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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1845,

BY WM. CROSBY AND H. P. NICHOLS, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

Printed at Wright's Steam Press Office, 3 Water St.


The object of this little work is

1. To give Unitarians a better knowledge of their own denomination.

2. To give others some knowledge of the nature, extent, and present condition of Unitarian Christianity in this country.

3. To preserve some important statistical information for future use, which would otherwise be lost.

The tables of statistics are necessarily imperfect, and can only be regarded as a foundation for more perfect statements hereafter, should it be deemed worth the while to continue the work. As it is, it is commended to the kind patronage of the denomination for whose benefit this labor has been incurred.

P. S. It will be seen that accounts of some associations are introduced in which other denominations besides the Unitarians are interested with them.

A. A. L.

There will be but two Eclipses this year, and those two of the Sun, viz:
I. The first will be an Annular Eclipse of the Sun, April 25, as follows:

Beginning of Eclipse, ................11h. 12m.
Middle of Eclipse, ............

..... Oh. 31m.
End of Eclipse....................... lh. 50m.
This Eclipse will be Central and Annular to the most North-eastern of the West India
Islands, but to us the Sun will appear to be about half eclipsed by the Moon on the
Southern limb.

II. The second will be an Annular Eclipse of the Sun, about 3 o'clock, on the morn. ing of October 20. It will be visible in the Southern part of Africa and the Indian Ocean, of course invisible to us.

Commencement of the Seasons.
Spring begins March 20th, 7h. Om. morning.
Summer begins June 21st. 3h. 44m. evening.
Autumn begins September 230, 5h. 33m. morning.
Winter begins December 21st, 11h 24m. morning.

COLLEGE VACATIONS. Harvard College.-Ist, from the end of the first term ; six weeks; 2d, from the end of the second term, to Friday after Commencement; the academical year being divided into two terms of 20 weeks each.

Amherst College,Cominencement on the 4th Thursday of July. Vacation four weeks from Commencement, six weeks from the Wednesday preceding the annual Thanksgiving, two weeks from the 3d Wednesday of April.

Yale College.-Commencement, six weeks. First Wednesday in January, two weeks. Last Wednesday in April four weeks.

Burlington College.-Commencement, four weeks. First Wednesday in December, eight weeks. Second Wednesday in May, one week.

Dartmouth College.--Commencement, last Thursday of July. Vacation, four weeks from Commencement, four weeks from about the 25th of November, 14 weeks for such as are in schools, seven weeks for others, and from the 20 Wednesday in May, two weeks.

Brown University, December 10th, three weeks. March 31st, three weeks. July 21st, till Commencement.

Williamstown College.--Commencement, four weeks. Wednesday after third Wed. nesday in December, six weeks. First Wednesday in May, three weeks.

Middlebury College.-Commencement, four weeks. Last Wednesday in November, one week. Second Wednesday in February, two weeks. Third Wednesday in May, two weeks.

Boudoin College.-Commencement, three weeks. Friday after the third Wednesday in December, eight weeks. Friday after the third Wednesday in May, two weeks.

Theological Institution at Andover.-From the Annual Visitation, on the fourth Wednesday in September, six weeks; from the first Thursday in May, six weeks.

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Medical Lectures. Harvard College.—Medical Lectures commence at Boston, on the third Wednesday of November.

Dartmouth College.—Medical Lectures commence at Hanover, two weeks after Com. mencement.

Berkshire Medical Institution.-Medical Lectures commence at Pittsfield, on the first Thursday of August.

Vermont Medical Institution.-Medical Lectures commence at Castleton, on the first Thursday of March.

University of Vermont. —Medical Lectures commence at Burlington, on the second Wednesday in September.

Brown 'University.-Medical Lectures commence at Providence, on the third Wed. nesday in November.

Vermont Medical College.--Medical Lectures commence at Woodstock, on the first Thursday in March.

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