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OFFICIAL Reports--as Superintendent of Common Schools in Connecticut, 1 vol.; as Commis

sioner of Public Schools, R. I., 1 vol.; as National Commissioner of Education, 3 vols. $4.50,

per volume, CONNECTICUT Common SchooL JOURNAL, 1838–42, 4 vols. $4.00. Second Series, 1851–54. JOURNAL OF R. I. INSTITUTE OF INSTRUCTION, 1845–48, 3 vols. $3.75. THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION—from 1856 to 1873. 24 Volumes (over 20,000

octavo pages), with 800 wood cuts of structures for educational purposes, and 125 portraits of eminent educators and teachers. Price, $10€ in cloth ; $132 in balf goat; Single Volume in cloth $5.00, in half goat $5.50 ; Current Volume in numbers (1875-6--International Series, Vol. I.), $4.00. Single number, $1.25.

This publication, designed to embody the history, biograpby, organization, studies, discipline, and statistics of systems and institutions of education in different countries, as well as the current movements and discussions in this department of individual, social, and national development, has received the most emphatic commendation of hundreds of the prominent teachers and educators of the country. At the Vienna International Exposition of 1873, where there was the largest representation of the educational literature of different countries ever brought together, the editor received a Medal for superior merit. The International Series will complete the publication as projected by the Editor in 1850, and will embrace the Treatises (1 and 2) in the Plan submitted by him to the American Association for the Advancement of Education in 1854 on the

History of EDUCATION: or the Progressive Development of Schools of different kinds and grades, and other Formal Agencies of lostruction for children, youths, and adults in different countries, with a General Survey of National Systems in 1876-7.

& The following Treatises were originally published as separate chapters in the American Journal of Education, but were prepared with special reference to being ultimately issued in the form in which they nou appear.

1876. National EducATION: GENERAL AND SPECIAL. . 10° Volumes.

1. Elementary and Secondary Instruction in the German States: Anhalt, Austria, Baden, Bavaria, Brunswick, Hanover, Hesse-Cassel, Hesse-Darmstadt, Liechtenstein, Lippe-Detmold, Lippe-Schaumberg, Luxemburg and Limberg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Nassau, Oldenburg, Prussia, Reuss, Saxony, Saxe-Altenburg, Saxe-Coburg, Saxe-Meiningen, Saxe-Weimar, Waldeck, Wurtemberg, and the Free Cities, with a general summary of the Educational Systems and Statistics for the whole of Germany, 1871. 856 pages. Price $5.50.

2. Elementary and Secondary Instruction in Switzerland (each of the 23 Cantons), France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, 1872. 800 pages. Price $5,50). Revised Edition. 1876.

3. Contributions to the History and Statistics of Common or Public Schools (Elementary and High), Academics, Colleges, and Professional Schools in the United States, and other American States. 900 pages. Price, $5.50.

4. Elementary and Secondary Instruction in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the different dependencies of Great Britain. 800 pages. Price, $5.50.

5. Superior Instruction in Different countries.--Ancient Greece, Rome, and Alexandria Early Christian Schools ; Medieval Universities ; and Systems and Institutions of Higher Education in European and American States, 1876. 960 pages. $5.50.

6. Scientific and Industrial Education in Austria, Baden, Bavaria, Brunswick, Free Cities, Hanover, Nassau, Prussia, Saxony, Saxon Principalities, Wurtemberg, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Italy. 800 pages. Price $5.50.

7. Special Instruction in Science and the Arts in Great Britain. 256 pages. $3.00.

8. Schools and Colleges of Science, Agriculture, and the Mechanic Arts in the United; States. In press. $300. Revised Edition. 1876.

9. Military and Naval Schools in France, Prussia, Bavaria, Italy, Russia, Holland, England, and the United States. 960 pages. $6.00.

10. Professional Training and Improvement in (1.) Teaching; (2.) Theology; (3.) Law (4.) Medicine, &c., in Different countries. 850 pages. $5.50. Revised Edition. 1876.





1. STUDIES AND CONDUCT: Letters, Essays, and Suggestions on the Relative Value of Studies, Books and the best Methods of Rending. Manners and the Art of Conversation, the Acquisition and True Uses of Wealth, and the Conduct of Life generally. 564 pages. $3.50. 1875.

