Imatges de pÓgina

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Views of a Budhist Priest on a difficult

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contrasted with Sanscrit, ib., xl, 92 ;

Wisudhi marga sanne,

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Yakhos, and Yakkinnis, existence of, 442
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Zend the, whether identical with the
Wewatte, author of Guttila, ccXXXV.

Sùrasena, clxxxix.

B. C., xvi.

a, xvi.



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XXV— 2 & 20. for @?@read ws@s@. xxix, 2. for has already been read will be.

9. for olão read o Goos. -33. for Soroc read BUC. xliii- 2. for 99 cs read 2006 s.

9. for opono sa 12085 93 read 2800.00 cm.99. lxvii—27. for 9002 read 20962).

-32. for ymo 89 read god br.

-33. for co read 5:30.
lxix- 9. for one on od read oor Ool.

-11. for 98 read 98.
-13. for ogonebistare reade:90beço

xci- 11. for owled8 read Outus.

Insert a n at the end of the diagram.
C–17. for Gonç@ę read 08754 .
cvi—18. for &$o read &g3; and make the same

correction in the diagram at p. cvii.
3 n. for Gom@g@@o read 00996-99009.

4 n. for Horgou od read song owo.
cviii- 3. for Aeçue read Deseçe.

for $8.8 80o read sonces sco.
3. for 86 onę, read 83618.ç.
-17. for Coco Ho read momm896 8.

-30. for 3ęw read 83ęc.
cxi-10. for ¢8 8 read coa.

—26. for po co read {80. cxvii— 9. for possessed of read is possessed of. cxix-10. for one read a?on. „ -13. for singled read some .

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cxxi—26. for 86cagoread 800/90..
cxlvii-20. for con read ceu.
clxxi, 9. for ea eest 56 read & udest 86.

-13. for onę 83 read o.pso.
clxxv—25. for goiascost read gata soolz.
clxxviii-12. for es am read 280xic.

--29. for og rivolow read gonoscow. cxciii— 9. for wisdom pow'r read wisdom's pow'r. cciv— 15. for our one read ouro.LOLS.

-30. for 3.5 So read 2.os. ccxvii-33. for Tauries read Taurus. ccxxiii—28. for 23 we read ēgows!.

-32. dele w in awodnosno ccxxiy-21. for 53.399 read 980. ccxxxix-27. for os atoso read esouge. .

ccxliv- 7. for wovon read mol6m. ccxlvii.- 6. for 3 & read 2808.

for 56 te read scle. cclxv30. for Willams read Williams. cclxxi—24. for 06870399 read 6 Coma. cclxxix—29. for nordions. read agosac@os.

cclxxx-- 2. n. for tasks read task. cclxxxii—20. for Kiarmba read Kiramba.

1- 9. for comformable read conformable. „- 5. n. for Compose read shall compose. 4–12. for me read 00. 6—16. for Mahamere read Mahamera. 8-Se. see correction of this paragraph at. p. 150. , -4n. for a read 5.09 beo. ,- 9. for Krishne read Krishna. 11- 9. for Bambe'dath read Bamba'dath. 16— 4. for fusion of the initial letter of a word

into the final read fusion of the final letter of a word into the initial.

19—19. n. for 86 read & esę.

20—22. dele emblic myrobalan.
21- 2. &6. for whetter read wetter."

„-10. for Nagah read Nágá.
22—12. for 6, -, read wo and for; 38, as read

23— 7. for eros read O, 87,
„—10. for separated from, disjoined away, read

passing from, departing away.
„-22. for agreed in read agreed on.
„—24. for Mugdbabodha read Mugdhabódha.
25—10. for Màre read Màra; and for Sakkye read

„-13. for Sidharte read Sidhartha.
29— 3 n. for L. G. read L. L. G.
33—15. for Niwene read Niwana.
34—23. for Sarasavy read Sarasavi.
35—13& 14. for Qoonot read done.
37–14. for Kshetrie read Kshetria.
38 1. dele Dood.
2. dele on ood.

„-10 n. for Solcenço read to conço.
,—24n. for nelumbrium read nelumbium.
39—15. for Nilgeyley read Nilgele.
„-16. for Giridoowe read Giriduwa.
„-17. for Somy read Somi.
„ - I n. for Siriwamiye read Siriwamia.
40—14. for 8 and read 8 and qu.
41-12. for coon read çooon.
., -19. for That which calls forward, or addresses

one is put, read That which is called

forward, or addressed is put. 43—27 n. for dumb on read w086. 48–17. for § 36 read § 38.



48—23. for Swan-stuck place read Swan-descended

52— 1 n. for norost read os de.
56–32. for mor read MQ.
73— 3. for “pundits ” read pandits.”
74– 6. for goaço read gonça.
78—12. for ceanned read coach.
88— 4. for "swoln” read “swoll'n.”
105—13. for cood read wc. 03.

-25. for a read ..
106- 5. for 3 Boy read more
107-10. for වියඹ read විසරණ. .
109– 3. for at segod read

111- 7. for @son read 2 38..

-32. for 0:85 read diod.
112-13. for f. 8. read 6.80L
114—20. for gooioread Qo 5.8.
116–30. for @ formę read Soose.
217—8. for bod read Sod.
„ -- 9. for @azad read @18.00. .

-28. for not read accu'.
118—28. for 08.06?ço read 08.669co..
122— 8. for nem mór read oonm00u.
126— 13. for acest read og som .
134- 9. for මිනිස් read මිනිස්.
9-11. for əęs read a&B; and for 998 or read

139-26. for considicos read causidicos.
140— 1. for 1826 read 1286.
151— 6. for EMDE on read BEE .
158-31. for a read అంది.
159— 4 n. for he honorific read the honorific.
166— 2. for uperior read superior.
177— 6. for page 20 read page 23.

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