All the Year Round, Volum 7;Volum 27

Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens, 1872

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PÓgina 350 - On this unworthy scaffold to bring forth So great an object: can this cockpit hold The vasty fields of France? or may we cram Within this wooden O the very casques That did affright the air at Agincourt?
PÓgina 422 - Sessions-House at the Old Bailey. There were not, I believe, a hundred; but they did their work at leisure, in full security, without sentinels, without trepidation, as men lawfully employed, in full day: Such is the cowardice of a commercial place.
PÓgina 350 - Piece out our imperfections with your thoughts: Into a thousand parts divide one man, And make imaginary puissance ; Think, when we talk of horses, that you see them Printing their proud hoofs i...
PÓgina 374 - ... no probability of escaping, Mr. Park took hold of one of the white men, and jumped into the water ; Martyn did the same, and they were drowned in the stream in attempting to escape.
PÓgina 436 - The king's players had a new play, called ' All is True? representing some principal pieces of the reign of Henry the Eighth, which was set forth with many extraordinary circumstances of pomp and majesty, even to the matting of the stage; the knights of the order, with their Georges and Garter, the guards with their embroidered coats, and the like; sufficient, in truth, within a while to make greatness very familiar, if not ridiculous.
PÓgina 516 - When we came to Noah's flood in the show, Punch and his wife were introduced dancing in the ark. An honest plain friend of Florimel's, but a critic withal, rose up in the midst of the representation, and made many very good exceptions to the drama itself, and told us, that it was against all morality, as well as rules of the stage, that Punch should be in jest in the deluge, or indeed that he should appear at all.
PÓgina 228 - It is not (replied our philosopher) because they treat, as you call it, about love, but because they treat of nothing, that they are despicable: we must not ridicule a passion which he who never felt never was happy, and he who laughs at never deserves to feel — a passion which has caused the change of empires, and the loss of worlds — a passion which has inspired heroism and subdued avarice.
PÓgina 30 - I, the law hath provided two ways of obeying: The one to do that which I, in my conscience, do believe that I am bound to do, actively; and where I cannot obey actively, there I am willing to lie down, and to suffer what they shall do unto me.
PÓgina 30 - you need not have taken so much trouble to find me out; for the Lord knows that I have been a prisoner in Bedford gaol for the last twelve years.
PÓgina 353 - We object particularly to his varying the original action in the dying scene. He at first held out his hands in a way which can only be conceived by those who saw him — in motionless despair, : — or as if there were some preternatural power in the mere manifestation of his will : — he now actually fights with his doubled fists, after his sword is taken from him, like some helpless infant.

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