Imatges de pàgina
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And pen her up.

Queen. Beseech your patience; peace,
Dear lady daughter, peace. Sweet Sovereign, la
Leave us t’ our felves, and make your self some comfort
Out of your beft advice. »

O tie 57
Cym. Nay, let her languish
A drop of blood a-day; and, being aged, to
Die of this folly:

in ji[Exit.

va і оиз". Enter Piranio. Queen. Fie, you'must give way : Here is your servant. How now, Şir? what news?

Pif. My lord your fon drew on my mastered 2009 - Queen. Hah!

if yos No harm, I trust, is done ?

swoj 9:! Pif. There might have been, By 901 But that my master rather play'd, than fought, Is And had no help of anger: they were parted By gentlemen at hand.

902 grQueen. I'm very glad on't. 5650 djud

Imo. Your son's my father's friend, he takes his part, To draw upon an exile: O brave Sir!

-As I would they were in Africk both together, My self by with a needle, that I might pricky The goer-back. Why came you from your master?

Pin On his Command; he would not fuffer me To bring him to the haven: left these notesi A Of what commands I should be subject to, When't pleas'd you to employ me. 3< { ; : ° Queen. This hath been

Enne Your faithful servant: I dare lay mine honour, lo He will remain so ..

:00 09 Pif. I humbly thank your Highness. lianit mos a:1 1 Queen. Pray, walk a while. juni 9:2.bps Imo. About some half hour hence, pray you; speak bad s

d with me, ierindeymi (10) You shall, at least, go see my Lord aboard. 4 For this time leave me. orici I (Exeunt.

?Jul 1861. doir


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Op 1981 1194 DAA Enter Cloten, and two Lords,

oras 19 syone i Lordi Sir, I would advise you to shift a shirt; the violence of action hath made you reek as a sacrificel Where air comes out, air comes in : there's none a broad so wholsome as That you vent. a..?? Clot. If my shirt were bloody, then to shift it.

-time Have I hurt him? 2 Lord. No, faith : Not so much as his patience.

Y '10

[Aside. 1 Lord. Hurt him? his body's a passable carkass, if he be not hurt. It is a thorough-fare for steel, if ic be not

2 Lord. His steel was in debt, it went o'th' backside the town

[/side. Clot. The Villain would not stand me.

2 Lord. Ņo, but he fled forward ftill, toward your face.

[Afide. i Lord. Stand you? you have land enough of your own; but he added to your Having, gaye you some ground.

2 Lord. As many inches as you have oceans, pup. pies!

[Xfided Clot. I would, they had not come between us.

2 Lord. So would I, 'till you had measur'd how long a fool you were upon the ground. [Aside.

Clot. And that the should love this fellow, and res fuse me!-- 39;tabase

2 Lord. If it be a sin to make a trüe election, she's damn'd.

20! [Afde. i Lord. Sir, as I told you always, her beauty and her brain go not together. She's a good Signibud I have seen imall reflection of her wit., pidmon

2 Lord. She shines not upon fools, left the reflection fhould hurt her. son zion

to od A [Afide. Clot. Come, I'll to my chamber : 'would, there had been some hurt done! Yo solo polje stil boyu

2 Lord. I wish not so; unfefs it had been the fall of an ass, which is no great hurt.

[ Aside. Clot. You'll go with us?

I Lord.

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Lord. Till attend Your Potathip. In id some

11 Clot. Nay, together. In

muru 2 Lord. Well, 3152513 elab 10 e90 (Exeunt.

T SCENE, Imogen's Apartments.NA

I 142.5 TDI coow Enter Imogen, and Pisanio. d 199*

la noqu 2001 Imo.

I Would, thou grew it unto the shores o’th had And question d'rt every fail: if he should write a sdT And I not have it, 'twere a paper loftrica batut SVSH As offer'd mercy is, What was the last

០៧ That he spake with thee?

su lien arw Pis. 'Twas, “ His Queen, bis Queen! uns: 98 111 Imo. Then way'd his handkerchief?

