Imatges de pÓgina

Vibat Sanias, see Compounds.

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Vibat, see Cases.

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Views of a Budbist Priest on a difficult

passage in the Sidath’Sangarawa, Wijayan era antedated, cxliv.
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Vikramaditya's visit to the cemetery, Williams, Professor, Sanscrit Grammar
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quoted, cclxv.
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Virdhi, a modification of vowels. 149.

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Visarga Sanscrit name for , lviii.

sition, xcix.
Vittitatha, a poem, lxxiv.

Wisesika, an obsolete science of the
Vocative case, 41; terminations or, ib., Wisudhi Magan, a Pali work, clii.

Singhalese, clxix.
contrasted with Sanscrit, ib., xl, 92 ;

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syntax of, 42; inflexions and exam-
ples of, 92.

Woman, compared to Grammar, csvi.

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Vowels and consonants of the Singha. Worthamalakkiyàwa, 225, clxxxix.

lese language, lviii; also see
plate III.

YA'Gee, a species of blank verse, cxxxi.
5 short and 5 long, 2; initial Yakho chiets, xvii.

141 ; medial and final, ib. Yakhos in the early history of Ceylon
Vritigandbi, a Sanscrit appellation for an no other than a race of Hindus,
extravagant style, Ixix.


Yakhos, and Yakkinnis, existence of, 442
WADANKAYPOTHA, (an ancient work) on
definition of sounds &c., CXX, 224.

Yakkinni, a she-demon, countenance of
Walalukatàwa. a poem, lxxiv.


Wallimatakatawa, a Tamil tale, trans-

Yates, Dr. on alliteration, ciii.
Jated into Singhalese, lxxiv.

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Warayogasara, a medical work, ccxxv ;

Yögarnawa, a medical work, clxxii; es-
selection from, ib.

tract from, clxxiii.
Wasat, a species of Rhymes. cxxxii.

Yògaratnakara, a work on medicine,
Wedeiyha, the supposed author of the Yon’gee, a species of blank verse. cxxxi.

B. C., xvi.

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Weedàgama, a celebrated poet, ix, cci.

Yoomatwalagee, a species of Rhymes,
Wehelulegi, a

species of Rhymes,

Sòpadèn a, a Hindu Pandit, ix.
Wètàlankatdwa, translated into Singha-
lese, lxxiv.

Zend the, whether identical with the
Wewatte, author of Guttila, ccxxxv.

Sùrasena, clxxxix.



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XXV— 2 & 20. for c@@read ws@s?@.
xxix- 2. for has already been read will be.
Xxx— 9. for vieos read o Sridos.

33. for සිoහල read සිහල.
xliii- 2. for 9288cs read ovocs.

9. for poco oscan00593 read 02008.Can.93.
lxvii—27. for woons read 20902).

— 32. jfor 9කරන read ප්‍රකරණ.

-33. for co read 5:30.
lxix- 9. for on of read or ol.

-11. for go read 28.
-13. for 0.903«qonstou read :508eço

xci-11. for weld read Louds.

-28. Insert a n at the end of the diagram.
C-17. for womeç read onceç.
cvi—18. for go read ego; and make the same
correction in the diagram at p. cvii.


3 n. for Gim@qen@o read @600990-99 009.

4 n. for Boscow of read 81879 OWO.
cviii— 3. for A88çue read 8288ęwe.

for 336.8 800 read 3 318.8 800.
cx- 3. for 86 ong read 83618.ç.
-17. for moon Ho OS read boono 8.

-30. for 3ęc read 33€.
cxi-10. for ¢88 read coe.

-26. for 2800 read {30.
cxvii— 9. for possessed of read is possessed of.
cxix-10. for no read on.

-13. for Osramned read samad.





cxxi-26. for 85 w god read Bowigo?.
cxlvii—20. for con read çmu.
clxxi - 9. for 83 eest 86 read ended 86.

-13. for onę 83 read ock.
clxxv—25. for osa scoisi read gasoolz.
clxxviii—12. for 5.da read & Socda.

