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joy there had always been a fererishness fires that the shepherds has for ever goin' and uncertainty which had not suggested night and day!" suggested a third. peace nor any well-grounded happiness. murther! here's Misther Paul and Miss Now, there was a quiet look of strength in May hersel'." his face-an expression of resolved content “They've been lookin' after Simon,” said in his eyes, as if he would


“Come a fourth. “ Bad as he is, a body couldn't what may,

I will weather this storm ;" for see him burnt." he already saw it coming, though May did “God knows frizzlin' would be too good not as yet. She thought of nothing at the for him all the same. Save ye, Misther moment but the wondrous change in Paul; Paul! This is a terrible night we have." and joy, mingled with awe, filled up all her “Very strange and terrible,” said Paul. consciousness, leaving no room for antici. “But there is something more awful still, pation of things to come. Paul was re- up at the house. Simon Finistou has been stored to her, or rather given to her newly murdered.” As she clung to his arm, and he led her from “Murdered !” A hum of horror rose and the spot, she felt him to be at last possessed sank into silence. There was an extraorof that power, strong and fine, on which dinary look on every face. she could repose, by which he should govern “God knows he desarved it!" cried a himself and others without hindrance of woman fiercely, breaking the silence. doubt or fear. What her faith hàd dis

ay!” said a man,

" but some wan cerned latent in him, hidden by the over- be to done it on him."* shadowing of some mystery inscrutable, “That's the point,” said the farmer, she now beheld manifested to her senses. solemnly, with a sombre look at Paul. Truly and indeed she had got matter for "Thou shalt not kill.” joy. Hitherto she had been the stronger- Some of the people looked askance at had battled for him and protected him as the young couple, and others gazed away the man might protect the woman. Now, from them with grief and embarrassment the God-given strength and dignity of man in their faces. Paul quickly saw the signs had appeared and asserted its superiority of the storm that was coming upon him, over her own; and, with a sigh brimful of and his greatest desire was to see May bliss, the woman fell back into her place. safely at home. Paul led her away, w

her face to the “I must take this lady home, my men," fields and the cool river. He wanted to he said to them, “and then I will return bring her home as quickly as possible, so to you. Will you hurry on and remove that he might return and have Simon's the body before the flames get up to the body carried decently from the house be- walls ? There is not a moment to lose." fore the flames should get round the walls. “Ay, ay !" they said, assenting, and As they hurried along they saw numbers moved slowly on.

There was

a heavy of people running from all sides, attracted doubt on their minds, and Paul knew it. by the strange spectacle of the burning “Till wan o' them be murdered by a woods; all the early risers in the neigh- kinsman of his own,” muttered the farmer bourhood having been attracted from their to himself. “I did not think Paul Finiston homes by so extraordinary a sight. They had it in him." were talking and gesticulating as they ran, “Oh ye coward!” cried a woman who suggesting causes for the phenomenon, and caught or divined his words. “Oh ye illgiving vent to their amazement.

minded man!” 'Oh, good Lord !" cried a woman, “I didn't say nothin',” said the man. divil himsel must ha' whisked a spark out “It's the law's affair, not mine.” o'hell wid him by mistake when he was night-walkin' as usual in the woods !"

Now ready, price 5s.6d., bound in green cloth, “Whisht wid your blatherin',” said a

THE SEVENTH VOLUME stout farmer. " The heat o' the weather's

OP TIE NEW SERIEB OB jist enough for to do it. A flash o’ fork lightnin' when the branches is that dhry!"

ALL THE YEAR ROUND. A wheen o' sparkles from yon cursed

To be had of all Booksellers.

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