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newspapers, which, as it turned out, though rich, have both gót convoy.' mighi have proved to be by far the most Ah, 1oo strong for your friends, Obeddangerous topic I could have hit upon. I see, I see. Francis Baring, Loan He had laid them aside, having taken French, master-an odd name, rather, them out of the locker when he was for a skipper;" remark forty serumaging for the linen. “What have roons of cochineal and some specie ; is we here-- Kingston Chronicle, Mon- to sail from Morant Bay on 5th proximo, tego Bay Gazette, Falmouth Advertiser. to go through the windward passage ; A great newsmonger you must be. may be expected off Cape St. Nicolas on What arrivals ?- let me see;- you the 12th or thereby." I laid down the know I am a week from head quarters. paper, and looked him full in the face. Let me see.

i Nicolas is an ominous name. I fear the At first he made a motion as if he good ship Francis Baring will find it so. would have snatched them out of my Some of ihe worthy saint's clerks to be hands, but speedily appeared to give up fallen in with off the Mole, eh? Don't the idea, merely murmuring—"What you think as I do, Obed ?!! Still silent. can it signify now ?"

Why, you seem to take great delight I continued to read _"Chanticleer in noting the intended departures and from a cruise-Tonant from Barbadoes expected arrivals, my friend-merely to --Pique from Port-au Prince. Oh, the satisfy your curiosity, of course; but, next into ests me--the Firebrand is to come to close quarters with you, daily expected from Havanna ; she is to captain, I now know pretty well the come through the gulf, round Cape An- object of your visiting Jamaica now and tonio, and beat up the haunts of the then, you are indeed no vulgar pirates all along the Cuba shore."" smuggler." I was certain now that at the mention “ It is well for you, and good for myof this corvette mine host winced in self, Mr. Cringle, that something weighs earnest, This made me anxious to heavy at my heart at this moment, and probe him farther. “Why, what means that there is that about you which, notthis pencil mark— Firebrand's number withstanding your ill-timed jesting, off the Chesapeake was 1022 ?' How commands my respect, and engages my the deuce, my fine fellow, do you know good-will

had it not been so, you that?"

would have been alongside of poor He shook his head, but said nothing, Paul at this moment. He leant his and I went on reading the pencil me arms upon the table, and gazed intense. moranda—". But this is most probably ly on iny face as he continued in a sochanged ; she now carries a red cross lemn tremulous tone-"Do you believe in the head of her foresail, and has very in auguries, Mr. Cringle? Do you beshort lower masts, like the Hornet.'" lieve that coming events cast their shaStill he made me no answer. I pro- dows before ?'”—Oh, that little Wiggy ceeded—“Stop, let me see what mer- Campbell had been beside me to have chant ships are about sailing. Loading seen the figure and face of the man who for Liverpool, the Jolin Gladstone, Peler now quoted him !-“Yes, I do, it is Ponderous, master ;'" and after it, part of the creed of every sailor to do again in pencil-"Only sugar; goes so; I do believe that people have had through the gulf.'-Only sugar," said forewarnings of peril to themselves or I, still fishing ; “ too bulky, I suppose. their friends.” - Ariel, Jenkins, Whitehaven;'

“ Then what do you think of the mark sugar, coffee, and log wood. mate beckoning me with his dead hand Nuestra Senora de los Dolores, to sail to follow him?" for Chagres on 7th proximo;'” remark " Why, you are raving, Obed; you

-"rich cargo of bale goods, but no saw that he had been much convulsed, chance of overtaking her. -El Rayo to and that the limb, from the contraction sail for St. Jago de Cuba on the 10th of the sinews, was forcibly kept down proximo ;' remark “sails fast; in the position it broke loose from-the armed with a long gun, and musketry; spunyarn gave way, and of course it thirty hands; about ten Spanish pas- started up-nothing wonderful in all sengers; valuable cargo of dry goods; this, although it did at the same time main-mast rakes well aft; new cloth in somewhat startle me, I confess.” the foresail about half way up; will be “ It may be so, it may be so. I don't off the Moro about the 13th.' And know," rejoined he, “but taken along what is this written in ink under the with what I saw before"above?--'The San Pedro from Chagres, Here his voice sank into so hollow and Marianita from Santa Martha, al- and sepulchral a tone as to be alınost