The best evidence of the intrinsic value of these Letters, Suggestions, and Essays, is in the names of their authors-Addison, Aiken, Bacon, Barrow, Bodleigh, Brougham, Burleigh, Bulwer, Burns, Carlyle, Channing, Chatham, Chesterfield, Collingwood, De Quincey, Dupadloup, Everett, Faraday, Franklin, Froude, Gladstone, Grimke, Hall, Hamilton, Herschel, Humboldt, Huxley, Jameson, Jerome, Locke, Lowe, Macaulay, Mackintosh, Mill, Milton, More, Niebuhr, Newman, Pitt, Pope, Potter, Raumer, Sidney, Southey, South, Swift, Taylor, Temple, Tyndal, Whately, Wordsworth, and others.

2. PRIMARY SCHOOLS AND ELEMENTARY INSTRUCTION : Object Teaching and Oral Lessons on Social Science and Common Things, with the Principles and Practice of Elementary Instruction in the Primary, Model, and Training Schools of Great Britain. Revised Edition.—544 pp. $3.00.

Ashburton, Barnard (Sketch of Systems of Public Elementary Schools in England, Scotland, and Ireland), Bell, Brougham, Currie, Dunn, Ellis, Hay, Keenan, Knight, Lancaster, Macaulay. Mayo, Morrison, Ross, Shields, Stow, Sullivan, Tainsh, Wilderspin, Young.

3. ENGLISH PEDAGOGY-OLD AND NEW: or, Treatises and Thoughts on Education, the School, and the Teacher. First Series. 480 pages. Second Series. 608 pages. $3.50 each. *1876.

First Series.- Ascham, Bacon, Cowley, Cowper, Crabbe, Coleridge, Fuller, Gray, Hartlib, Hood, Locke, Milton, Petty, Shenstone, Spencer, Whately, Wotton.

Second Series.-Arnold, Brinsly, Calderwood, Colet, Collis, Coote, Defoe, Donaldson, Duff, Elyot, Evelyn, Goldsmith, Hoole, Johnson, Jolly, Lyttleton, Macaulay, Mulcaster, Parker, Parr Payne, Pope, Quick, Smith, South, Southey, Steele, Strype, Todhunter, Wase, Webster, Wolsey.

4. AMERICAN PEDAGOGY: Contributions to the Principles and Methods of Education, by Barnard, Burgess, Bushnell, Channing, Cowdery, Dickinson, Doane, Everett, Fairchild, Hart, Hopkins, Huntington, Maon, Page, Philbrick, Pierce, Potter, Sheldon, Wayland, and Wilbur, FIRST SERIES. Revised Ed. 576 pages. $3.50.

5. German PEDAGOGY: Views of German Educators and Teachers on the Principles of Education, and Methods of Instruction for Schools of different Grades. Revised Edition. 640 pages. $3.50. 1876. Abbenrode, Benneke, Diesterweg, Fichte, Fræbel, Gæthe, Graser, Hentschel Hencomp, Herbart, Hentz, Jacobs, Meierotto, Raumer, Riecke, Rosenkranz, Ruthardt, Wichern.

6. PestalozZI AND Swiss PEDAGOGY: Memoir, and Educational Principles, Methods, and Influence of John Henry Pestalozzi, and Biograpical Sketches of several of bis Assistants and Disciples : together with Selections from his Publications, and accounts of Schools and Teachers in Switzerland. Revised Edition. 656 pages. $3.50.

7. GERMAN TEACHERS AND EDUCATIONAL REFORMERS : Memoirs of Eminent Teachers and Educators with contributions to the History of Education in Germany. 1876. 586 pages. $3.50.

Early Christian Teachers, Basedow, Comenius, Erasmus, Franke, Hieronymians, Luther, Melancthon, Ratich, Sturm, Trotzendorf, Felbiger, Kindermann, Frederic II., Maria Theresa, etc.

8. FRENCH TEACIIERS, Schools, AND PEDAGOGY-OLD AND New. 648 pages. $3.50.

Early Christian Teachers and Schools ; Jesuits, Christian Brothers and other Teaching Orders ; Rabelais, Ramus, Montaigne, Port Royalists, Fenelon, Rollin, Montesquieu, Rousseau; Talleyrand, Condorcet, Daunau, Napoleon; Oberlin, Cuvier, Cousin, Guizot, Ravaisson, Remaset, Marcel, Duruy, LeVerrier, Dupanloup, Mayer, Marbeau, Wilm, and others.

9. English TEACHERS, Educators, and PROMOTERS OF EDUCATION. 556 pages. $3.50.

10. AMERICAN TEACHERS, EDUCATORS, AND BENEFACTORS OF EDUCATION, with 130 Portraits. 5 vols. 83.50 per volume.

11. AMERICAN GRADED Public Schools, with Plans of School-houses and Equipment and Regulations for Schools in Cities. 556 pages. $3.50.


