Imatges de pÓgina

Ce009edia? auecedo-At that festival florery rain will fall.

Plural number. @ 01ę scgeodeos?-(They) will in future offer unto

My’tree Budha. gwea 528016 oto:60 (or Dodone)In that faith

(religion) will (men) become priests (or ascetics). qoo88 womec@amonę osiedze.— Those who commit

ted the sin (called) Anetiriye, will not see him. Owędoço 833 E ale si 3.00) (or & sip)

At that period great multitudes will obtain (see) Nivena. 14. Examples of the Past tense of the Verb in the

Second person.

Singular number. CUOC030802008 (or EBC)

Formerly thou didst perform meritorious acts. 90000]@0180g 28 (or 8000 8s)Formerly thou didst

cook rice. noo nooo neg (or Gore8c)Formerly thou didst

die. no nomine 28 (or 222908c)-Formerly thou becamest delighted

Plural number. 900001933/mera (or me?gw)Formerly ye performed

meritorious acts. 000220/3g@org (or Eeg?orges Formerly ye cooked

rice. nuo 90.8999 (or berga)

Formerly ye died. 900 0.9292929 (or 2009-)

Formerly ye became glad. 15. Examples of the Present tense of the Verb in the

Second person.

Singular number. qolgoleg 98 0.958-Now thou dost perform good acts.

Colcom89028Now thou cookest rice.
GotoL968-Now thou diest.
qsicolo 9928-Now thou dost become glad.

Plural number. as! 60113301mostosa (or m69)Now ye perform

good acts. Godani800180 stoso (or Sega)—Now ye cook_rice. Godang solaradoss (or @2509)Now ye die. & 82000532 gastva (or ozge 2)Now ye become glad.

16. Examples of the Future tense of the Verb in the

Second person.

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Singular number. 290390 od poloolac odnoses—Thou wilt in future

attain the city of Niwan. 291003bgacmoins.—Thou wilt in future obtain

heavenly bliss. Oq90.16 ob sicose—Thou wilt be a king in future. 80200930 moeda.&Thou wilt conquer in future.

Plural number. Decond time opp olo oleo siodors-Ye will in future

attain the city of Niwan. 2009g. Bedrigsg-Ye will in future obtain hea

venly bliss. 090 09396 odsto.95.-Ye will be (king) crocned in future. Do 08.980 woodong-Ye will conquer in future.

17. Examples of the Past tense of the Verb in the First person.

Singular number. GO00088190.0 (or cores or omnes<)-Formerly

I did meritorious acts. cob@:883 (or de one or 86088)Formerly I

cooked rice. 000026883 (or 200 or a706D)Formerly I became


noooo 068 (or 683 or 0860)Formerly I did conquer.

Plural number. පෙරඅපිපිකල මු (or කලමෝ or කලමුළු)-Formerly we

did meritorious acts. 900982dewi (or Egg or 8929)Formerly we cooked

rice. 900990092 (or sa or 399)Formerly we


became king. පර අපිජයගනිමු (or යතුමෝ or හදමුළු)-Formerly we


18. Examples of the Present tense of the Verb in the

First person.

Singular number. මමදන්පිකරමි (or කෙරෙහි)-Now do I meritorious

acts. මමද බත්පිසෙමි (or පිස්සෙම්)-Now do I cook rice. මම ජයගනිමි (or ගනිම්)-Now do I conquer.

Plural number. 98938 12-Now do we meritorious acts. අපිද බත්පිස මු-Now do we cook rice. අපිද ජ: මු-Now do we reign. අපිදජයගනිමු-Now do we conquer.

19. Examples of the Future tense of the Verb in the

First person.

Singular number. මතුමකර ගත්වනමි-I shall be a rahat in future. Doboszę o noss—I shall enter Nivena in future. මතුම මගුණදම්පුරනෙමි -I fall in future imbibe good


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Bigo 808nç@gosinongWe shall imbibe good doctrines

in future.

End of the Chapter on Verbs in their Tenses.

20. Examples of the Imperative in the

Singular number. Dogs0 5.9a@_0 Brahamin! eat to morrow. @cel004–0 mighty person! live long. Ge mouc 28 sos-Let the cook dress the victuals. 837gaçosaçmodasi-Lord, preach thou thy doctrines.

Plural number. u Somesuolo.0.08245-If there be any merit here, hold

ye fast.

woo70300305- virtuous! behold prosperity.

Examples of the Benedictive mood. O es 60. go. @ gesc 50.—May Saraswatee dwell in

the Lotus of my mouth. . 8.60€ Ou&23~May the Supreme of men (king) be

prosperous. Pc8w8G & Dola 29May I be dexterous at doing

good to the world. 836ę088&oria-Lord! mayest thou be triumphant to

the end of kalpa. pouf 50mm:829_May the chief minister live

(continue) long. agagodoeddrewe od odg-May Budha's Religion prosper for five-thousand years.

. @@ęweggoodsa@s de:-May his doctrines shine to the

end of kalpa. 21. Examples of the past Participle. 2010. Detę -Having crossed the ocean of me

tempsychosis they enjoy prosperity. Colorin. 89-Having accomplished the Páramitas he

became Budha.



osgraces16636?_Having gone, whither shall the

sinful flourish? goed!Dose Cueencocok Ditoomagool, having

Matengoo, halted. mo s 88 werCI26 go-Do what is necessary to be done,

having reflected. 206 009Gmisloo Sacs - The bee, having extracted

the sweets in the flowery leaf, proceeds. WOOCS DOC 0932s! Ciose02 –Having gone, behold the pros

perity of Heaven. ogno slo25'85edoEEC08.—Having come from the

heavenly city he was born in the human world. 22. Examples of the present Participle. * Doudonoser-The Mara armies trembling fled. onoso!.0 82—They walk dancing. sood-He goes eating. Sobota 82-He walks writing. 2683690cos 690 ML Biber008 gobeçoea:

When the Sun of Budha had risen, numbers of starlike unbelievers fading assumed a disappearing mood. 23. Examples of the Causal mood. † açacam.OLCEME)-The chief cook causes rice

to be cooked by the mate. 220000208 ongeç 306 — The great king causes a war to

be waged by the minister. Ou Soleonêzere 300:- The teacher causes the arts

to be studied by his scholars. 9083°SSİCƏ000 —The chief causes the oblations

to be offered by the Brahaming. Sacs@omo seancomean—The drunkard causes gambling to be carried on by his friends.


• See Sidath'Sangerawe $ 56. † See Sidath'Sangerawe $ 50.

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