Imatges de pÓgina

Fill high the bowl with Samian wine,

Our virgins dance beneath the shadeI see their glorious black eyes shine;

But gazing on each glowing maid,

My own the burning tear-drop laves,

To think such breasts must suckle slaves.

Place me on Sunium's marble steep,

Where nothing, save the waves and I, May hear our mutual murmurs sweep;

There, swan-like, let me sing and die:

A land of slaves shall ne'er be mine

Dash down yon cup of Samian wine!

& μάται ̓ ὀνείρατα· τίς γὰρ ἀνὴρ φαίνεται Πάτμου κατ ̓ ἔρημον ἄλσος; ὄλβιος δή τις περὶ δ ̓ οἱ πρόσωπον ἵσταται ἀστήρ

προπρὸ δ ̓ ὀφθαλμῶν μέγα φάσμ ̓ ὄρωρεν ἠνὶ, χρυσαῖς λαμπάσιν ἐμπρέπει Τις χαλκόπους, πυρωπός, ἔχει δ ̓ ἄρ ̓ ὠρανοῖο καὶ ᾅδου

ἐν χεροῖν κλαΐδας· ὅρημ', ὅρημι παμφαὲς Πατρὸς σέβας, ἴρισίν τε τὸν θρόνον στίλβοντα· κλύω, κλύω σάλπιγγος αϋτὰν

ἄσχετον τρέμ ̓ ὠρανὸς, ἔτρεμ ̓ αἰθὴρ, καὶ θάλασσα συντεταραγμένα, γἃ δ ̓ ἐῤῥάγη βροντῇσι διαμπερές. θαυμάστ ̓ ἀνέφηνε

καρδίαις πιστῶν Θεός· ἀλλὰ νῦν μοι χαιρέτω πάντ ̓ ἔσσεται, εὖτε θνατοῖς λάμψεται τὸ κύριον ὑψόθεν τε

λεσφόρον άμαρ.


Book V.

Hear, all ye angels, progeny of light,

Thrones, dominations, princedoms, virtues, powers,

Hear my decree, which unrevoked shall stand.

This day I have begot, whom I declare

My only Son, and on this holy hill

Him have anointed, whom ye now behold

At my right hand; your head I him appoint; And by myself have sworn; to him shall bow All knees in heaven, and shall confess him Lord :

Under his great vicegerent reign abide

United, as one individual soul,

For ever happy: him who disobeys,

Me disobeys, breaks union, and that day,
Cast out from God and blessed vision, falls
Into utter darkness, deep ingulf'd, his place
Ordain'd without redemption, without end.


Κλυτέ μευ, οὐράνιοι, φωτὸς γένος αἰθερίοιο,
Κοιρανίαι, δυνάμεις τε, θρόνοι τ', ἀρεταί τε, κράτη τε,
Κλντε Θεοῦ βούλευμα, τὸ καὶ τετελεσμένον ἔσται.
Σήμερον ἐξ ἡμῶν φύεται, τὸν Παῖδ ̓ ὀνομάζω,

Μοῦνον Παῖδ ̓ ἀγαπητόν· ἔχρισα δέ


κατὰ κλιτὺν

Τήνδ' ἱερήν· ὃν ἐμοίγε παρήμενον εἰσοράασθε
Δεξιτερῇ τοῦτον δ' ὑμῖν ἄρχοντ ̓ ἐπέθηκα

Καὶ κεφαλῇ κατένευσ ̓ ἐπὶ δὲ μέγαν ὅρκον ὄμοσσα.
Τοῦτον γουνυπετείς πάντων γένος οὐρανιώνων
Ὑμνήσουσιν ἄνακτα· πατρὸς δ ̓ ἀρχὴν διέποντι
Πειθόμενοι, μάκαρες καὶ ὅμοιοι πάντες ἔσονται,

Ὡς μία τις

ψυχή δυσδαίμων δ ̓ ὅς κ' ἀπίθηται

Κεῖνος ἐμοὶ μάχεται, θείην θ ̓ ὁμόνοιαν ἀτίζει

Καὶ μάλα τοῦτο κατ ̓ ἦμαρ ἐμοῦ τ ̓ ἄπο καὶ μακαριτών Νόσφιν ἀποῤῥιφθεὶς, ὑπὸ τάρταρον εἶσιν ἄπειρον

Εἰς βάθεα σκοτόεντα, καὶ αὐτόθι δῶμα κιχήσει Μόρσιμον· οὐδ ̓ ἐκ τῶνδε λύσις πέλετ ̓ οὐδὲ τελευτή.


Here is verdure and bloom on the bush and the tree,

And many a flower sweetly blows:

But one is the dearest of all to me;

"Tis the joy of my heart, 'tis the Rose.

The snowdrop is fair, and the pansies are gay,
The daisy with smile cheers the ground;

And sweet in the bush is the white-thorn of May,
And woodbine that clusters around:

But the flower of my soul hath a lustre more bright,
And a loveliness deeper than those ;

The pride of the garden, the summer's delight,
Oh! the queen of them all is the Rose.

The lily with grace doth her petals unfold,
The tulip with rich scarlet glows,

The daffodil wears a mantle of gold,

But all these must yield to the Rose.

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