13, School Codes.-Constitutional Provisions respecting Education, State School Codes, and City School Regulations. $3.00.

14. School ARCHITECTURE: Principles, Plans and Specifications for structures for educational purposes. Revised Edition--800 pages. $5.00.



The following treatises have all appeared as separate articles in Barnard's American Journal of Eduestion. Any Book of Pamphlet on the La vill be keat by mail, postage paid, on receiving the price in postage stamps or money order. On orders of $20 a discount of 20 per cent. will be made., Address H. B., Post Office Box U, Hartford, Conn.

January, 1876.

PRICH ABC Books and Primers....

25 BARNARD, HENRY, Educational Activity. 8.50 ABC-Shooters, and School Life in 15th Century. 25 Address to the People of Connecticut, 1838.... 23 ABBENRODE, Teaching History and Geography.. 25 Common Schools in Connecticut, 1-38-42... 1.00 Academies of New England..

25 Public Schools of Rhode Island, 1843-49. 3.50 ACQUAVIVA, Ratio et Institutio Studiorum

25 Higher Education in Wisconsin and Maryland 60 ADAMS, J. Q., Normal Schools, Schools of Silesia 25 U.S. Commissioner of Education 1867-8. 5.50 Adult and Supplementary Schools...

25 Special Report on District of Columbia...... 5.50 AGASSIZ, L., Educational Views.

25 Special Report on Technical Education..... 5,50 AGRICOLA, R., School Reform in the Netherlands 25 Special Report on National Systeme. 5.50 AKROYD, E., Improving a Factory Population.... 25 Conn. Common School Journal, 1834-424v. nach 1.25 ALBERT, PRINCE, Science in Education.

25 Educational Tracts, Number 1.-XII., each.... 25 ALCOTT, A. B., Schools as they were. 50 Journal of R. I. Institute 1845-49 8v..

1.25 ALOOTT, WILLIAM A., Memoir and Portrait.. 50 Documents on Popular Education, I.-IV., each 1.00 Slate and Black-board Exercises...

25 American Jour. of Education, 1855-73, 24v., each 5.00 ANDREWS, S. J., The Jesuits and their Scheols.. 25

do. International Series, 1874–6, 1v...... 5.00 ANDREWS, LORIN P., Memoir and Portrait..


General Index, with the Volume Indexes... 2,50 Anglo-Saxon Language in Study of English, 25 Education in Europe in 1854....

1.50 ANHALT, System of Public Instruction

25 National Systems of Education, 10v., each..... 550 ANSELM, and other Teachers of the 12th Century. 25 Elementary and Secondary Schools, 4v., each.. 5.50 Aphorisms on Principles and Methods of Educ'n 2.50 I. The German States.

5.50 Arabic and Mohammedan Schools. 25 II. Continental European States..

5.50 ARISTOTLE, Educational Views.. 25 III. Great Britain.

5.50 Arithmetic, Methods of Teaching.. 25 IV. American States.

5.50 ARNOLD, MATTHEW, Pablic Schools in Bolland: 25

Superior InstructionEdition of 1875, 2v.. 7.00 Secondary Schools in Prussia.. 50 Part I.-Historical Development....

2.50 ARNOLD, THOMAS K., Memoir and Portrait. 50 1. The University-Authorities..

25 Arts and Science, Schools of...

5.50 2. Do. in Greece, Alexandria, and Rome 50 AscHAM ROGER, Memoir, and the Schoolmaster.. 50 8. Christian Schools ---Cathedral and Abbey.. 50 ASHBURTON, LORD, Teaching Common Things.. 25 4. Teaching Orders of the Catholic Church.. 50 Austria, Public Instructon-Primary & Secondary 50 5. Mediæval Universities (Savigny),

50 Military Schools and Education..

25 6. Universities-Past and Present (Dolinger.) 50 Technical Schools....

25 7. Universities and Politechnic Schools.. 25 BACHE, A. D., National University.

8. The College in Universities..

25 Bacon, FRANCIS LORD, Memoir and Influence.. 25 9. American College & European University... 50 Essay on Education and Studies..

25 Part II.-Superior Instruction as Organized .5.50 BACON, LEONARD, Memoir of Hillbouse.. 25 1. Germany and Switzerland...

