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Of any King in Europe. I do think,

ially tig: 17-H I saw't this mornings confident I am, 1.000 slob! ;-) Last night 'twas on my arm ; I kissed it.ast 10, I I hope, it be not gone, to tell my lord. I f.3.3 That I kiss ought but him.

Pif: 'Twill not be loft.
Imo. I hope fo; go, and search.

Clot. You have abus'd me
His meaneft Garment?

Imo. Ay; I faid fo, Sir; If you will make't an action, call witness to't, he Clot. I will inform your father,

id viryImo. Your mother too;.


in 'A

w She's my good lady; and will conceive, I hope,

1909 T But the worst of me. So I leave you, Sirgi bogme A To th' worst of discontent.

[Exit, Clot. I'll be reveng'd;

Do Luw wijst jedo

20.10.11 750 m His meanest garment? --well.

z & [Exit.

intenant air wsi SCENE changes to Rome.

! Enter Pofthumus, and Philario. - ww ) 15.1?

oud we via To win the King, as I am bold, her Honour Will remain hers.",

Phi. What means do you make to him ? Poft. Not any, but abide the change of times Quake in the present winter's state, and wish, That warmer days would come; in these fear'd hopes, I barely gratifie your love; they failing,

We'll I must die much


debtor. Phi. Your very goodness, and your company, O’er-pays all I can do. By this, your King *** Hath heard of great Augustus, Gaius Lucius Will do's commission throughly. And, I think, (17)

He'll (17)

And, I think,
He'll grant the Tribute, send th Arrearages,
Or look upon our Romans, whose Remembrance 26

Is yet fresh in their Grief:]
What a strange loose Inference do the Editors here make Pbitario

و ال کارن

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He'll grant the tribute; send th' arrearagess: ?O)
E’er look upon our Romans, whose remembrance”) I
Is yet frelh in their grief. *"* di tess W

:Poft. I do believe, boy
(Statist though I am none, nor like to be,)
That this will prove a war; and you shall hear (18)
The legions, now in Gallia, sooner landed
In our not-fearing Britain, than have tidings
Of any penny tribute paid. Our Countrymen 2-1
Are men more order'd, than when Julius Cæfar
Smild at their lack of skill, but found their courage
Worthy his frowning at.

Their discipline, Now mingled with their courages, will make known To their approvers, they are people such As mend upon the world. guilty of, that Cymbeline would do One Thing, or t’other ; either submit to pay Tribute, or dispute the Demand at Sword's Point? Who doubts it? But this was none of the Speaker's Meaning: he would give it as his Thought, that the Britains would pay, e'er they would conte the Matter : and fo I have reform'd the Text. I have shewn in my 214 Note on Titus Andronicus, from CHAUCER, and the Old Glossaries, that Or was formerly us’d fot c'er, before : but this Usage, as I there ob serv’d, was become too obsolete for Shakespeare's Days. (18)

And you fall hear
The Legion now in Gallia fponer landed

In our not fearing Britaine, &c.] Pofthumus is saying, that the Britons are much strengthen'd fince the Time of Julius Cæfar's Attack upon them: Would then the Romans think now of invading them with a fingle Legion: The Poet certaialy wrote;

The Legions now in Gallia, &c.
So, in four several Passages afterwards :

The Pow'rs, that he already hath in Gallia, vi
Will soon be drawn, &c.
To Them, the Legions garrison'd in Gallia,
After your Will, bave cross'd the Sea,
And that the Legions now in Gallia are
Full-weak to undertake our War against
The fall’n-off Britains; that we do incite
The Gentry to this Business.

So please your Majesty,
The Roman Legions, all from Gallia drawn,
Are landed on your Coast, with large Şupply
Of Roman Gentlemen.


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. . ارة ان

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380 C Y M B E L I N E.

& 31ST iw 1930 1 Enter Iachimo. i 13:30

Dy djon นี้ ดี Phi. See, lachimo.

9 Poft. Sure, the swift harts have posted you by land, And winds of all the corners kifs d your sails, tá To make your veffel nimble.

Phi. Welcome, Sir.
Poft. I hope, the briefness of your anfwer made

е дает The speediness of your

Return. lach. Your lady Is of the faireft I e'er lookd upon.

Poft. And, therewithal, the best; or let her Beauty Look through a casement to allure false hearts,

3.7 And be false with them.

Iach. Here are letters for you.
Poft. Their tenour good, I trust.
lach. 'Tis very like.