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unintelligible. « But there is no use all tight and snog--now put that matin arguing on the subject. Answer me trass into it, and there is linen in the this, Lieutenant Cringle, and truly, so chest." In a trice my couch was righelp you God, at your utmost need, did ged, all comfortable, snow-white linen, the mate leave ihe cabin at auy mo- nice pillow, soft mattrass, &c., and ment after I was wounderl by the Obed, filling me another tumbler, helped splinter ?And he seized one of my himself also; he then drank to my hands convulsively with bis iron paw health, wished me a sound sleep, prowhile he pointed up through the open mised to call me at day-light, and as he scuttle towards heaven with the other, left the cabin he said, “Mr. Cringle, which trembled like a reed. The moon had it been my object to have injured shone strong on the upper part of his you, I wonld not have waited until now. countenance, while the yellow smoky You are quite safe so far as depends on glare of the candle over which he bent, me, so take your rest-good night, once blending harshly and unharmoniously more. I tuinbled into bed, and never with the pale silver light, fell full on once opened my eyes until Obed called his uncouth figure, and on his long me at day-light, that is, at five in the scraggy bare neck and chin and cheeks, morning, according to his promise. giving altogether a most unearthly ex

To be continued. pression to his savage features, from the conflicting tinis and changing sha

Table Talk. dows cast by the flickering moonbeams streaming fitfully through the skylight, Biography of Goethe.-This great as the vessel rolled to and fro, and by man had bis Boswell. Falk, a writer the large torchlike candle as it wavered well known in the literary world of in the night wind. The Prince of the Germany, has left an account of his Powers of the Air might have sat for conversations with Goethe. The work his picture by proxy. It was just such has been for more than four years in a face as one has dreamed of after a hot the hands of a bookseller, who, with snpper and cold ale, when the whisky with becoming delicacy, refrained from had been forgotten - horrible, changing publishing it during the life of Goethe. vague, glimmering, and undefined; and as if something was still wanting to

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JEREMY Bencomplete the utter frightfulness of his

THAM.-Doctor Bowring, it is said, is aspect, the splinter wound in his head making great progress in the prepaburst out afresh from his violent agita. ration of the autobiography of the late tion, and streamed down in heavy drops

Jereiny Bentham. It is now nearly from his forehead, falling warm on my ready for the press, and the voluines hand. I was much shaken at being will contain copious extracts from his adjured in this tremendous way, with correspondence with the most eminent the hot blood glewing our hands toge men of the age, with the opinions of the ther, but I returned his grasp as steadily great utilitarian philosopher, both as to as I could, while I replied with all the the persons, event, and publications, composure he had left me, and that which have most excited the pnblic atwould not have quite filled a Win. tention in the last century. chester bushel,

LEGEND OF WAMBA, KING OF SPAIN. He never left my side from the —As this was the age of miracles (672), time he offered to take your place after we need not be surprised that one is you had been wounded." He fell back recorded relating to this prince. His against the locker as if he had been elevation is said by some chroniclers to shot through the heart. His grasp re- be the work of Heaven.' The legend is laxed, he drew his breath very hard, that when St. Leo, in compliance with and I thought he had fainted.

the earnest wishes of the Goths, prayed “Then it was not him that stood by that they might be divinely directed in me; I thought it might have been him, the choice they were about to make; he but I was a fool, it was impossible.” was admonished that they must seek a

He made a desperate effort to recover labourer who resided in the west, named his composure, and succeeded." And, Wamba, and whom they must crown. pray, Master Obediah," quoth I, “what Soldiers were accordingly despatched in did you see?" He answered me search of the man. They found him at sharply—"Never mind, never mind- plough on the confines of Portugal, and here, Potomac, lend us a hand to sling acquainted him with his elevation. a cot for this gentleman; there now, Considering their solemnity as a studied see the lanyard is sound, and the lacing joke, he replied, that they would doubt

was the

es make him a king, when the pole Demosthenes, of a blacksmith ; Virgil, which he held in his hand should again of a baker ; Horace, of a freed-man; flourish. To the astonishment of all Terence, of a slave; Amyot, of a curpresent, the reply was scarcely returned rier ; Voiture, of a publican; Lamothe, when the dry wood was clothed with of a hatter ; Flechier, of a chandler; verdure! Of course they took him away Sixtus Quintus, of a swine-herd; Tato Toledo, and there crowned him. merlane, of a shepherd; Romilly, of a Irish Faith.-In one of my rambles, baker ; Rollin, of a cutler; Moliere, of

goldsmith; Quinault, of a journeyman says Wilderspin, a fine young woman,

an upholsterer; Massillon, of a turner; about twenty-two years of age, in a

J. B. Rousseau, of a shoemaker; J. J. very dirty and ragged plight, came out Rousseau, of a watchmaker; Galland, of a wretched hovel, and with intense of a cobler; Beaumarchais, of a watchemotion said, “O, for the love of God maker; Ben Jonson, of a mason ; and of the holy virgin, y'er honour, give Shakspeare, of a butcher ; Rembrandt, me a penny!" On bestowing what I of a miller; Sir T. Lawrence, of a pubthought proper, I observed her enter a lican; Collins, of a hatter ; Gray, of a neighbouring cabin, - where various scrivener ; Beattie, of a farmer; Tom articles were sold, and bring from

