE. - June 19. At Leeds, 40, of Samuel Notley.- June 19. At Sandgate, Mr. John Bray, comedian. He had resided Elizabeth, only surviving dau. of late T. in America for the last 17 years. His death Boone, esq. formerly of Lee, and niece of late was occasioned by a complication of disC. Boone, esq. of Berkeley-sq.-June 26. At orders, which baffled the skill of the faSt. Mary Cray, 75, Geo. Warriner, esq. of culty of Boston, and induced him to visit Bloxham-grove, Oxfordshire.

his native land. Attended by his eldest son, LANCASHIRE.-June 6. Aged 33, Anne, he crossed the Atlantic, and reached Leeds wife of Mr. W. Grapel, bookseller.

only two days preceding his death.-June LEICESTERSHIRE. - Lately. At Wood- 20. At Pocklington, 67, Mr. Rob. Catton, house, near Loughborough, Miss Asbpinshaw, agent to Rob. Dennison, esq. of Kilnwick a maiden lady, sister to Rev. Dr. Staunton Piercy:- June 22. In Nie-street, Hull, the of Staunton, near Newark on Trent. So Rev. John Hawkesley, late Pastor of the sudden was her death, that after writing a Church of Christ, meeting in Aldermanbury letter, she got up, saying she would go and Postern, London. On account of indispotake a walk in the garden, as she did not sition, he had been obliged to retire from feel very well; very few minutes, however, the exercise of his ministry, and for several elapsed, before she dropped down and died months past had resided first at Cottingalmost instantly.

hain, and then at Hull, the place of his naLINCOLNSHIRE.- Lately. At Brig, 80, tivity, whither he had been induced to come Rev. P. L. Mills.-At Boston, H. Clarke, by the hope of re-establishing bis health. esq. --Aged 73, Miss M. Wilson.--At Wales.-Rev. W. Howell, minister of Foston-bill, J. Needham, esq.

the Presbyterian meeting, Swansea. NORFOLK.--Lately. Ac Norwich, 98, Mrs. SCOTLAND.--At Edlestown-house, Rev. Puc.- -Aged 73, Mrs. M. Bradford.

Dr. Patrick Robertson, minister of EdlesAt Aylsham, 80, Mr. J. Overton.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.- Lately.AtCraugh- ABROAD.-- Dec. 15, 1821. Ac Barroda, ton-house, T. Hopcroft, esq.-June 8. At in the East Indies, aged 31, Captain John Higham Ferrers, 61, Richard Dennis, esq. Brough, of the Bombay European reg. and

OXFORDSHIRE.-June 12. At Oxford, 20, commanding a division of the Poonah AuxiT. Musgrave, esq. commoner of University liary Horse. He was the eldest son of Capt. College, son of late Sir J. C. Musgrave, bt. Brough, Carlow Militia, and had been 17 years of Edeu-hall, Cumberland. He was drown- in the service.-Jan. 8. Of Linton, China, ed near IMey, by accidentally falling over aged 23, Lieut. Edw. Swann, of Hull, son of the side of a boat. ---June 27. At Oxford, late Rob. Swann, of Greystones, near Shef45, Mr. James Betteridge.

field.-March 18. Near Graham's Town, SHROPSHIRE.-June 23. At his mother's, South America, 21, George, youngest son of Kuckley Grange, near Shiffnal, aged 30, the Rev. Thomas Wilkinson, rector of BulLieut. Harry Dale, R. N. son of the late pham, Essex. He went out with a small party Joseph Dale, esq. of Chester,

of settlers in 1819, and was unfortunately SOMERSETSHIRE.-Lately.At LittleCleave, killed by a fall from his horse.- March 19. D. Griffin, esq. jun.—June 6. At Bath, Rev. At Corfu, Sir Spridiron Foresti, for many Sam. Newton, who for more than 36 years had years the British Minister in the lonian beon the Pastor of the Protestant Indepen- Íslands. - May 5. At Tours, France, 19, dent Church at Withain.

Mary Jane, eldest dau. of H. B. Thornhill, SURREY.June 22. At Jacob's Wells, esq. of Montagu-pl. Montagil-sq. and grandnear Guildford; 99, G. Stacey, formerly a dau. of B. Thornhill, esq. of Stanton, Dertaylor.—June 26. At North-end, Croydon, byshire.- June 2. At Hamburgh, 65, Dr. 76, John Walter Langton, , esq. many years Redlich, father of Mrs. Strother of Hull. resident at Newington Butts.

-June 4. At Nice, respected by all who Sussex.-June 25. At Wick H

knew him, Henry, youngest son of AlderBrighton, Adelaide Maynard, dau. of Maj.- man Thomas Smith.-June 19. At Madeira, gen. Sir Edw. and Lady Kerrison.

Wm. eldest son of Joho Wells, esq. M.P. WARWICKSHIRE. - June 21. At Henley- of Brickley House, Kent. - Lately. At in-Arden, 78, Mr. Burman.

