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thus impeded, it rebounded, and took o'clock a fire broke out in the premises nearly a flraight direction of about of Mr. Mackeril, a considerable felleight or ten yards across the mill, and monger at Kingston upon Thames, forced its way through the upper part which, together, with the coach-houses, of the wall near to the roof.

ftables, lorses, &c. adjoining, were enSuch was the uncommon violence of tirely consumed. The London and the shock, that a man at work at the Westminster assurance engines rendered distance of two fields perceived the every poffible allistance, and happily ground to shake under him: the men prevented the further progress of the in the milf declare themselves unable to fiames. give any other account of the dread- 3. A general court was held at the ful accident, than that they found India house, for determining by hallot themselves of a sudden thrown flat upon the following question : the floor, without knowing the cause, “ That it is the opinion of this court, and that upon recovering themfelves, that in consideration of the long, faith and searching for their unfortunate ful, and important services of Warren companion, they discovered him with: Hastings, esq. and to mark the grateful out the least figns of life, and bruised sense entertained by this company of in a shocking manner.

the extensive benefits wh ch they have Dispatches were received from Sierra received from those services, a grant Leone, dated the 14th of March, by of annuity of five thouland pounds, which it appears that the colony had from the ilt January 1795, to isue from materially recovered from the eff-cts of the territorial revenues, during the term the late depredations of the French, of the company's present exclusive although no supplies had since that trade, to Warren Haltings, erg. his time arrived from England. A cargo executors, adminiitrators, and alligns, of necessaries had, however, been pur. be prepared by the court of directors, chased from an American fhip which and submitted to the board of commilcalled there. Great and successful ex- fioners for the affairs of India, for their ertions had been made by the settlers approval and confirmation, purluant to in opening and cultivating new farms, the Aći of Parliament." as well as in pushing their trade with On calling up the voles, the numbers the neighbouring parts... A delegate from the society of the friends of the

For the question

508 blacks in Rhode Iand (a black man of Againit it intelligence) had arrived at Freerown, with whom it was agreed, that about Majority

288 ten or twelve free black families from 12. The French seem completely to Rhode Iand should be permitted to have given up all idea of contesting the emigrate to Sierra Leone, proper telli- mastery of the ocean with us. The monials of their character being given. System of having several detached squaThe utmost harmony prevailed in the drons, therefore, conftantly at lea, colony, and the neighbouring natives seems to be the beit that this country continued to sew the most friendly dis- can adopt. pofition. Some deaths had happened

BIRTH S. foon after the departure of the French Jure 2. The lady of lord Aynsley, in confequrpce of the hardships which of a ton and heir. were then suffered ; but both rhe blacks

6. The lariy of lieutenant-colonel and whites were in general restored to Haldane, of a lon. good health before the date of the

9. The lady of E. B. Long, of dispatches, and all the neceflary build- Stratford Place, esq. of a son. ings were pearly finished. The compatiy's fip the Amy was

MARRIAGE S. met at sea within two days' fail of May 16. The rev. Rigbye Rigbye, Sierra Leone, which carried out a sup. A. M. of Harrock hall, in Lancashire, ply of necessaries and several passengers, to rcis Sarah Hamer, youngest daughter among whom was Mr. Daws, who is of the late James Hamer, of Hamer. returned to the colony as governor. hall, in the fame county, eig. 2. This afternoon, about

Capt. Donald Cameion, of the hon.





Łaft Inuia company's military ellablir

DE A T HS. nent at Bombay, to miss Helen Fearor, niece of P. Douglas, of New Caven. May 16. Lady Janet Sinclair, of the dith-ftreet, Portland-place, «fo. Canongate, Edinburgh, mother of fir

23. James Farquhar, cf Dodors' | John Sinclır, bart. member of parliaCommons, esq. to mils helen Jones, ment for the county of Calihnels. daugliter of the late Alexander Innes, Thomas Nichols, esq. purveyor of of Cowie, in the county of Kincardine, his majeliy’s dock-yard, at Post'iouth. efa.

Thomas Fiennes Pelham Cinton, Maxwell Carthshore, M. D. to duke of Newcalle. Mrs. Murrel, widow of the deceased 13. Chriftopher Fawcert, of WestWilliam Murrel, ef Charlton, Kent, gate-fieer, Newcaille-upon-Tyne, efq. ela.

recorder of that corporation. 30. Capt. Welies, of the 13th regi- 19. James Boswell, of Great Port: ment of foot, 10 mils Gardner, of Tuin- land-freet, esą. bridge Welis.

23. T. H. Medlycott, of VennFire 2. Gerrral John Morrison, of house, in the county of Somerset, ela. That-lik, to mils Bateman, of Ham-member of parliament for Milbourne merch.

Port. William Rooke Eeeds Sergeantsor, Thomas Sainsbury of New , Courtof Heat-hall, in the county of York, house, in the county of Devon, efqo efq. to miss Dawkins, eldest daughter alderman of the Ward of Billingfgate, of Henry Dawkins, of Portman-square, and late lord mayor of London. ela.