8.50 Baden, System of Public Instruction.... 25 2. France, Italy...

1.00 Technical Schools.

25 8. Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Nor'y, Swe'n 50 BAILEY, EBENEZER, Memoir and Portrait.. 50 4. Russia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal.. 50 BARNARD, D. D., Right of Taxation for Schools. 25 5. England, Scotland, and Irelard..

1.00 BARNARD, F. A. P., College Improvements.. 25 6. American States..

1.00 Elective Studies in College Course.

25 Professional and Special Schools, bv., each.... 5,50 BARNARD, J. G., The Problem of the Gyroscope. 25 1. Science and National Industries...

5.50 BARROW, 'Isaac, Studies and Conduct....

Ditto Great Britain..

2.50 BASEDOW, Memoir, and the Philanthropinum.... 50 Ditto United States.

3.00 BATEMAN, N., Educational Labors and Portrait.. 50 2. Military Schools and Education...

5.50 BATES, S. P., Memoir and Portrait....

50 3. Normal Schools and Professional Training 5.50 Liberal Education.....

25 4. Female Schools and Education..... 5.50 BATES, W. G., Training of Teachers..

25 5. Reformatory and Preventive Agencies.... 5.50 Bavaria, System of Public Instruction. 25 Snpplementary Schools and Agencies..

5.50 Technical Schools...

Educational Biography, 6v., each... BEECHER, CATHERINE E., Educational Views..

American Teachers, with 21 portraits. 3.50 Belgium, Syetem of Pablic Instruction...


do. do. second series, 30 portraits 3.50 Technical and Special Schools.

25 Benefactors of American Education, 20 port's 8.50 BELL, ANDREW, Memoir and Educational Views 50 German Educational Reformers and Teachers 3.50 BENEDICT, ST., and the Benedictines..

25 English, French, and other eminent teachers 3.50 BENEKE, F. E., Pedagogical Views.. 25 Swiss Teachers and Educators..

3.50 Berlin, Educational Institutions...

25 Tribute to Gallaudet, and Deaf Mute Instruction 2.50 Bible and Religion in Public Schoole..

25 Ezekiel Cheever, & the Free Schools of N. Eng. 1.00 BINGHAM, CALEB, Educational Work

25 Armsmear,--a Memorial of Samuel Colt.. 5.50 BISHOP, NATHAN, Educational Work and Portrait 50 School Codes-State, Municipal, Institutional 3.50 BLOCKMAN, Pestalozzi's Labors..

25 School Architecture, with 500'illustrations, 5.50 Boccaccio, and Educational Reform in Italy.... 25 Practical Illustrations,

1.00 BODLEIGA, SIR THOMAS, Studies and Conduct.... 25 Object Teaching, Oral and other Meth. of Inst. 3.50 BOOTH, J., Popular Education in England. 25

American Pedagogy, Principles and Methods.. 3.50 Boston, Educational Institutions.

50 English Pedagogy, BOTTA, V., Public Instruction in Sardinia...... 25

do. Second Series.

... 3.50 BOUTWELL, GEORGE, Educational Work.

50 German Pedagogy, BOWEN, F., Memoir of Edmund Dwight.

50 French Pedagogy, BRAINERD, T., Home and School Training in 1718 25 Swies Pedagogy

... 3.50

.. 3 50

.. 3.50 .. 3.50

.. 3.60 BRINSLY, J., Ludus Literarius, 1627

25 Educational Aphorisms and Suggestions. 3.50 BROCKETT, L. P., Idiots and their Training. 25 Studies and Conduct..

8.50 BROOKS, CHAS., Educational Vork and Portrait.. 60 Educational Associations-National, and State 3.50 BROUGHAM, HENRY LORD, Educational Views... 25 Connecticut Educational Institutions... Brunswick, System of Public Instruction... 25 Connecticut School Fund-Historical..

25 BUCKHAM, M. H., English Language..

25 Common Schools, as they were before 1800,.... 1.00 BUCKINGHAM, J. T., Schools as they were in 1800 25

in 1870...

1.00 BOKLEY, J. W., Teachers' Associations. 25 Compulsory School Attendance..

1.00 BURGES8, GEORGE, Religion in Public Schools... 25 Constitutional Prevision respecting Schools 25 BURROWES, T. II., Memoir and Portrait...

50 School Status of Freedmen & Colored Children 1.00 History of Normal Schools in Pennsylvania... 25 Providence Schools, Documentary History..... 50 Burton, W., District School as it was..