Guernsey, W. Corbin, esq.- -At Vienna, WILTSHIRE.–At Stockton, Anne, widow 80, Basun Puffendorff, a celebrated statesof W. W. Pinchard, esq.- June 27. At




[ 648 ]


VOL. XCII, PART I. P. 187. The Will of the Hon. Dame P. 371. The Will of the late Sir John Judith Noel, wife of Sir Ralph Noel, Bart. Silvester, Bart. Recorder of London, was proved in Doctors Commons, on the 22d proved in the Prerogative Court on the 18th of February, by Dr. Lushington and Nicholas of April, by the oath of Dame Harriet SilWm. Ridley Colbourne, Esq. the executors, vester, the relict and sole executrix, the bequeaths the principal part of her Lady- personals being sworn under 16,0001. The ship's property (sworn under 10,0001.) to bulk of the personal estate, including the her daughter, Lady Byron, for life; after leasehold house in Bloomsbury-square, is her death, to her grand-daughter, the Hon. given to Lady Silvester, who is the residuary Ada Augusta Byron. A portrait of Lord legatee. Amongst the legacies is one of Byron, described to be inclosed in a case at 5001, to the testator's daughter, Matilda, the honse of Kirby Malory, is left to the wife of the Rev. Mr. Mitchell, of Isleworth, trustees, with directions to keep it safely Middlesex ; and an annuity of 30l. for life inclosed and shut up till Lady Ada Augusta to a servant. The freehold and copyholds attains 21, when it is to be delivered to in the county of Essex, are given to trustees her ; but, should Lady Byron be then liv- (John Maule, of Bath, Esq. and Charles ing, it is not to be so delivered until after Dyneley, Esq. of Doctor's Commons), for her decease, unless with her Ladyship’s the use of the widow during her life, and, assent. A copy of Handel's Works, pre- after her death, to his nephew, Philip Carsented to Lady Noel by his late Majesty, teret, Esq. of Lymington, Hants, a Post and now in the Library of Seaham, in the Captain in the Navy, and his heirs male ; county of Durham, is left to Lady Byron in failing whom, to a nephew of Lady Silvesthe same manner as the other property; and ter, with similar remainders. The residue a miniature picture of her Ladyship, painted of the real estate is also given to her Ladyby Hayter, is given to Sir Ralph, as a testi- ship, absolutely. mony of affection. 401. per annum, and P. 471. We are happy to announce that wearing apparel, are bequeathed to a servant, the Bishop of Meath is still living. We named Lavinia Morle, as a reward for long were misled by the newspapers, in supposing and faithful services. The Will is dated that he was no more. Nov. 25, 1820.

P. 472. The remains of the late CounP. 274. A Committee of Graduates has tess Fitzwilliam were interred in the fabeen formed for collecting subscriptions for mily vault at Marholm, co. Northampton, procuring a bust by Chantrey of Dr. Clarke, on Thursday, May 23, in as private a manner to be placed in some conspicuous part of as possible. the University

P. 561. On Saturday, June 22, the P. 322. A neat and appropriate monu- corpse of the Marquis of Hertford was rement (by Reeve) has been just erected in moved from his bed-room in Hertford House, the South transept of the Abbey Church, Manchester - square, in a leaden coffin, Bath, to the memory of the late gallant into the sitting-room on the right side of Sir Henry Cosby, with the following in- the grand hall, and placed in the state scription :

coffin, covered with crimson velvet ; in the “ Sacred to the Memory of Lieut. Gen. centre of which was a richly embossed MarSir Henry AUGUSTUS MONTAGUE Cosby, quisate coronet, with handles to correspond. of the Honourable Company's Service, and Monday being the day appointed for the reof Barnsville Park, in the county of Glou- moval of the doble remains for interment, cester, died January 17th, 1822. Aged 79." in the family vault at Ragley, co. Warwick

-“ sed omnes una manet nax, (not at Sudborn, co. Suffolk, as stated in our El calcanda semel via lethi."

Jast, p. 561), at seven o'clock the procession Thy course is finish'd, but thy long career, began to move in the following order.-Two Sustain'd in Glory, clos'd without a fear, Mutes on horseback. Six plumes of black Has stamp'd

grave the lasting seal feathers; an escutcheon on each plume. On Of Valour, Honour, Piety, and Zeal. each side the man carrying the black feathers Long must our hearts lament thee, and regret was a man with a black wand. Six Pages That to thy sorrowing Friends thy star is set; on horseback. Two Mutes on horseback. But it is well, nor should we dare repine, The Marquisate coronet. The Hearse, If lost to us, in brighter realms it shine, drawn by six beautiful black horses. Three Regions of Joy, Tranquillity, and Peace! mourning coaches.

In these coaches were Where rest the weary, and where sorrows the agents and principal domestics of the cease!

(o'er, late respected Marquis. Oh! may we meet, when this short race is Amongst other donations, the Marquis has In life eternal, on that blissful shore ! beqneathed 1000. to the Middlesex Hospital.

upon thy

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