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Plural. Ab. Ewan of From Pandit. Eosioms From Pandits. Gen. 8c0603 Of Pandit. Ecotoo Of Pandits. Loc. no In Pandit.

EMOS In Pandits.

4. el@o_SUN. Nom. wu@ocet Sun.

wa Obedig Suns. Voc. wc@bbed O! Sun.

Loo 0! Suns.
Ac. Cor@ced Sun.

coc 236 dose Suns.
Ins. Wr@ced By Sun. Leo By Suns.
Aur. el@ced With Sun. LEO. With Suns.
Dat. @66tto To Sun.

@lona To Suns.
Ab. Dabed 08.From Sun. dakedoomst From Suns
Gen. wc@bedrs.cod Of Sun. wa uongo Of Suns.
Loc. wi@ed In Sun.

wi@co en 8 In Suns. 5. good—SIDHARTHA. Nom. esmol Sidhartha. Eco Sidharthas. Voc. escoot O! Sidhartha. sool O! Sidharthas. Ac. Aiwo Sidhartha. good Sidharthas. Ins. Secod By Sidhartha. 28000By Sidharthas. Aur. 88003 With Sidhartha. ecno With Sidharthas. Dat. cool To Sidhartha. egno? To Sidharthas. Ab. egwood From Sidhartha. sonol From Sidharthas. Gen. egwol Of Sidhartha. sool Of Sidharthas. Loc. wol In Sidhartha. eswood In Sidharthas.

6. කිවි-PoET. Nom. 69 Poet.

3* Poets. Voc. 5. O! Poet.

6.93 0! Poets. Ac. 5-99 Poet.

6.5 Poets. Ins. 50:3 By Poet.

5 By Poets. Aur. 4.82 With Poet. Host With Poets. Dat. So To Poet.

55 To Poets.

• Certain nouns, such as cod house, and C power, take different terminations in the plural number; and in the use of them the Stodent must be entirely guided by practice-See Appendix C.



Plural. Ab. 38970s From Poet. Sotamod From Poets. Gen. 15:3968 Of Poet.

Solo Of Poets. Loc. 589000018 In Poet. as siam08 In Poets.

7. 85-SUN. Nom. & 863 Sun.

8829 Suns. Voc. & Susu O! Sun.

8 303 O! Suns. Ac. & S. Sun.

85 od Suns. Ins. 88:By Sun.

8 90By Suns. Aur. 883 With Sun.

Esot With Suns. Dat. 855 To Sun.

8 Sos To Suns. Ab. 8 Hugons From Sun. 85 otomot From Suns. Gen. & 500 Of Sun. 88 odoo Of Suns. Loc. 88-390008 In Sun. & Sodamno 3 In Suns.

8. ol—PANDIT. Nom. S Pandit.

o@103 Pandit. Voc. oleja O! Pandit.

o 95. O! Pandits. Ac. coso Pandit.

o@of Pandits.
Ins. DS 3 By Pandit. o@od By Pandits.
Aur. ole 3 With Pandit. o@əs With Pandits.
Dat. : To Pandit.

o@bolo To Pandits. Ab. 39908 From Pandit. varianoFrom Pandits. Gen. 1966 Of Pandit.

e@dodoo Of Pandits. Loc. oe 200068 In Pandit. 2.0008 In Pandits.

9. 3?-FRIEND. Nom. o Friend.

sco Friends. Voc. ci O! Friend.

590 O! Friends. Ac. w? Friend.

uw at Friends.
Ins. weg By Friend. w sad By Friends.
Aut. Using With Friend. es With Friends.
Dat. W:51:00 To Friend.

sore To Friends.
Ab. 52995100 From From Friends.
Gen. 1903 Of Friend. wacados Of Friends.
Loc. 98.999 068 In Friend. union963 In Friends.

10. 0262-TEACHER. Singular.

Nom. cou Teacher.

2013 Teachers.

Voc. 526 0! Teacher. 2013 0! Teachers.
qon Teacher.

Olot Teachers. Ins. Coug By Teacher.