25 Hartford Public Iligh School, Early History 25 BUSHNELL, II., Early Training, Unconscious Infla. 25 Teachers' Institutes, Contributions to History. 25

...... 3.50 25 DUAI, A., German Schools in the United States. 25 GLADSTONE, W. E., Educational Views.



nicu. BROOKS, EDWARD, Memoir and Portrait........ 50 | EDWARDS, RICHARD, Memoir and Portrait... 50 CADY, 1. F., Method of Classical Instruction. 25 Normal Schools..

25 CALDERWOOD, H., Teaching, Its Ends and Means 25 ELYOT, SIR THOMAS, The Governour.

CALDWELL, C., Education in North Carolina... 25 EMERSON, GEO. B., Educat. Labors, with Portrait 50
Cambridge University. The Undergraduate. 25 Memorial on Normal Schools, 1837.
CAMP, D, N., Memoir and Portrait..

Moral Education...

25 CALKINS, N. A., Object Teaching.

25 England, Elementary Schools and Methods. 3.50 CARLYLE, THOMAS, University Studies....: 25 Public or Endowed Schools

25 Letter on Reading..

25 Navigation Schools. CARTER, JAMES G., Memoir and Portrait...

50 Universities of Oxford and Cambridge... 50 Essay on Teachers' Seminaries in 1824.. 25 Military Schools..

25 Catechism of Methods of Teaching.. 50 Scientific and Technical Schools.

2.50 Catholic Church, Schools and Teaching Orders.. 1.00 English Estimate of Swiss Public Schools. 25 CECIL, SIR WILLIAM, Advice

to his Son.
25 Public Schools of the United States.

25 CHANNING, W., Teachers & their Education (1832) 25 English Pedagogy, First Series...

3.50 Hints on Self Culture... 25 Second Series..

8.50 CHATHAM, LORD, Letters to his Nephew. 25 ERAMUS, Memoir and Educational Works.. 50 CHEEVER, EZEKIEL, & Free Schools of N. England 50 Classical Studies.

25 CHESTERFIELD, LORD, Studies and Conduct... 25 ERNEST the Pious, Educational Works.. CHOATE, Rufus, Books and Reading.

25 European Estimate of American Schools... Christian Schools, Earliest Established.

25 EVERETT, E., Educational Views, and Portrait... Cities, Systems of Public Schools...


John Lowell and the Lowell Lectures.. CLARKE, H. G., Principles & Modes of Ventilation 25 John Harvard and his Benefaction.. CLARK, T. M., Education for the Times..

25 Uses of Astronomy.: COGGESHALL, W.J., Ohio System of Pub. Schools 25 Address on Normal Schools, 1839... COLBURN, DANA P. Memoir and Portrait. 50 EVERETT, W., The Cambridge System of Study. COLBURN, W., Educational Work, and Portrait.. 50 FAIRCHILD, Coeducation of the Sexes..

25 COLE, D., Method of Classical Education.. 25 FELBIGER, J. J., Educational Labors in Austria.. 25 COLET, J., Educational Views and St. Paul School 50 FELLENBERG, Memoir and Principles of Education 25 COLMAN, HENRY, Agricultural Schools in France 25 FELTON, C. C., Memoir and Portrait.... COMENIUS, A., Educational Labors and Principles 50 Characteristics of American Colleges.

25 Colleges, Origin and Use in Universities.. 25 Female Schools and Education

5.50 College Code of Honor... 25 FENELON, Memoir and Female Education

25 Competitive Examinations for Public Service.. 25 FICHTE, J. H. Von, Frobel's Edactional System. 50 Conduct-Suggestions by Eminent Men....... 3 50 FLIEDNER, Ins. for Deaconesses at Kaiserswerth 25 Connecticut, Educational Institutions..

3.50 FORBES, E., Educational Uses of Museums...... 25 Conversation.-Suggestions by Bacon and others 25 FOWLE, W. B., Memoir and Portrait....

80 Conversational Method..

25 FOWLER, W.C., The Clergy and Common Schools 25 Corporal Punishment-Barbarism of Discipline.. 25 France, System of Public Instruction...

2.50 Courts, Miss BURDETT, Prize Scheme for Girls. 25 The University of Paris..

25 COWDERY, M. F., Moral Training in Pub. Schools 25 The University of France.. COWLEY, A., Plan of Philosophical College, 1662 25 Technical and Military Schools.

