Imatges de pÓgina


Monthly Journal of Fashion.

No. 1.


Vol. I.



LONDON AND PARISIAN FASHIONS Velour epingle and white satin are also much

worn; shape rather open, and slightly inclined to

the right or to the left, ornamented with white “ The Petit Courrier des Dames"_“ Journal feathers, oftener with blond lace, and some few

with neuds of ribbons taillades. des Dames et des Modes L'Observateur des Modes

Velvet hats, with two or three næuds only, of et L'indiscret"__" Le Follet Courrier des Salons"

broad ribbon, figured in the middle, or at each " Le Mercure des Salons,&c. &c.

edge: a single flower or a small sprig is someThe reception which the interesting Miss times added : blond lace, however, is the preSmithson met with on her benefit night, must dominating article. have proved as beneficial as it was flattering to A rose coloured hat, the crown of which was this young and beautiful foreigner. Crowds ac- lapped over by the same material, which covered tually flocked to testify their sense of admiration the front, so as to allow a sprig of honey suckle and interest. The names of Mesdames Mars, Tag- to be seen, one of the branches of which energlioni, Montessu, Malibran, &c., carried with them ing twined twice round the crown, and gracean assurance of success, which was fully realized. fully fell on the front, was noticed by us as being The boxes were filled with the most elegant and particularly elegant. graceful females of our fashionable capital. We A white satin hat, lined with rose coloured noticed a great number of head-dress coiffures. velvet, having but three coques of gauze ribbon, White feathers on contracted hats, brims inclined edged all round with a deep blond lace. on one side, and turned up on the other. Velvet On green or immortelle coloured hats, white and cachemire dresses: there were a number of feathers (pinked) according to the shades of the short beret sleeves, long sleeves of white blond above materials; but the most general mode is lace, very narrow towards the wrist, others wide black feathers on black velvet or satin, or other and gathered round the wrist-boas innumerable, colour, either en bouquet, or two long ones, en some of them of marabouts.-Petit COURRIER. spirale, on one side of the shape. Hats.— The shapes continue small; still in

An aigrette, from each end of which, hangs clined on one side or rounded, closing on the small bluets, formed with two nauds of ribbon,

a profusion of blond under the brims. the ornaments of a yellow satin hat. Though the greater number of hats are of velvet,

MATERIALS.—Hats are now made of velvets, lined with velvet, some are also lined with pe

either black, rose, white, or light blue; few in luche.

satin or plush. Those entirely of peluche have a kind of crest

Watered silk is made up in all ornaments of the same material, well trimmed with a deep which taste can devise. As placing it against blond lace.

the face is to be avoided, it may receive the adSome very neat yet elegantly tasteful, have

dition of velvet as a lining; nevertheless, any lately appeared, with ribbons which wind round a other material, or even crape, is more becoming. very small crown: those shapes have not yet

BERETS of crape, with feathers, are much been invaded by all the marchandes de modes,

worn with evening dresses, being equally adapted and are certainly the most becoming of any this

to suit all toilettes which rank above the negligé. season has produced.


handsome ones have one side turned Some milliners introduce Aowers in the ribbon up high with ribbons and blond lace; the crown aigrettes, with which they ornament the hats.

shallow and rounded : large feathers are placed


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