ගුර හු . Ovod By Teachers. Aux. Covey With Teacher. Olot With Teachers. Dat. 0252600 To Teacher. 20 volo To Teachers. Ab. Olomsi From Teacher. Olaim From Teachers. Gen. 2010 Of Teacher. courteos Of Teachers. Loc. GO00000-8 In Teacher. Ouota 6 & In Teachers.

11. 61-DEATH. Nom. ou Death.

Oo923 Deaths. Voc. 360! Death.

5:23 O! Deaths. Ac. 6ão Death.

ol3o3 Deaths. Ins. @bug By Death.

මරහු . 26:03 By Deaths. Aur. @oug With Death. 2610 With Deaths. Dat. Oc@90* To Death.

osta To Deaths. Ab. DomoFrom Death. ko da. From Deaths. Gen. Lood Of Death. 2018 sao Of Deaths. Loc. 2629000 In Death. 60sdom.6o3 In Deaths.

12. 20-1. Nom. I.

3, or al3 We Ac. 3. Me.

s, or qo Us. Ins. 28837 By Me. qe € As By Us. Aux. 906 aveno

905662500m With With Me.

Us. Dat. To Me.

900, † or 0.0 To C's. Ab. 23.0 From Mie. cousior Tens? From Us. Gen. Iooi My, Mine. 3 or cu sos Our, Ours. Loc. 0908 In Nie. Ques8 In C's.

• This is sometimes changed into so as in 66-See Grammar.

+ This word is frequently pronounced o99 instead of, as in the test, qoo. But the former is incorrect; since the Dative is formed by the addition of Ĉ to the accusative form of the word. See Grammar $ 30.

13. 03-Thou. Singular.

Plural. Nom. 03 Thou.

od or 09 Ye or You. Ac. osThee.

90.99 or 90.99 You. Ins. 00€ 9 By Thee. 90.996 2 of By You. Aur, 0506 concada

000000 song cac acolo With Thee.

With You. Dat. or 020 To Thee. 0003e a ornodod To You, Ab. or or 05.2000 000 ori or Ooooo From Thee.

From You. Gen. 633 coo nossos ดาวดง

Googoo Thy, Töine.

Your or Yours. Loc. 8.9900503 or cos3 2009 2008 or 09890 0963 In Thee.

068 In You.



11. I shall now briefly treat of the Verb in its Tenses and Persons, the 3rd, 2nd, and ist in the Active Voice. The following are (examples) of the Past tense of the Verb in the Third person. †

Singular number. ệuomo.Swamac-Deepankara Budha performed

a superhuman (feat called) Yamà. e Daciger@89—The whole world having seen that

became glad. 2009 onemres - The great multitude destroyed

the evil propensities (of human nature.) 8032: Este acolo 3 - There (the multitude) sunk in the ocean's bed of Budha's splendour.

Plural number. 00668 Oso?0000 (or cu o shFormerly Irsbees

invented great arts. 600 teoouoeemans (or 20060 or o 69)Formerly

From the root we obtain a feminine form of a Pronoun in the second person. See note in the lotroduction, and Appendix C.

# To assist the Student we shall give one two exercises in Conjugation. See Appendis C.


Pundits published the significations (or properties

of all things). nuo 30 odige cooled (or emering or coolco )-Formerly

wise (persons) acquired learning. omst9ot (or asing or asto)-(They) destroyed the

armies of Māre. 12.

Examples of the Present tense of the Verb in the Third person.

Singular number. csipoongondowegoto 8–The nine-branched reli

gion of our Budha endures now. qozogenaçanica@3—The whole world now im

bibes his pithy doctrines. as?@@ 300d@osfaço87Now his (body) of high

priests conquers the heathen. qodegąsdólastozoolgs—The wise (man) now offers unto those three gems.

Plural number. cotcoda olsgiw.gobonoiNow the eloquent dissemi

nate Budha's virtues. & stepeno.038208_Those who have hearts now bear

(them). Qoço.lonawię odaço? — The wealthy now give gifts. Solcagnolo95@18?The ignorant now drink dis

tilled ( Spirits.) 13. Examples of the Future tense of the Verb in the

Third person.

Singular number. @ooooolę Baudojvodçorodas!—My'tree Budha will

in future conquer the five Mara. He stoomaga çados?- The same Budha will give the

heavenly food of Nivene. start—The same (heavenly food) the

great multitude will drink.

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