8.50 COWPER, WM., The Tirocinium, Review of Schools 25 Special Secondary Schools.

25 CRABBE, GEO., Schools of the Borough.. 25 French Teachers and Pedagogy.

3.50 Crime and Education..... 25 FRANCIS, Sr., and the Franciscans.

25 CURRIE, JAMES, Methods of Early Education.. 25 FRANKE, A. H., Educational Views and Labors.. 25 DANA, J. D., Science and Scientific Schools. 25 FRANKLIN, B., Maxims of Poor Richard..

25 Dawson, J. W., Nat. Hist. in its Educat. Aspects 25 FREDERIC THE GREAT, as School Reformer. 25 Dar, HENRY N., English Composition... 25 School Codes of 1764.

25 Deaf Mute Institutions and Instruction..

25 Free Schools of New England, Historical Data.. 25 DE LASALLE, A., Memoir & the Christian Brothers 50 French Schools and Pedagogy

5.50 Denmark, Public Instruction 25 FROEBEL, The Kindergarten System

25 DEQUINCY, Studies and Conduct. 25 FROUDE, University Studies..

25 Letters on the Art of Conyersation.

25 FULLER, THOMAB, The Good Schoolmaster... 25 DEMETZ, M., Colonies for Javenile Offenders.... 25 GALLAUDET, THOMAS H., Memoir and Portrait.. DICKINSON, J.W., Philos. & Methods of Teaching 25 Plan for a Teachers' Seminary in 1844... DIESTERWEG, Memoir...

25 GAMMELL, W., Memoir of Nicholas BrowD. Catechism of Methods of Teaching..

50 GARFIELD, JAMES A., Education a National Duty 25 School Discipline and Plans of Instruction.. 25 Gaston, WILLIAM, Advice to College Graduates. 25 Intuitional and Speaking Exercises... 25 GERARD-GROOT E, and the Hieronymians..

25 DINTER, G. F., Memoir..

25 Germany, National System and Pedagogy, 5v. DISRAELI, B., Studies and Conduct.. 25 Primary and Secondary Schools...

5.50 Dixon, W. HEPWORTH. -Swiss Schools in 1870... 25 Technical and Military Schools...

3.50 DOANE, GEORGE W., The State and Education.. 25 Universities,

Gymnasia, & Polytechnic Schools 3.50 DOLLINGER, Universities, Past and Present. 25 Educational Reformers-Ratich, Comenius, etc. 3.50 DOMINIC, St., and the Dominicans. 25 Modern German Pedagogy.

3.50 DONALDSON, JAMES, Edu, in Prussia and England 25 GESNER, J. M., Educational Views............. Drawing, Methods of Teaching 50 GILMAN. D. C., Scientific Schools.

*********************************************************** 38833*****************83*


25 DUOPETIAUX, Agricultural Reform Schools.. 25 GOETHE, Educational Training and Views... DUFFIELD, D. B., Education a State Duty. 25 Cultivation of Reverence Dunn, H., Methods of the Borough-road Schools. 25 GOLDSMITH, OLIVER, Eesay on Education... DURFEE, JOB, R. I. Idea of Government,

25 GOODRICH, S. G., Schools as they were in 1800... 25 DURUY, Secondary Special Schools in France... 25 GOODRICH, W. H., Plea for Extended Education. 25 DJPANLOUP, Studious Women, 25 Göttingen University....

25 DWIGHT, EDMUND, Memoir and Portrait... 50 GOULD, B. A., The American University

25 Dwight, TIMOTHY, Memoir...

GRASER, System of Instruction....

25 Academy at Green Farms...

25 Greece, Ancient, Schools and Education. Yale College in 1814....

25 Greece, Modern, System of Public Instruction.. Educational Biographies, with Portraits of over Greek Language, Subject of School Study... 25 100 Eminent Teachers, Educators, and Ben- GREENE, S. S., Object Teaching..

25 efactors of Educators, each... 50 Educational Duties of the Hour..

26 Educational Tracts, Numbers I.-XII., each. 25 GREGORY, J. M., The Problem of Education. 25 Edu. Documents for Gen. Circulation, I.-IV. each 1.00 GRISCOM, JOHN, Memoir and Portrait...

50 Education and the State..

25 Guizot, Ministry of Public Instruction in France 60 Education Defined...

25 GULLIVER, J. P. Norwich Free Academy....... 25

The above Treatises have all appeared as separate articles in Barnard's American Journal of Education. Any Book or Pamphlet on the List will be sent by mail, postage paid, on receiving the price in postage stamps or money order. On orders of $20 a discount of 20 per cent. will be made. Address H. B., Post Office Box U, Hartford, Conn.

January, 18TS.

