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Section 1. Of the Origin of the Methodist Episcopal

Section II. Articles of Religion
Section III. Of the General and Yearly Conferences 30
Section IV. Of the Election and Confecration of Bi-

Joops, and of their Duty
Section v. Of the Presiding Elders, and of their

Section VI. Of the Eleaion and Ordination of Tra-
velling Elders, and of their Duty

54 Section VII. Of the Election and Ordination of Travelling Deacons, and of their Duty

55 Section VIII. Of the Method of receiving Preachers, and of their Duty

58 Section IX. Of the Salaries of the Ministers and

Section X. Of the Duties of those who have the

Charge of Circuits
Section X1. Of the Trial of those who think they are

moved by the Holy Ghost to preach
Section XII. Of the Matter and Manner of Preach-

ing, and of other public Exercises Section XIII. of the Duty of Preachers to God, themselves, and one another

90 Section XIV. Rules by which we should continue or defift from, Preaching at any Place

95 Section XV. Of visiting from House to House ; guard

ing against those Sins that are so common to Pro

felfors, and enforcing Practical Religion 97 Section XVI. Of the Instruction of Children 104






C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S:

Section XVII. Of employing our Time profitably,

when we are not Travelling, or engaged in pub-

106 Section XVIII. Of the Neceffity of Union among ourselves

107 Section XIX. Of the Method by which immoral tra

velling Ministers or Preachers shall be brought
to Trial, found Guilty, and reproved or suspend-
ed in the Intervals of the Conferences

109 Section XX. How to provide for the Circuits in the

Time of Conference, and to preserve and increase

the Work of God Section XXI. Of the Local Preachers

115 Section XXII. Of Baptism

I 18 Section XXIII. Of the Lord's Supper

Section XXIV. Of Public Worsvip.
Section XXV. of the Spirit and Truth of Singing 122
Section XXVI. Of the Method of raising a Fund

for the superannuated Preachers, and the Widows
and Orpburs of Preachers

125 Section XXVII. Of raising a general Fund for the Propagation of the Gospel

127 Section XXVIII. Of the Chartered Fund 129




Section 1. The Nature, Defgn, and general Rules of the United Societies

132 Section II. Of Class-Meeting

146 Section III. Of the Band Societies

148 Section IV. Of the Privileges granted to ferious Per

153 Section V. Of the Qualification and Duty of the Stewards of Circuits

154 Section VI. Of unlawful Marriages

156 Section VII. Of Dress

159 Section VIII. Of bringing to Trial, finding Guilty, and reproving, suspending,

or excluding disorderly Persons from Society and Church Privileges


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