Samuel Freeman, of Mark-lane, in 4. John Kenredy, of New London- the parish of Carsphairn, Scotland, ftreet, esq. to mifs Crow, only daughter efq. of the late Dr. Crow, of the island of 30. The rev. Thomas More, of Jamaica.

Brook - ftreet, Bath, the last male de. Finlay Ferguson, of Linde-street, cendant of the great fir Thomas eq. to the hon. mifs Clefan, only | More. daughter of lord Kircudbright.

June 3. Capt. Thomas Allen, John William Clough, of Norton late commander of the Albion Eaft. Conyers, in the county of York, efq. | Indiaman. to mils Elizabeth Broughton, dauchter s. Charles Brietzake, of St. James s of the rev. fir Thomas Brougliton, Place, esq. late of the secretary of late's bart.

office. 8. Edward Farnham, of Quorndon, 6. Sir Nicholas Conway Colthurst, Leicestershire, efq. and brother to the of Stephen's green, Dublin, bart, recountefs of Denbigh, to mi's Rhudde, presentative in the Irish parliament for daughter of the rev. Dr. Rhudde, of The borough of Cloghockelty. Eat Baghot, Suffok.

Edward Muxine, of Pickwell, in 10. Lieutenant colare! Ditman, to Leicestershire, efq. high sheriff for that mils Mary Anne Hill, Oaugtiler of

county Join Bull, of Hull, esq.

John Ansly, of Bread. ftreet, efq. Juhn Willes, e'q. eldest son of the 8. The lady of William Miles, of late hon. Mr. Jufice Willes, to miss Hatton Garden, efq. Charloite Floyer, only danyhirt of 10. Dr. James Williamson, of GlasCharks Eloyer, of Portland Place, gow, emeritus profefior of mathemaein.

tics in that university. 12. Thomas Frederick, esq. elden Henry May, elq: late captain in the finaaf general Frederick, io mits 20:h regiment of tont. Glelle, i dest daughter of the rev. Mr. 12. Thomas Williams, of Idington, Gizlik, oi Percombe, Herefordfire. esq.


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priated solely to their Use and Amusement.

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This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. A new Pattern of Sprigs for a Gown, Apron, &c. 2. Ruins of a Roman

Temple iu Italy. 3. The Brothers. And 4. The Billet-Doux, Words by J. P. B. esq. Music by R. Hudsun.

LONDON, Printed for G. G, and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater

nofter Row, where Favours from Correspondents will be received.

TO our CORRESPONDENTS, D. L.'s Elay iş very excellent, but it is to be found nearly verbatim in the Mirror.

We should be obliged to the ingenious authoress of De Courville Castle, to send us rather longer Continuations,

B. R.'s Strictures are inadmissible.

If T. M. will favour us with another copy of his enigmatical lifts, they Thall be inserted.

Received, -Ode to Charity.-- The Philosopher outwitted ; a Tale. Stanzas to Miss C-Epithalamium.-Verses to a Young Lady playing the guitar.–Pannarius's lists and epigrams.-G, C.'s Rebus,

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Lady's Magazine ;

For j U LY,


To the Editor of the LADY'S The ruling passion of Vioulis was MAGAZINE

a thirft for glory, and his delight SIR,

the narratives of the terrible battles

and innumerable conquests of the Amusing myself the other day with great king Mah-poul-har, the pow.

a French book, which I believe erful sovereign Trara-Long, and is not much known, entitled Choix the mighty monarch Hiolam. In de Petits Romans, &c. I was Europe, it is true, we fcarcely know much pleased with the following the names of these immortal kings ; little piece, of which I send you but the annals of Samarcand, which a translation, to be inserted, if are now loit, were filled with their you think proper, in your agree. glorious achievements; and the able Miscellany.

great deeds of these renowned heELIZ. H

roes, so celebrated by fame, inflam

ed the ardent mind of Vioulis with Lancaster, June 13.

an eager defire to rival their glory,

and rendered odious to him the reVioulis: an EASTERN TALE.

tirement and tranquillity in which

his father compelled him to live. AZEM, the wise and the be- At the close of a delightful day

neficent, fwayed the sceptre in the spring; as the prince was of power on the throne of Samar- fitting on an eminence near Sacand. He governed in peace, marcand, leaning on a volume of the and made hinilelf respected by his Samarcandian Annals, and reflecting neighbours, without atrempting to on the obscurity in which he was enlarge his dominions. His grateful compelled to pass his youth, there people called him Hazem the Gjod, suddenly appeared before him the and his enemies at once feared and figure of an aged man, with a esteemed him : in fine, he attained resplendent countenance, cloathed to happiness, so rarely the portion in a long robe, and whose fiiver of kings.

beard descended to his girdle studHazem had an 'only fon, to whole ded with diamonds. 6 My son,', education he was particularly atten

said he to the prince, “ you appear tive ; it was not committed to a der- to me melancholy,-may I enquire vise, and Vioulis, though a prince, the cause of your uneasiness ?”. was a man of honour and integrity. Though you are a Atranger to me,


I will


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