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HALE, SIR MATTHEW, Studies and Conduct.. 25 LONGSTREET, Schools as they were in Georgia... 25
HALL, S. R., Educational Labors and Portrait.. 50 LOTHROP, S. K., W. Lawrence & N.E. Academies 25
HAMANN, J. G., Pedagogical Views..
25 LOWE, ROBERT, University Studies....

26 HAMIL, S. M., School Discipline 25 LOWELL, John, and the Lowell Lectures..

25 H 3 MILTON, J., and the Hamiltonian Method. 25 LUTHER, MARTIN, Memoir and Views on Educat. 50 HAMILTON, Sir W., Mathematics....

LYON, MARY, Principles of Mt. Holyoke Seminary 50 The College in the University.. 25 LYTTON, SIR E. B., Studies and Conduct.

25 HAMMOND, C., New England Academies.

Money, its Acquisition and Uses....

25 Hanover, System of Pablic Schools. 25 LYCURGUS, and Spartan Education

25 HART, J. M., The American Student at Göttingen 25 LYELL, SIR CHARLES, Physical Science in Educat. 25 HART, J. S. Memoir and Portrait...

50 MACAULAY, LORD T. B., Educational Views.. 25 Characteristics of a Normal School.

25 MANSFIELD, E. D., Military Acad. at West Point 26 Anglo-Saxon in the Study of English..

25 History of National Land Grants to Ohio.. 25 HARTLIB, S., Plan of College of Husbandry in 1651 125 MARCEL, C., Conversational Method in Language 50 HAÜY, V., and the Instruction of the Blind. 25 MARCH, F. A., Study of English Language.. 25 HAVEN, JOSEPH, Mental Science as a Study..

MARIA THERESA, Educational Reforms.. HAWES, JOEL, Female Education..

25 MARION, GENERAL, Free Schools for Republics.. 25 HEDGE, N., Schools as they were.. 25 MANN, HORACE, Memoir and Portrait..

50 HEIKEL, FELIX, Public Instruction in Finland.. 25 Lectures and Reports.

5.50 HELFENSTEIN. J., Medieval Universities..

Teachers' Motives.

25 HENRY, J., Common Schools.... 25 Professional Training of Teachers..

25 HENRY, JOSEPH, Philosophy of Education. 25 College Code of Honor.

25 HENTSCHELL, E., Teaching Singing. 25 Fourth of July Oration, 1842.

25 Teaching Drawing.. 25 Manual Labor in Education..

25 HERBERT, J. F., Pedagogical Views.

Mason, LOWELL, Memoir and Portrait..

50 HERDER, Life and Educational Views.

25 Mason, S. W., Physical Exercises in School.. 25 Hesee-Cassel, System of Public Schools. 25 Masson, D., College and Self-Education..

25 Hesse-Darmstadt, System of Public Schools.

Milton's Home, School, and College Education 25 HILL, M. D., Reformatory Schools...

25 MAY, S. J., Educational Work, with Portrait. 50 HILL, T., True Order of Studies..

25 MAYHEW, IRA, Educational Work with Portrait. 50 HILLIARD, G. S., Boston Public Library. 25 McCRIE, DR., Universities of Scotland..

25 HILLHOUSE, J. A., Literary Culture in Republics. 50 MoELLIGOTT, J. N., Debating in School Work... 25 Hints and Methods for the use of Teaching..

MEIEROTTO, Method of Teaching Latin..

35 HODJINS, J. GEORGE, Education in Upper Canada 25 MELANOTHON, P., Memoir and Educational Work PO HOLBROOK, J., Educational Labors and Portrait. 50 Mettrey Reform School, Rise and Progress... 25 The American Lyceum.. 25 MILL, J. S., University Studies.....

25 Holland, System of Public Instruction... 25 MILTON, JOIN, Tractate on Education.

25 lloon, T'HOMAS, Th Irish Schoolmaste

25 Home, School, and University Training: HOOLE, C., The Old Art of Teaching, 1659. 25 MOLINEUX, E. L., Military Exercises in Schools. IIOPKINS, M., Educational Labors and Views. 1.00 Monitorial System and Method.. HOWE, S. G., Memoir and Portrait.....

