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From Whitechapel

About a mile from the Church to

entrance to Bury is Ick. St Edmund's Hill, ar

worth Park (Marquis of BURY ST EDMUNDS. beyond it Rougham Old

Bristol), a splendid buildHall, P. Bennet, Esq,and

ing, erected by the celeRougham New Hall.

brated Earl of Bristol, BURY ST EDMUNDS is

Bishop of Derry, and an ancient town on the

containing a fine collecEast Union Railway and

tion of modern sculpthe Larke, which, with

ture. The park is 11 the Ouse, is navigable

miles in circumference.

Barton. to Lynn. Its splendid

Barton Hall, Lieut. Abbey of St Edmund

Gen. Sir H. E. Bunbury, was the second in the

Bart. kingdom, but is now only

3 Hengrave a magnificent pile of

Hall (Sir T. R. Gage, ruins. The principal] 344

IXWORTH. 771 Bart.), a noble specimen buildings are the town

8 miles distant, Langham of ancient architecture. hall, originally a church; Hall, Sir H. C. Blake, Bart.,

Troston Hall, the seat St Mary's church, an an and near it Stowlangtoft

of R. E. Loft, Esq. cient structure, adorned Hall, H. Wilson, Esq. with an elegant roof and


803 a beautiful porch, and


Redgrave Hall, G. containing the tomb of derivesits name from a chapel

Wilson, Esq. once the Mary Queen of France, here dedicated to St Botolph.

seat of Chief Justice and afterwards Duchess It has a free school founded

Holt. Thevillage church, of Suffolk, daughter of by Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord

which is situated in the Henry VII.; St James's Keeper to Queen Elizabeth.

park, contains some inchurch is early English.

teresting monuments. The church gate, as it is

To Palgrave, 2 miles; called, is considered a

thence to Diss, 1 mile. noble specimen of Saxon


Diss on the Waveney architecture; the abbey) Half a mile farther join the

is a neat and prosperous gate, distinguished by a road to Scole Inn from Ips.

town, the inhabitants of beautiful arch and nuwich, (p. 475.)

which are for the most merous sculptural em

part employed in the bellishments; a theatre, Assembly Rooms, Me

manufacture of hose and

hempen cloth. The winchanics Institute, new

dows of the church are jail, &c. Here are also a

| 191| cr. the Waveney, 924 arranged in a peculiar botanical garden, a free grammar school, and se

and enter Norfolk

manner, being disposed

in pairs, five on each veral meeting houses

side of the nave, and a and charitable institu

plain pilaster between tions. Sir Nicholas Ba

every pair. Pop. 1851, con, Bishop Gardiner,

2419 (see also p. 473.) Bishop Blomfield of Lon

Scole Inn or Osmon- 93 Scole Inn was built don, and many other

about 190 years ago, by eminent men, were DA


a Mr Peck, a merchant tives of this town. 2M.P.

of Norwich.

Stratton, St Mary. Pop. 1861, 13,900.

It was profusely decorated with

carved work, and forStratton, St Michael. 1024

merly possessed a curious sign representing

the arms of the chiet cr. the river Yare. towns and families of the

county (see also p. 473.)

Costessey Park (Lord NORWICH, (p. 465.) (1127) Stafford), (m.






102 Chadwell.

The Whalebone. 100

The whalebone is said to have belonged to a

whale taken in the same Romford is a populous

year in which Oliver town and railway station,

Cromwell died. with a good road trade,


To Epping Ferest,

Marshalls, and is noted for its corn

and Gidea (See p. 487.)

Hall. and cattle markets, and its ale. A new church has supplanted the old one (erected in 1407), and contains several ancient monuments, which were removed thither. Pop. 1851, 3791

To Gray's Thurrock, 127 miles. Hare Hall, an elegant 987

Dagnam Park, Sir R

Hare Street 12 D. Neave, Bart. mansion.

Rocketts, How Hatch. Warley Pl., and War- 9411 Brook Street

and Weald Hall, C. I. ley Lodge.

Tower, Esq. Thorndon Hall, (Lord 93 BRENTWOOD. 18 Brentwood is a railway Petre, a magnificent

Here is a free school and station, and carries on a mansion, erected under

4 new church, and in the considerable road trade. the direction of Payne.

High Street are the remains The chapel is adorned

of a town-hall and prison. with a fine painting of

Pop. 1851, 2205. the Nativity.