Moore, of a grocer. thence two candles. Anxious to watch her still farther, I followed her to her dwelling, built of earth, in which were

Harieties. four posts driven in the ground; on them an oblong block was placed, mea

ITALIAN SLOTH.—Itiscommon in Italy suring about four yards by two, which,

as in France, for men to have their shoes I supposed, served for a bed; and on

shined in the street, and the shoe-blacks this, some straw or rushes appeared beneath a rug: Observing her gazing go about the streets carrying a little box,

which serves both to carry the blacking with great intentness on it, and not noticing me, though standing at the and brushes, and as a stool to put the door, I was led to intrude, by asking one day to see a boy who was in the

An Englishman happening what was there? “Och! sure,” reply, “and is'nt it my own dear, dear in the street against the wall of a house,

habit of cleaning his boots, lying asleep darlint ?'' and, lifting up the rug; she his box serving him for a pillow, he exposed to my view the corpse of her babe. Affected by the sight and the gave the fellow a shove with his foot, emotion of the mother, I entered into and told him he wanted his boots blackconversation with her, and at length litan, turning round and recognising his

No, Signore," said the Neapoventured to speak of a future state, on

No, which, though she had paid marked employer with half open eyes, attention to all I said as to her own cir- Signore: ho gia mangiato.”—(“No,

Sir; I have had my dinner!") cumstances, she stared, and exclaiined, with mingled anxiety and apprehen CURIOUS EXPERIMENT. Place a sion, “ And is it you that talk about wine glass upon the edge of a table, and these things? Hav’nt we, now, our another wine-glass upon the edge of own priest to do this?

Does'nt he another table, at the distance of three come very often here?- and does'nt he, or four feet; a pine stick, of one-half sure, know more than you a great dale ? or three-fourths of an inch square, What is it, now, that he has not told being then laid across the two glasses, me? Och! ye need not be saying any so that its two ends may rest upon the thing at all, at all!” Nor would she two contigious edges of the glasses, allow me to resume the subject. I then strike the stick at right angles, in the naturally inquired,-if she had such middle, with a heavy cane, and it will great faith in Father O'Reilly, why she break 'in two without breaking the did not ask him to relieve her? “Och," glasses. The two pieces of the broken said she, “now I know that ye know stick fly up to the ceiling, while the nothing at all! Has he not often re- glasses remain, not only uninjured, but laved me? and sure did he not say, the

are not even moved from their places. last time he was here, that if I put my I have often, succesfully, repeated this trust in God, somebody would come

curious experiment; when, however, and help me, and, faith! has’nt he sent the glasses are thin, and the stick is too you ? and so no thanks to you."

strong, they will break; and they will ORIGIN OF CELEBRATED Men.—Eu- break in any event, if the stick does ripides was the son of a fruit woman; not.-Silliman's Journal.

P. C.

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Xllustrated Article.

straw hat, and wore the eternal greasy

red sash and long knife. He was a CUBA FISHER ME N. bold, daring-looking fellow, and fre?. Continued from p. 31.

quently looked frowningly on me, and

shook his head impatiently, while the By this time we were well in with the Capitan, as it seemed, was explaining Cuba shore; the land might be two to him who I was. Just in this nick of miles from us, as we could see the white time my friend Potonac handed up my surf. Out at sea, although all around uniform coat. I had previously been was clear' as crystal, there was nothing performing my ablutions on deck in my to be seen of the Gleam or Firebrand, shirt and trowsers, which I put on, swab but there were ten or twelve fishing ca and all, thinking no harm. But there noes, each manned with from four to must have been mighty great offence six hands, close aboard of us; we nevertheless, for the fisherman, in a seemed to have got becalmed in the twinkling, casting a fierce look at me, middle of a small fleet of them. The jumped overboard like a feather, clearnearest to us hailed in Spanish, in'a ing the rail like a flying fish, and swam very friendly way, Como estamos to his canoe, that had shoved off a few Capitan, que hay de nuevo; hay algo paces. de bueno, para los pobres Pesčadores?" When he got on board he stood up and the fellow who had spoken laughed and shook his clenched fist at Obed, loudly. The Capitan desired him too shouting, “Picaro, Traider, Ingleses hay come on board, and then drew him abordo, quieres enganarnos !” He then aside, conversing earnestly with him. Held up the blade of his paddle, a sigThe Spanish fisherman was a vēry nal which all the canoes answered in powerful man; he was equipped in a a moinent in the same manner, and blue cotton shirt, Osnaburg trowser's, then pulled towards the land, from sandals of untanned bullock's hide, á. whence a felucca, invisible until that Vol. X.


