Imatges de pÓgina

Third Part



With the Death of the


Printed in the YEAR 1709.


ING Henry VI.

Edward, Son to the King, and Prince of Wales,
Duke of Somerset,
Earl of Northumberland,
Earl of Oxford,

Lords of King Henry's side.
Earl of Exeter,
Earl of Westmorland,
Lord Clifford,
Earl of Richmond, a Youth, afterwards King Henry VII.
Richard, Duke of York.
Edward, Eldest son to the Duke of York, afterwards King Edward IV.

Forge, Duke of Clarence, second son to the Duke of York.
.chard, Duke of Gloucester, third Son so the Duke of York, afterwards

King Richard III.
Edmund, Earl of Rutland, youngest Son to the Duke of York.
Duke of Norfolk,
Marquis of Montague,
Earl of Warwick,
Earl of Salisbury,

of the Duke of York's Party.
Earl of Pembroke,
Lord Hastings,
Lord Stafford,
Sir John Mortimer,

? Unkles to the Duke of York
Sir Hugh Mortimer,
Sir William Stanley, afterwards Earl of Derby.
Lord Rivers, Brother to the Lady Gray.
Sir John Montgomery.
Lieusenant of the Tower,
Mayor of Coventry.
Mayor and Aldermen of York.
Humphry and Sinklo, iwo Huntsmen.

Lewis, King of France.
Bousbon, Admiral of France.

Queen Margaret.
Bona, Sister to the French King.
Lady Gray, Widow of Sir Richard Gray, afierwards Queen to Ed-

ward ly.

Soldiers and other Attendants on King Henry, and King Edward.

In Part of the Third Alt the SCENE is

laid in France, during all the rest of the Play in England.


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Alarum. Enter Duke of York, Edward, Richard,

Norfolk, Mountague, Warwick, and Soldiers.

Wonder how the King escap'd our Hanc's?
York. While we purlu'd the Horsemen of

the North,
He lily stole away, and left his Men:
Whereat the great Lord of Northumberland,

Whose warlike Ears could never brook Re-
Chear’d up the drooping Army, and himself, (trear,
Lord Clifford and Lord Stafford all a breaft,
Charg'd our main Battel's Front; and breaking ir,
Were by the Swords of common Soldiers Nain.

Edw. Lord Staford's Father, Duke of Buckingham,
Is either sain or wounded dangerous.
I cleft his

er with a down-righe blow:
That th

Father. bchold his Blood.
Bron re's the Earl of 11%

sre's Blood,
Acr Baterinin'd.

hem what I did.

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