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89'what,'also written 9: e. g. Sowassa Co wherefore hidest thou behind the horizon ?' PerakumbaSiritha. 25 50 what signifies ?' SidathSangara. This is sometimes changed into , as soon 'at what period of time?

18. 00.00,' or' e. g. 6330397839079 Se 9300.8. Either for the purpose of forming the roots (into words), or otherwise. - SidathSangarawa, p. 9.

19. Saesn'Any-like,' so that,' 'if any,' e. g. we @jos?.0.8 'If in any manner a citizen of Benares.'Kaviasekare,

20. _'like that,' 6so,' 'if so,' e. g. de 90 183. Lord, if so (like that) be it.'- Guttilla.

21. Geniet 'like this,' óso,''thus,' e. g. 999 ozof no podales of 'when our Bósat thus (like this) preached'Guttilla.

22. *2.4 And, also,' 'with,' as @q @out both he and I.' This word is frequently uttered 65.

See examples of this in the selection from Pansiapanasjateka extracted in the Introduction, p. clxxviii.

23. Gróto-day,' as 0339233 né S2000 5.00 70 dosaça de goceę O Brahmin ! say not that we did not tell you what to-day (this day) will bring forth.'-Kariasekara.

24. —'the other day,' as oeç@za@ced on:See Introduction, p. Ixxxi.

In addition to the above, which appear in the SidathSangara, we give the following Indeclinable Particles, with examples of such as are not familiar to the general reader:

ocą 'continually,' an adverb.
pogəę 'adjacently,''continually', an adverb.
93 ‘much;' an adverb: see Piyummal Nigarduwa.
cog‘very much.,' an adverb.
931926 moreover.'
orang or op?d'again,' after,''next.'

9:8 sometimes Q&ę why,' wherefore.'
Quo of besides,' moreover.'
gostot 'Boon.'
939, see ç.
8ę3 before,' in front of.'
pool'very,'see açon.
9 80 now.'
e comeu 'alone,''lonely.'

O'like;' e. g. 610x890 do 23.6 'Like unto the great pericarpium of a golden Lotus'-Muwadew'dàwa.

odha 3, see a87960030.. 2000), see we om of continuously,' incessantly.' uone then.' 050. See last. ඔව් 'yes.” and how.' 48ç, saç 'why,' wherefore.' 2 what.' maç 'who.' ongs or 2.but,'' although,''nevertheless.'

7000 an adverbial particle having the signification of 'no,' as nossochê 'may he not be teazed.'

So 'no,''ne,''not,''un,''non,' dis.' ooooou or 6 cu or seq0u 'continuously.' 838 or osob continuously.' osma or 3.000 or so& 'always,' continuously.' noc05 of if not,' or 'either; ' see 60090). Beud 'soon.' 090906 800n.'

yet,'still.' DEę 'and,' moreover, 'furthermore.' 0010; }'expletive,' used with feminine nouns.

og an expletive used with a plural noun of either masculine or feminine gender. See note p. 27.

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Gos@ an expletive used with a noun of the singular number, and of the masculine gender.

moi 'till,'' until.' Çoco continuously.'

aços is given in the Piyummalniganduva as a synonyme of

qədby day.'
SO 'far off,' distant.'
ço soon.'
18 'always,'continually.'
Bww.always,'' continually.'
Goçme soon.
woud soon.'

Solonce, 'together. we always.'

very. Wand,',

with.' olę, see 6ę. 9-, 3803 save,'' except. og or ogo again,' after.' BBefor' or for the


of' gos' again.' nos or goog before,' 'in front of.' @est or @ed of greatly.'

200364 very much,' abundantly.' 09, see wc. Geo!, see ei noo'.

o@, a particle equivalent to 'I say,' more particularly used in the Kandian country.

89.5 of around,' ' entirely,' has the signification of pesosed in Sanscrit.

wo! soon.
C01' or,': either.'
:8 again,' but how,'' but who.'


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ww960096 continually,'' again and again.'
we of. but,'' however.'

go'fitly,'' appropriately.'

The following Indeclinable particles bear an affinity to those of like signification in Sanscrit. We give such of them as are palpably the same in both the languages.

082) s. ‘much' q8c in Elu or Singhalese; see Piyummalniganduwa.

Q503 before, in front of' s. is gę8 in Elu.
980 very much's. 98 e.
9¢2 'to-day's. 99 e.
9800 moreover' B. posse.
988 so, thus, ita's. 966 e.

so be it's. e. ad certainly' 8. me e., in which it is sometimes an expletive.

56 69990 for a long time's. Onode.
{ag by day' 8. çoce.
850 ‘far off, distant's. g6 e.

U 'yes,

This is an inceptive mystical terin prefixed to prayers and charms ;' and its affinity to 'amen' is obvious,

89 'no, not' s. 88 e. vide supra. 873833 many, various' s. onions e. Oooo3} 'after, afterwards, behind' 8. og e. gent (again' s. gon e. od before either in place or time' 8. cong e.

@roof or Go? 'greatly, violently, forcibly' s. the same in e.

wwod 'again, repeatedly, much, abundantly' & @!.3 e. gode o‘properly's. 992 e. and like, as's. E o or God e. togesi'once, together' 8. w swot e. see Appendix A. § 13. wovoned always' s. sosoo e. og 'always's. is the same in e. gee 'good, excellent, very's. e.

INTERJECTIONS in the Singhalese, as in all the languages in the world, present a singular concurrence. We shall divide them into words expressive of Joy-as (-s) pronounced by suppressing the full sound of

9, ehe! hey! gain8 [borrowed from Europeans] hur

rah! instead of bravo,' 'encore.' Grief-as ost, om, 4000?, q8ac!, qo, o, qo,

9399 ah ! alas! Wonder-2013), and a yawn which cannot be expressed,

®, me, oh! ah! Dislike-moi, d., 0, 0, €8 pshaw ! pugh! Laughter-oppi, wc, ha! ha! Desire of attention-000, C's hi! halloo ! Weariness-Sc, ar, heigh ho ! Desire of silence-8, 293 hush! Deliberation-9, en bum! Exultation-qoo well logos hurrah ! Pain—908, e', poes, 2010,8,98603 oh! hol ableed

ao death!

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