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T. and A. Constable, 1895

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Andrew Melrose brought what is said to be the first direct, legal import of tea from China to Scotland, independently of the East India Company, into Leith Harbour, Edinburgh, in 1835. Melrose's tea ... Llegeix la ressenya completa


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Pàgina 362 - Society is the discovery and printing, under selected editorship, of unpublished documents illustrative of the civil, religious, and social history of Scotland. The Society will also undertake, in exceptional cases, to issue translations of printed works of a similar nature, which have not hitherto been accessible in English. 2. The...
Pàgina 362 - The Annual Subscription to the Society shall be One Guinea. The publications of the Society shall not be delivered to any Member whose Subscription is in arrear, and no Member shall be permitted to receive more than one copy of the Society's publications.
Pàgina 364 - For the year 1889-1890. 8. A LIST OF PERSONS CONCERNED IN THE REBELLION (1745). With a Preface by the EARL OF ROSEBERY. Presented to the Society by the Earl of Rosebery. 9. GLAMIS PAPERS: The ' BOOK OF RECORD/ a Diary written by PATRICK, FIRST EARL OF STRATHMORE, and other documents (1684-89).
Pàgina 362 - The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council, consisting of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and twelve elected Members, five to make a quorum. Three of the twelve elected Members shall retire annually by ballot, but they shall be eligible for re-election.
Pàgina 362 - October. 8. Two stated Meetings of the Council shall be held each year, one on the last Tuesday of May, the other on the Tuesday preceding the day upon which the Annual General Meeting shall be held. The Secretary, on the request of three Members of the Council, shall call a special meeting of the Council. 9. Editors shall receive 20 copies of each volume they edit for the Society. 10. The owners of Manuscripts published by the Society will also be presented with a certain number of copies. 11. The...
Pàgina 365 - Edited by the Rev. WALTER MACLEOD. For the year 1892-1893. 15. MISCELLANY OF THE SCOTTISH HISTORY SOCIETY, First Volume — THE LIBRARY OF JAMES v1., 1573-83.
Pàgina 363 - Campaign of 1689, by JAMES PHILIP of Almerieclose. Translated and Edited by the Rev. AD MURDOCH.
Pàgina 362 - No alteration shall be made in these Rules except at a General Meeting of the Society. A fortnight's notice of any alteration to be proposed shall be given to the Members of the Council.
Pàgina 364 - For the year 1890-1891. 11. THE RECORDS OF THE COMMISSIONS OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLIES, 1646-47. Edited by the Rev. Professor MITCHELL, DD, and the Rev. JAMES CHRISTIE, DD 12.
Pàgina 59 - I smil'd, and treated it with the disdain I thought it deserved ; upon which they flew into a violent rage, and insisted upon my doing the same by him. As this flowed solely from the poor men's love and concern for me, I did not know how to be angry with them for it, and tried to bring them to temper by representing that it was a mean, barbarous principle among princes, foi.

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