—29. for 35.10 c read onog.
cxciii— 9. for wisdom pow'r read wisdom's pow'r.
cciv— 15. for Ourioso read uso. OLS.

-30. for 3.5 5 od read 83.9 od.
ccxvii-33. for Tauries read Taurus.

ccxxiii—28. for @ 3=wed read ég.8528..

-32. dele e in coinois.
ccxxiv—21. for $3.559 read 800...
ccxxxix-27. for ecologo? read soug.

ccxliv, 7. for moun read 26 Sa.
ccxlvii.- 6. for 95 read 4898.

for more read more.
cclxv-30. for Willams read Williams.
cclxxi—24. for 06090.5.99 read 06 Gosseo.
cclxxix-29. for asoomes. read monosac@os.

cclxxx-- 2. n. for tasks read task.
cclxxxii-20. for Kiarmba read Kiramba.

1- 9. for comformable read conformable.

5.n. for Compose read shall compose.
4–12. for 5.06 read 200.
6—16. for Mahamere read Mahamera.
84e. see correction of this paragraph at. p. 150.

- 41. for a read someo.
„— 9. for Krishne read Krishna.
11- 9. for Bambe'dath read Bamba'dath.
16- 4. for fusion of the initial letter of a word

into the final read fusion of the final letter
of a word into the initial.

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19—19. n. for 88 8. read & c.
20—22. dele emblic myrobalan.
21- 2. & 6. for whetter read wetter.”

,,-10. for Nagah read Nágá.
22-12. for 6, 6, read and for; 88, w read


Bocs. 23— 7. for eros read , ., „-10. for separated from, disjoined away, read

passing from, departing away.
,,--22. for agreed in read agreed on.
»,—24. for Mugdhabodha read Mugdhabódha.
25—10. for Màre read Màra; and for Sakkye read

,,-13. for Sidharte read Sidhartha.
29—3 n. for L. G. read L. L. G.
33—15. for Niwene read Niwana.
34-23. for Sarasavy read Sarasavi.
35—13 & 14. for Quonot read on.
37—14. for Kshetrie read Kshetria.
38— 1. dele Oood.

2. dele on ood.
„-10 n. for Bolmonço read & omso.
,,-24n. for nelumbrium read nelumbium.
39—15. for Nilgeyley read Nilgele.
„-16. for Giridoowe read Giriduwa.
„-17. for Somy read Somi.

I n. for Siriwamiye read Siriwamia.
40—14. for 38 and read 8 and qu.
41–12. for coon read cooon.
.,—19. for That which calls forward, or addresses

one is put, read That which is called

forward, or addressed is put. 43—27 n. for Loc. Son read wc 08 6. 48-17. for § 36 read § 38.



48-23. for Swan-stuck place read Swan-descended

52— 1 n. for 90 st read oods.
56—32. for coon read COOL.
73— 3. for “pundits ” read“ pandits."
74— 6. for Doço read 22.ça.
78—12. for cçones read açac.
88— 4. for “swoln” read swoll'n."
105–13. for We recd co.

„-25. for as read
106— 5. for m3 por read more
107-10. for can read 906 m.
109— 3. for @roseest read oorde 8%.
111- 7. for @igos read 2 38!.

-32. for 0:8read 018).
112—13. for f. 89 read 6.80L.
114—20. for ao 0.8; read Q83.8.
116—30. for @ formę read a Sorbone.
117— 8. for bod read Soc.
„- 9. for @o23d read @18.0d.

—28. for now read Douwi.
118—28. for 08.06.ço read nosom?co?.
122— 8. for emmóu read abonmonou.
126-13. for ඥාලිවී read දොලව.
134— 9. for Bed read s sed.
9-11. for Sęs read Dęb; and for 998 read

139—26. for considicos read causidicos.
140— 1. for 1826 read 1286.
151- 6. for MEDEO read DERE 9.
158-31. for was read wie.
159— 4 n. for he honorific read the honorific.
166— 2. for uperior read superior.
177— 6. for page 20 read page 23.

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