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නිටුඅනිටුවන Initial Mystical letters.

A fortunate letter qƏo (literally nectar) at the beginning of a Poem will occasion prosperity, an unfortunate letter çdo (literally poison) will destroy the whole work. A vowel 46 must not be used in the middle of a Ganna.

896 gosset. The unlucky initials are o, , , , 0, 0, 4, Son, e, qo. The lucky initials are e, o,@, 0, 0, 0, 0, @, 8, o, ç,

છે, જે , C, O, a.

oorç sono con Good and bad nativities. e, R. (which are said to comprehend all the vocal sounds of the Alphabet) influence the 30 Or, or hours of the Singhalese day and night, six of these hours being allotted to each vowel. As follows :—These periods, called osnovo in Sauscrit, begin with the rising of the sun. a. The first represents are Infancy. Second

36 half growth. Third

0090 Youth. Fourth




Death. of these the three first periods are propitious, and the two last adverse. Poets are forbidden to write verses on the inferior casts.

The four high casts @303 Brahmas, 00 Kings, Gacę Merchants, and 10038 Cultivators, have each their appropriate letters The 1st. the Dos Family of 0, 0, 0, 0. end.

of 0, 0, and the single letters 2,6. 3rd. the single letters

4th. ... do. oa, , , , The family of Q includes all the vowels. of ක the letters ක, ඛ, ග, ඝ,

0, 0, 0, ba, mę. of o

O, O, a, e, some of op ... 00, O, ę, a, 87.

, , of o ... 0, 0, 2, , O. aça The God, oso Man, 83 cod Animals, and 850 m Devils, have each their adherent class of letters called 008.

For the 1st, all the short vowels and all the letters belonging to the families of *, 0, 0, 0, 0 except the last letter of each @, mą, bos, os, O. 2nd, All the long vowels and the last letters of the five familiea; viz. @ bm, 87, 9. 3rd, These single letters ~, 6, C, , ca. 4th, These single letters , , , . with P and o.

The letters with reference to their mystical influence have also Genders. The vowels are male, the consonants female, and the 38 neuter, .


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It is necessary to know under what class of letters a person is born, in order to choose for the beginning of a Poem a letter which has a propitious influence. The five simple vowels 4, 8, C, , , form the first class, whose corresponding animal is onmd wild cat.

, co.

මහවත්. Owl.


200. Tiger. 2, a, com

ත, ද, න.

තුරඟ. Horse. ප, බ,

,, .

බිලිපුටු. Crow. 0, 0, 0, 0.

ව 7th.
Deer. W, B, e

8th. Each of these classes has an appropriate animal connected with the nativity of the person, which animal augurs either good or ill fortune.

RULE 1st. Mo, 02056. Learned men who are conversant with the Rules of sages, are not satisfied in the construction of a verse to introduce in the middle of it a sanda (two words united by elision), samas (compound words), or the inflexion of a verb or noun.

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Bindu and C Sangnike are called Sw&B, meaning characters which cannot be sounded alone.

Qamas. Example: 028 we. Here 033 which is long by rule is increased by the Doc. One aspiration called eged s also represents the sounding of a Mat. RULE 2nd. gosocol.* Is the repetition of the same word in a different sense. Example 1st. 0898508ces: cercoweg. වනනට :

Examples of the eight Ms. . ooola .

((( Be prosperous. 89. non900. බ. සුබ.

(11 Be Happy. 6. Boei.

1(( Three world's chief (Budba). ජ. මගඩාර.

T(1 A name of the God cows. 6. 236.8.

(1( A name of a river. a. 8968.

11( Name of Vishnu. ත. සසැහි.

((1 Race of snakes. N.B. (is the sign of the long, and I of the short syllable.

Ill To you.

« This cloud (literally water-giver) gives fire to amorous † women.” Example 2nd. 590188 og den 32 33əm&

quest 26 Hoob, “Cupid having despised the weak limbs of divorced women's enfeebled bodies made them lean."