To Tilbury Fort, 164 m.
To Billericay, 41 miles; 92

Shenfield. 19 2 m. dist. Hutton Hall.

Shenfield Place,
Mountnessing Street. 21

Fitzwalter Park.
Ingatestone Hall, for-
merly the mansion of the

Thoby Priory. Petre family. 88

The Hyde, I. Disney Ingatestone. 23

Esg. Mii Green House To Maldon, 123 miles. 86 Margaretting Street. 25

Coptfold Hall.

Writtle Lodge, and is Stisted.

the distance, skreens, T.

| 265 W. Bramston, Esq. Widford.

271! Highlands.

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Chelmsford, the county


MALDON, 8 miles from wwa of Essex, and a railway

and Moulsham Hall, Sir tation on the Chelmer. It

Chelmsford, isan ancient| has new and spacious H. B. P. St John Mild populous town, and a

burch, several meeting. houses, two gaols, shire

railway station. It has may, Bart. ball and

several churches, chacorn exchange, size court, and assembly

pels, banks, &c., is a rooms, a house of correction,

bonding port, and carries free grammar-school, theatre, race-course, &e.

on a considerable trade Pop. 1851, 6033.

in coals, iron, deals, &c.

cr. the riv. Chelmer. Two M.P. Pop. 1851, Great Baddow, 4 m.,

5888. See also p. 488. and 5 m. distant is Danbury, the church of which stands on a Danish 82 CHELMSFORD.


21 m. distant Broomcamp, and contains the

field. tombs of three cross

To Chipping, Ongar, legged knights, curiously

10 miles ; Epping, 173; carved.

Dunmow, 124; Braintree, Danbury Palace, Bi

1lf miles. shop of Rochester. Springfield Lyons.

Springfield. 301| Springfield Place. Boreham House, Sir 1. T. Tyrell, Bart. 774 Boreham Street. Crix. Hatfield Priory.

Hatfield Peverell. 352 m. distant, Terling

Place, Lord Rayleigh. cr. the river Brain.

To Braintree, 7 miles. In the vicinity of 737


The Grove-Witham Witham, are the remains a place of great antiquity, Place-Witham Lodgeof a camp.

near the confluence of the Faulkbourn Hall, J. To Maldon, 64 miles. Brain and Blackwater. The Bullock, Esq.

church contains several inte

resting monuments, 1 m. distant Braxted 7141 Riven Hall End. 391|11 mile distant, Riven Park, C. Du Cane, Esq,

Hall Place.. handsome mansion, 701 Kelvedon.

41 Felix Hall, T. S. Wesfinely situated in an ex

tern, Esq. tensive park. The in (To Coggeshall, 3 miles.)

Colchester is supposed terior is elegantly fitted

to have been the Roman ap. At Coggeshall are

colony of Camelodunum. some vestiges of an abbey

Here are the remains of built by King Stephen.

a castle formerly of great

strength, and of the town cr. the river Black

wall, the ruins of st) water.

John's Abbey, and St

Botolph's priory, an anLayer Marney Tower, 69 Gore Pits.

cient chapel, an arched Quintin Dick, Esq.

vault used as a prison, Copford Hall.


the moat hall, a neat Birch Hall,

theatre, numerous Round, Esq.


churches and chapels, Stanway Hall.

schools, &c. Some of the 9 miles distant is West


churches are interesting Mersea, a small bathing situated on the south bank of on account of their arplace.

the river Colne. The town chitectural ornaments, Donyland Hall, and is famous for its oysters. 2 and the monuments they Berechurch Hall, late M.P. Pop. 1851, 19,443. contain. 10 miles from Sir G. H. Smyth, Bart. Colchester is connected with Colchester, on the right,

Wivenhoe Park, J. G. all parts of the kingdom by is St Osyth, where are Rebow, Esq. railways.

the remains of an Au-1



| From





gustine Priory, founded The Obelisk.

in the twelfth century. cr. the river Colne. The quadrangle is almost

entire, and is entered by a beautiful gateway. The church of St Oorth con

tains several monuments Dedham, and beyond,

: 5241 Stratford Bridge. 181 Langham Hall; and Lawford Hall; in the

beyond, cr. the river Stour,

Boxted, distance Mistley Park,

G. near Manningtree.

and enter Suffolk.

Poley, Esq.
Stratford St Mary. 791) 3 miles distant, Teb-!

dring Hall, Sir RC. Wherstead Lodge, W.L.

