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The memory of great men is the be taken as the model of living Bri. noblest inheritance of their country. tish statesmanship. The subject is All other distinctions are perishable at this Hour, more important than A few centuries have covered the ever. The destinies of England are most intellectual regions of the more and more approaching to that world with the deepest barbarism. crisis, in which their good or ill National valour, the spirit of van depends on personal character. Pitt tional sacrifice, the noble and natu- was formed to carry the empire ral pride of public supremacy, all through a convulsion altogether that was great in the nature, the new, tierce, and beyond the calcula. ambition, and the power of a na- tion of the old public wisdom of tion, is exchanged for debility and Europe. At this hour, the states, decay, or eurvives but in the form man may be forming, on whom is to of some faint memorial, mutilated depend the pilotage of the empire sculptures round the tomb where through a tempest, of wbich the the dead glory of the people slumb- fury will be equally beyond calcu. ers. But the character of her eminent lation, the trial more severe, and the minds is unassailable by the process elements more powerful, wilder, that humiliates the strength and and more unknown. Pitt saw the dignity of the nation. Their ordeal Continent with one revolution in its is past; they have reached the centre, and that revolution enough point at wbich fame is inevitably to shake Europe. The statesman their own. In passing to the grave, who is yet to succeed in the high they have secured the honours, and solemn task of sustaining the which to all the living must be still name of England through all her liable to the common chances trials, may see every kingdom the of things. The nation may go centre of a revolution ; the solitary down, and be submerged in the Jacobinism of France forgotten and common tide of human casualty eclipsed by a universal hostility to But their fame stands up, like the throne and temple; popular passion mountain tops in the deluge, the inflamed into boundless frenzy; and last retreat of the national hope and the earth involved in one reckless virtue, the first point from which and measureless confusion of war, they reissue to possess and restore conspiracy, and infidelity. To the the land.

man and his age, the study of the William Pitt was one of those men life of William Pitt, and of the years whose mind shaped his time. For. in which he acbieved the triumph tunate for the vigour and purity of of his principles, must be the most our own time, if that mind were to essential and productive employ

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