9198 Paft. Was Gaius Lucius in the Britain Court, I When you were there?

1997 Iach. He was expected then,

buc But not approach'd.

is by die Poft. All is well yet. Sparkles this stone as it was wont, or is't not loved


y :) Too dull for your good wearing ?m.100 I

one Lach

If I've lost it, I should have lost the worth of it in gold; ait 90/2

Oi sd bigo) I'll make a journey twice as far, t'enjoy A second night of such sweet shortness, which mi brá

IT 409 Was mine in Britain; for the ring is won, snel vd to

Pent. The stone's too hard to come by. Miniai
Iach. Not a whit,

Eorului A Your lady being so easie.

Poft. Make not, Sir,
Your loss your sport; I hope, you know, that we
Must not continue friends.

lach. Good Sir, we must,
If you keep covenant; had I not brought
The knowledge of your mistress home, I grant,
We were to question farther ; but I now
Profess my self the winner of her honour,


: إلى ان

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Together with your ring; and not the wronger
Of her, or you, having proceeded but
By both your wills.

Poft. If you can make!e apparent
That you have tasted her in bed; my hand,
And ring is yours. If not, the foul opinion, (19)
You had of her pure honour, gains, or loses
Your sword-or mine ; or mafterless leaves Both
To who shall find them.

Iach. Sir, my circumstances
Being so near the truth, as I will make them,
Must first induce you to believe'; whose strength
I will confirm with oath, which, I doubt not,
You'll give me leave to sparby: when you shall find
You need it not.

Poft. Proceed.

Iach. First, her bed-chambery
(Where, I confess, I flept. not; but professi,
Had That was well worth watching) it was hang d
With tapestry of filk and filver; the story
Proud Cleopatra, when she met her Roman,
And Cydnus swell'd above the banks or for
The press of boats, or pride: - A piece of work
So bravely done, fo rich, that it did strive
In workmanship, and value, which, I wonderd,
Could be so rarely and exactly wrought,

.? I Since the true life on't was

Poft. This is true;
And this s you might have heard of here, by me,

Or by some other.

lach. More Particulars. Muft justifie my knowledge. . Pojt. So they must,

8:.. " + แ)

+),19 Or do your honour injury.

If not, the foul Opinion

You had of her poor Honour, &c.]
Thus, Mr. Rowe; and thus, Mr. Popë as judiciously, as servilely, after

pl him : And

Yet he pretends to have collated the old Copies. But the T two Elder Folio's read, as I have restorid, You had of ber pure Honout,


Jach. The chimney

W.,1998 T Basis : Is fouth the chamber, and the chimney-piecegina 3 Chaft Diax, baching; 'never saw I figures i yoo SOA So likely to report themselves ;l the cuttery s T Was as another nature, dumb, out-went here Motion and breath left out,

DOG: 900 Poft. This is a thing, (20) 34 Luod Which you might from relation likewise reape;atur. I Being, as it is, much spoke of. E ti b'ant atta

lach. The roof o'th' chambert: Y31910 : With golden cherubims is fretted: Thandirons, CCA (I had forgot them) were two winking Gupidsisi bis Of filver, each on one foot standing, nicely 109 Depending on their brands.

waar ji 679) OT Poft. What's this t'her honour? (21) 9812 del Let it be granted you have seen all this ou O 10! Praise be to your remembrance, the description des Of what is in her chamber nothing faves 03 991 db The wager you have laid. .:. De gisdi 49W

1990: 9191V (20) This is a Thing,

31 0 4 ) Which you might from relation likewise read,

Being, as it is, much spoke of:] To read from Relation, i. e. from Men's Reports viva voce, is a Bi gure, I am sure, never usd by Shakespeare whatever, reading in any One's Eyes, might have been: But this again is the Manufacture of our micdern Editors." "The old Editions read, as I have reforma the Text.

30 V (21)

This is her Honour hit Pot Let it be granted you have seen all this, &c ] Riot lacbima impudently pretends to have carried his Point; and, in Confirmation, is very minute in describing to the Husband all the Furniture and Adornments of his Wife's Bedchamber. But how is fine Furniture any ways a Princess's Honour?" It is an Apparatus fuitable to her Dignity, but certainly makes no part of her Character. It might have been callà her Father's Honour, that her Allotments were proportion'd to her Rank and Quality. I am persuaded, the Poet intended Posthumus thould fay; " This particular Description, which you ** make, can't convince me that I have lost my Wager : Your Memory

is good, and some of these Things you may have learned from a

Third Hand, or seen yourself ; yet 1 expect Proofs more direct and “ authentick”. I think, there is little Question but we ought to restore the place thus :

i What's This t'her Honour? I propos'd this Emendation in the Appendix to my SHAKESPEARE rifford, and Mr. Pope has thought fit to embrace it in his laft Edition.

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