Sylvan's Pictorial Handbook to the English Lakes

John Johnstone, Paternoster Row, 1847 - 274 pÓgines
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PÓgina 169 - The cataract strong Then plunges along, Striking and raging As if a war waging Its caverns and rocks among ; Rising and leaping, Sinking and creeping, Swelling and sweeping, Showering and springing, Flying and flinging, Writhing and wringing, Eddying and whisking, Spouting and frisking, Turning and twisting, Around and around With endless rebound : Smiting and fighting, A sight to delight in ; Confounding, astounding, Dizzying and deafening the ear with its sound.
PÓgina 191 - To Scotland's heaths; or those that crossed the sea And drew their sounding bows at Azincour, Perhaps at earlier Crecy, or Poictiers. Of vast circumference and gloom profound This solitary Tree ! a living thing Produced too slowly ever to decay ; Of form and aspect too magnificent To be destroyed.
PÓgina 77 - ... behold! Beneath our feet, a little lowly vale, A lowly vale, and yet uplifted high Among the mountains; even as if the spot Had been from eldest time by wish of theirs So placed, to be shut out from all the world!
PÓgina 16 - Sketches of Scottish Church History, Embracing the Period from the Reformation to the Revolution. With an Appendix, relative to the alleged Accession of John Knox to the Conspiracy against Riccio.
PÓgina 12 - That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth: that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace...
PÓgina 53 - Smiling so tranquilly, and set, so deep ! Oft doth your dreamy loveliness return, Colouring the tender shadows of my sleep With light Elysian ; for the hues that steep Your shores in melting lustre, seem to float On golden clouds from spirit-lands remote, Isles of the blest; and in our memory keep Their place with holiest harmonies : fair scene, Most loved by evening and her dewy star!
PÓgina 70 - Lake" presided over one of the most splendid regattas that ever enlivened Windermere. Perhaps there were not fewer than fifty barges following in the Professor's radiant procession, when it paused at the point of Storrs to admit into the place of honour the vessel that carried kind and happy Mr Bolton and his guests. The...
PÓgina 69 - high discourse,' intermingled with as gay flashings of courtly wit as ever Canning displayed, and a plentiful allowance on all sides of those airy transient pleasantries in which the fancy of poets, however wise and grave, delights to run riot, when they are sure not to be misunderstood. There were beautiful and accomplished women to adorn and enjoy this circle. The weather was as Elysian as the scenery. There were brilliant cavalcades through the woods in the mornings, and delicious boatings on...
PÓgina 237 - LIST, ye who pass by Lyulph's Tower * At eve ; how softly then Doth Aira -force, that torrent hoarse, Speak from the woody glen ! Fit music for a solemn vale ! And holier seems the ground To him who catches on the gale The spirit of a mournful tale. Embodied in the sound.
PÓgina 14 - Presbyterianism the truly Primitive and Apostolic Constitution of the Church of Christ; or, a View of the History, Doctrine, Government, and Worship of the Presbyterian Church. By Samuel Miller, DD, Professor of Ecclesiastical History in the Presbyterian Theological Seminary at Princeton, New Jersey. 2. The Character and Advantages of Presbyterianism ascertained by Facts; with an Appendix on the Pretensions of the New Anglican School, commonly called Puseyites — the Testimony of the Fathers and...

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