HV jxan ciddi Pif. And kiss’d it, Madam.

je lib I. Imo. Senseless linnen, happier therein thgn, Ibiq foM And that was all?

artis bloow I wont Pif. No, Madam ; (6) for so long as c2rrizi ona doza As he could make me with this eye, or car o a'edi 2111 Distinguish him from others, he did keep tonni apa The'deck, with glove, or hat, or handkçachjefa aris ? A Still waving, as the fits and stirs of's mind 79110030T (6)

for fe lone lineari ut nevnd ni mki As he could make

me with his Eye
for so long Ear Mid gyi

& Distinguisha him from others, ). But how could Postbusus make him self diftinguith'd by his Ear to Pifania ? By his Tongue she might, to A the other's Ear : and this was certainly Shakafpeare's Intention. We mult! therefore read, as Mr. Warburton hinted to me;

As he could make me with thiş Eye, or Ear,

Diftinguish bim from otbörs. 134
The Expression is d'extiras, as the Greeks terme it: TharPárty (peak-
ing points to the Part spoken of. So Polonius in Hamlar il nuov 2119

Take This from This, if this be otherwife.
i. ei take my Head from my Neck Both which belongs

points to whilft he speaks: So, Hector to Antas, in Virgil. Du

Si Pergama dextrâ in bay
Defendi poffent, etiàm hâc defensa fuiffent.

neid. Ir.
And, fo, in Terence ;
Sos. Satin' hoc certum eft?

Ge. Certum hisce oculis egomet vidi, Softrata. Adelph. 4. 3. S. 2. And a Multitude of Instances might be quoted to prove this Ulage.



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Could best express how slow hiş fou_fail?d on, histo
How swift his ship:

Imo. Thou should have woning

-Aš little as a crow, or less, ere left
To after-eye him.

Pif. Madam, fo I did: 'aegomi 7710
İmo. I would have broke mine cye-Irings; cracket
'em, but

she CC
To look upon him; 'till the diminution
Of space

had pointed him Tharp as my needles Nay, follow'd him, 'till he had melted from

gnat, to airand then Have gurn'd mine eye,

and wept. - But, good Pi Sanio, When shall we hear from him?

Pif. Be assur'a, Madam,
With his next vantage.

Imo. I did not take my leave of him, but had
Most pretty things to say: ere I could tell him,
How I would think on him, at certain hours,
Such thoughts, and fuch; or, I could make him (wear, A
The She's of Italy laould not betray
Mine interest, and his honour; or have charg'd him,
At the sixth hour of morn, at noon, at midnight,
T'encounter the with orisons ; (for then
I am in heaven for him ;) or ere I could
Give him that parting kiss, which I had fet
Betwixt two charming words, comes in my Father;
And, like the tyrannous breathing of the North,
Shakes all our bude from growing.

Enter's Lady.
Lady. The Queens, Madam,

i pouso T

serito Desires your Higme Company.

Imo. Those things I bid you do, get them dispatch'd.
I will attend the Queen. 233***
Pif. Madam, I shall. txak se


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SCENE changes to Rome. Enter Philario, Iachiino, and a French man. Iach.

B ;

he was then of a crescent Note; expected to prove so worthy, as since he hath been allowed the name of. But I could then have look'd on him, without the help of admiration ;. though the catalogue of his endowments had been tabled by his side, and I to peruse him by Items.

Phil. You speak of him when he was less furnishid, thán now he is, with That which makes him both without and within.

French. I have seen him in France ; we had very many there, could behold the sun with as firm eyes as he.

Iacb. This matter of marrying his King's Daughter, (wherein he must be weighed rather by her value, than his own) words him, I doubt not, a great deal from the matter.

French. And then his banishment -

Iach. Ay, and the approbation of those, that weep this lamentable divorce under her colours, are wonderfully to extend him ; be it but to fortifie her judgment, which else an eafie battery might lay flat, for taking a beggar without more quality. But how comes it, he is to fojourn with you ? how creeps acquaintance?

Phil. His father and I were soldiers together, to whom I have been ofren bound for no less than my life.

Enter Posthumus. Here comes the Britain. Let him be fo entertained amongst you, as suits with Gentlemen of

know ing, to a stranger of his quality. I beseech you all, be better known to this Gentleman ; 'whom í commend to you as a noble friend of mine. How worthy he is, I will leave to appear hereafter, rather than ito: ry him in his own hearing




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