(Rowley, Bart, and Hars. Scrope, Esg, and five

Cross Green.

sley Park. miles distant, Wolver

Copdock. 651 Hintlesham fall, J. stone Hall, J. Berners,

H. L. Anstruther, Esg, & Esq. delightfully situated

3 miles distant Bramlard on the west bank of the

Hall. Orwell. The park is ex

To Bramford, 3 miles, tensive and well stocked

thence to Great Blackenwith deer.

ham 3 miles, thence to Christchurch Park, W.] 4211 Hadleigh Guide Post. | 681 Needham Market, 3D, C. Fonnereau, Esq., and

a cr. the river Orwell.

thence to Slow Market Red House. 42 IPSWICH, (p. 477.)

31 miles. 4 miles distant, Nacton

i The Channtry, Sir Broke Hall, Sir G. N.

Fitzroy Kelly.
Broke, Bart.,* built by
Lord Chief Baron Broke To Sarmundham, 204 m.
in 1626, and Orwell Park,
G. Tomline, Esq.
Im. dist. Shrubland

moll To Needham Market, Hall, Sir W. Fowle Mid

Claydon. 125 mlles, thence to Stos dleton, Bart.

Market, s miles. Crowfield Hall, now a farm house.

Coddenham Bridge 4 miles distant is Helmingham Hall, a seat of 31}

The park attached to Little Stonham.

Helmingham Hall, conthe Earl of Dysart, a 3f miles from Stonbam is

tains some of the finest quadrangular structure Debenham, the church of

oaks in this part of the erected about the time which contains several an

kingdom, many of them of Henry VIII. It is cient monuments, and 4 m.

of great age. The church, completely surrounded beyond is Worlingworth Hall,

which adjoins the park, by & moat, and is ap now a farm house.

contains many splendid proached by two draw.

memorials of the Tollebridges. It contains

mache family. some fine paintings, a good library, and a large collection of ancient ar. mour.

274 Brockford Street. 831

Thwaite. 81 Thornham Hall, Lord At the fourth mile-25 Stoke Ash. |86 Henniker. stone from Brockford,

Old Black Bull. 18641 * The father of the present baronet was the gallant Sir Philip B. Vere Broke, who ob tained a baronetcy in consideration of the victory he achieved in 1813, as Captain of the Shu Don over the United States Frigate, the Chesapeake.



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I to Eye 2 miles.





& From

Yaxley Hall.



To the left is the town Brome Hall, and be- (17 mile farther; to Eye, 13 of Eve. The church is ond, Oakley Park, Sir


spacious and handsome. E. C. Kerrison, Bart.

Eye formerly possessed a castle, and to the east

of the town may still be 193 Scr. river Waveney, 911

seen the ruins of a Be. and enter Norfolk.

nedictine monastery. 1 M.P. Pop. 1851, 7531.

(See also p. 489.) Scole Inn was formerly 191 Scole Inn, or Osmondis-91+|, To Diss, 2 miles. Diss noted for a singularly


(see also p. 469) is a neat carved sign, representing

flourishing town on the the arms of the chief

Waveney. The inhabitowns and families in the

tants are principally emcounty, and for a large

ployed in the manufacircular bed of immense 164 Dickleburgh. 941 ture of hempen cloth, size. (See also p. 469.)

hose, and stays. The 144 Tivetshall Green. 964 church is remarkable for

the disposition of its win

dows. Here are also 101

100% Stratton, St Mary. Presbyterian and Quak.

ers' meeting-houses, and a charity school. Pop.

1851, 2419. 1 mile distant Boyland 94 Stratton, St Michael. 10171,71 m. from Diss is New

BUCKENHAM, where are Hall, F. W. Irby, Esq.

the ruins of an ancient 87 Bird-in-Hand. 1023

castle, and a spacious

church,containing a rich61 Newton Flotman. 1043 lycarved screen, and some Shottesham Park.

interesting monuments. Dunston Hall. 27 Harford Bridge. 1088 Mangreen Hall.

cr. the river Y a

To New Buckenham,

131 miles. NORWICH, (n. 465.) 111 To Wymondham, 8) m.


EAST DEREHAM, 1283 Miles.


11 mile from Watton is Merton Hall (Lord 461 Walsingham), a fine an

tiquated mansion in the 451 Gothic style, standing in 437 an extensive park, diversified with rich plantations.

402 1 mile from Shipdham 38 is Letton Hall, B. Gurdon, Esq.


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