50 MONTAIGNE, Educational Viewe. Laura Bridgman... 25 MONTESQUIEU, Educational Views.

25 HUMBOLT, Wu. Von, Studies for Old Age.. 50 MORE, SIR THOMAS, Educational Views.

25 HUMPHREY, HEMAN, Normal Schools.. 25 MORRISON, T., School Management..

50 Common Schools as they were.

25 MULCASTER, R., Positions and Elementaire.. 25 HUNTINGTON, F. D., Unconscious Tuition.. 25 MURRAY, J. N., English Policy in Irish Education 25 College Prayers

25 Music, Method for Common Schools..... HUXLEY, T. H., Science in Schools.... 25 NEANDER, M., Educational Views..

25 IGNATIUS LOYOLA, and the Schools of the Jesuits 25 NEWMAN, University Education..

25 Illiteracy in the United States.... 25 NIEBUHR, Method of Philological Study.

25 Ireland, English Educational Policy. National Schools........

25 NIEMEYER, Aphorisms (other German Educators) 2.50 25 N188BN, H., Public Schools in Norway....

25 Endowed Schools. 25 NORTHEND, E., Memoir and Portrait..

50 Universities...

25 Normal Schools and Teach. Sem., Ed. of 1884. 2.00 Italy, System of Public Instruction.. 25 Norwich Free Academy..

25 Revival of Classical Learning.. 50 OBERLIN, J. F., Educational Work.

25 Medieval Universities.. 25 Object Teaching, and other Methods

8.50 Infant School and Kindergarten.. 25 Oral Methods.

50 JACOBS, F., Method of Teaching Latin. 25 | OLM8TEAD, D., Memoir and Portrait..

50 JACOTOT, L., Memoir and Method of Instruction. 25 Democratic Tendencies of Science.

25 JAMESON, Mrs., Social Occupations of Women... 25 Timothy Dwight-& Model Teacher

25 JARVIS, E., Miedirected Education and Insanity. 25 OVERBERG, B., Educational Views.

25 JEROME, ST., Education of Daughters.... 25 OWEN, R., Educational Views..

25 Jesuite, Society and Schools of the. 25 Oxford University in 1873-4.

25 JEWELL, F. S., Teaching as a Profession. 25 | PAGE, D. P., Memoir and Portrait..

$0 JOHNSON, SAMUEL, Educational Views..

Pouring In and Drawing Out Methods. JOHNSON, W. R., Educational Labore, & portrait 25 Paris, The Old University.

25 JULIUS, Dr., Normal Schools in Prussia..

Superior Normal School

25 KEENAN, P.J., Organization of Irish Schools. 25 Polytechnic Schools.

50 KINDERMANN. School Reform in Bohemia. 25 PARR, SAMUEL, Educational View".

25 KINGSBURY, JOHN, Memoir and Portrait..

25 PARTRIDGE, A., Educational Work and Portrait.. KNIGHT, CHARLES, Economical Science.. 50 PATTIBON, Prussian Normal Schools..

25 KIRKPATRICK, E., Education in Greece & Rome. 25 PAYNE, JOSEPH, Science and Art of Education.. 25 KEY, JOSEPH, Prussian Schools...

50 PEABODY, GEORGE, Educational Benefactions... 25 KRÖSI, Life and Educational Labors. 25 PEIRCE, B. K., Reformatory for Girls..

25 LALOR, J., Nature and Objects of Education. 25 PEIRCE, CYRUS, Memoir and Portrait.

BO LANCASTER, Jos., Memoir and Monitorial Schools 25 PESTALOZZI, Memoir and Portrait....

1 50 LAWRENCE, A., and Lawrence Scientific School.. 25 Leonard and Gertrude...

1.00 Latin Language, Methods of Teaching.. 50 Evening Hour of a Hermit.

25 LEIGH, E., Illiteracy in the United States....... 25 PESTALOZZI, and Pestalozzianism...

3.50 Lewis, Dio, The New Gymnastics.. 25 PESTALOzzi, Fellenberg and Wehrli.

25 LEWIS, SAMUEL, Memoir and Portrait.


25 LEWIS, T., Methods ot Teacbing Greek and Latin 25 PETTY, SIR W., Plan of a Mechanical Co. lege, 1647 25 LINDSLEY, PULIP, Memoir and Portrait.. 50 PHELPS, ALMIRA L., Memoir and Portrait,

28 LOCKE, Joun, Thoughts on Education.. 1.00 PHELPS, W. F., Memoir and Portrait....



The above Treatises have all appeared as separate articles in Barnard's American Journal of Eduoation. Any Book or Pamphlet on the List will be sent by mail, postage paid, on receiving the price in postage stamps or money order. On orders of $20 a discount of 20 per cent will be made. Addreas U. B., Post Office Boz U, Hartford, Conn.

January, 1876

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