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moment, now swept out, as if she had ed to his ragamuffins, “ Comrades, we floated up the surface by magic, for I are betrayed ; there is an English officould see neither creek, nor indenta cer on board, who can be nothing but tion on the shore, nor the smallest a spy-follow me." symptom of any entrance to a port or And he dashed down the companion cove. For a few minutes the canoes ladder, knife in hand, while I sprung clustered round this necromantic craft, through the small scuttle, like a rat out and I could notice that two or three of one hole when a ferret is put in at hands from each of them jumped on the other, and crept as close to Obed as board; they then paddled off in a I could; Francisco, when he missed string, and. vanished one by one me, came on deck again. The captain amongst the mangrove bushes as sud- had now seized a cutlass in one hand, denly as the felucca had appeared. All and held a cocked pistol in the other. this puzzled me exceedingly, I looked It appeared he had greater control, the at Obed-he was evidently sorely per- nature of which I now began to complexed. “I had thought to have put prehend, over the felucca's people, than you on board a British vessel before Francisco bargained for, as the moment this, or failing that, to have run down, the latter went below, they released and landed you at St. Jago, Mr. Cringle, him, and went forward in a body. My as I promised, but you see I am pre- persecutor again advanced close up to vented by these honest men there ; get me, and seized me by the collar with below, and as you value your life, and one hand, and tried to drag me forward, I may say, mine, keep your temper, brandishing his naked knife aloft in the and be civil.” I did as he suggested, other. but peeped out of the cabin sky-light Obed promptly caught his swordto see what was going on, notwith- arm,-“ Francisco!” he exclaimed, standing. The felucca I could see was still in Spanish, “fool, madman, let armed with a heavy carronade on a pi.. go your hold, let go, or by the heaven vot, and as full of men as she could above us, and the hell we are both hold, fierce, half-naked, savage-looking hastening to, I will strike you dead.” fellows, as one could desire to see The man paused, and looked round she swept rapidly up to us, and closing to his own people, and seeing one or on our larboard quarter, threw about two encouraging glances and gestures five-and-twenty of her genteel young amongst them, he again attempted to people on board, who immediately se- drag me away from my hold on the tafcured the crew, and seized Obed.- ferel. Something flashed in the sun, However, they, that is, the common and the man fell! His left arm, the sailors, seemed to have no great sto- hand of which still clutched my throat, mach for the job, and had it not been while mine grasped its wrist, had been for the fellow I had frightened over- shred froin his body by Obed's cutlass, board, I don't think one of them would like a twig, and, oh God, my blood have touched him. Obed bore all this curdles to my heart, even now, when with great equanimity.

I think of it, the dead fingers kept the " Why, Francisco," he said, to this grasp sufficiently long to allow the arm personage, in good Spanish, “why, to fall heavily against my side, where what madness is this ? your suspicions it hung for some seconds, until the are groundless ; it is as I tell you, he muscles relaxed and it dropped on the is my prisoner, and whatever he may deck. The instant that Obed struck have been to me, he can be no spy on the blow, he caught hold of my hand,

threw away his cutlass, and advanced, “Cuchillo entonces," was the savage towards the group of the felucca's men, reply,

pistol in hand. "No, no,” persisted Obediah, get “Am I not your captain, ye cowards cool man, get cool, I am pledged that-have I ever deceived you yet-have I no harm shall come to him; and far- ever finched from heading you where ther, I have promised to put him ashore the danger was greatest-have you not at St. Jago, and I will be as good as my all that I am worth in your hands, and word.”

will you murder me now?" “ You can't if you would,” rejoined “Viva, el noble Capitan, viva !” Francisco ; "the Snake is at anchor un And the tide turned as rapidly in our der the Moro.”

vour as it had lately ebbed against “Then he must go with us."

“ We shall see as to that,” said the “As for that scoundrel, he has got other; then raising his voice, he shout- no more than he deserves,” said he,



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