RULE 3rd. Ootodaged. If there be any contrariety in the relations of the words in the figure or in the sense, this faulty expression is called qorodaged (wrong signification.) Example: 256 mswers) 60090 Boteco0s. 82858988uçun 2005€ DuBaw. “Oh! well disposed Sir, your fame a young woman having a dancing place to dance on the Poet's tongues, will continually revolve, on all sides like a wreath of flowers.

RULE 4th. 8C case. When one mode of expression is adopted in the beginning of a verse, and another is used in the same verse for the same subject, this is called BED@as. Example: ecco&sonog 88888888n t egon MEGA Ostaçdowowolcon.

“The own husbands to Giri, Siri, and Visi, the golden, silver, and azure Gods, continually bestow blessings.

Here the gods Iswara, Vishnu, and Maha Brahma, are first invoked as the husbands of Giri, Siri, and Visi; and then by their colours: but the principal fault of the construction appears to be that the gods when described by the colours, are not placed in the same order as when described by their wives. Iswara is the husband of Giridu(the daughter of marble), his colour is silver ;-Vishnu is the husband of

From gon again, and Qouot signification. This word is an example of සඳ. + The coolness of the cloud is considered a provocative to desires,

This sign of the dative case which applies to all the three nouns is only placed after the last,

Siri (gladness), his colour azure;—and Maba Brahma of Visi (the goddess of speech), his colour gold.

RULE 5th. amaged. Means misconception: the example given is an instance of obscurity in the expression. It alludes to one of the incarnations of Vishnu as a pig, in which form having wounded 2000, the great snake which supports the earth, the sea of blood which flowed from the wound, the Poet in the example says, buoyed up the earth. It is observed by the Grammarian, that he ought to have mentioned that the blood proceeded from the wound of the snake. Example: Geosto@s908) celerawaço dos objeg. “The pig by a sea of blood buoyed up the earth.”

RULE 6th. qes@uoL Daged. Is an example of improper composition. The sun and the planet os are supposed to be enemies; and when there is an eclipse of the sun this luminary is said to be followed by Raha, which planet has the form of a snake.

The Poet in the following line alludes to the precious stone that is said to be in the throat of the Cobra Capella, and compares the sun when swallowed by the planet Raha to the stone. Example: goo{w¢.8661cos ocor. “May the sun (who is) the precious stone in the throat of Raha (the snake) give you this advantage.”

RULE 7th. Oqocolaged. Is the irregularity of abstruse and quaint expression, where the expression is buried, origosos from Osuegos buried and pos—meaning in the examples the quarter of twelve, is an obscure way of expressing three; and five times twenty of expressing one hundred. Ist Example: açopanno. “The god with the quarter of twelve eyes;” meaning Isura. 2d Example: 008823096 M0) o mons. “I will protect you five twenty years."



RULE 8th. Ostmaq,ed. Is the irregularity of a discordant (literally, broken.) It is applied to a comparison when the subject compared is of a different Gender from what it is compared to. In the example the Moon, which is masculine, is compared to the female bird, secs, which according to the Singhalese rules of Poetry is a solecism. Example * 886.8wm900. “The Moon white like the female bird Hansa.”

Rule 9th. as@dased. This is an instance of the Bathos, in which the object compared is debased by the comparison; විමලඹර සතලමෙන්. “ The sky clear as a tank (pond).”

RULE 10th. conged. Is that species of bad composition called Hyperbole, where the object is extravagantly magnified, as in the following example. 8500mg w2039, 02925.8. “ The fire fly illuminous like the sun.”

RULE 11th. Duco staged. This is the reverse of the last fault in composition, and consists in diminishing, or debasing the object of the comparison. Example 370088806 Oms. “A strong man from respect to his master (became) like a dog." The four last faults are classed together under the general name of wood.ged very irregular. Poets having investigated these matters will enjoy prosperity among learned men. Having done with these barbarians, know what learned teachers have said as to the formation of verses. A line cannot end with e, a detached vowel. The four consonants , o, 2,8, which collectively are called wêxos, cannot end a line, unless there be a penultimate consonant sounded with

• The Moon is called ea from its coolness, as the Sun is called 0 from its heat,

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