Narrative of a Journey Through the Upper Provinces of India, Volum 3


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Pàgina 435 - And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the Church : but if he neglect to hear the Church, let him be unto thee as a heathen man and a Publican.
Pàgina 430 - Sirs, ye are brethren ; why do ye wrong one to another ? But he that did his neighbour wrong thrust him away, saying, Who made thee a ruler and a judge over us ? Wilt thou kill me, as thou diddest the Egyptian yesterday ? Then fled Moses at this saying, and was a stranger in the land of Madian, where he begat two sons.
Pàgina 353 - Their general character, however, has much which is extremely pleasing to me : they are brave, courteous, intelligent, and most eager after knowledge and improvement, with a remarkable talent for the sciences of geometry, astronomy, &c., as well as for the arts of painting and sculpture.
Pàgina 372 - Combermere is considerable, amounting to near 25,000 men, with a fine train of artillery ; there are only, however, about 3000 of these Europeans Should he fail, it is unhappily but too true, that all northern and western India, every man who owns a sword, and can buy or steal a horse, from the Sutlege to the Nerbudda, will be up against us, less from disliking us than in the hope of booty.
Pàgina 321 - Of the people, so far as their natural character is concerned, I have been led to form, on the whole, a very favourable opinion. They have, unhappily, many of the vices arising from slavery, from an unsettled state of society, and immoral and erroneous systems of religion. But they are men of high and gallant courage, courteous, intelligent, and most eager after knowledge and improvement, with a remarkable aptitude for the abstract sciences, geometry, astronomy, &c., and for the imitative arts, painting...
Pàgina 129 - ... in the degree in which he employs the natives in official situations, and the countenance and familiarity which he extends to all the natives of rank who approach him, he seems to have reduced to practice, almost all the reforms which had struck me as most required in the system of government pursued in those provinces of our Eastern Empire which I had previously visited...
Pàgina 231 - ... a constant creaking of cartwheels, which are never greased in India, a constant clamour of voices, and an almost constant thumping and jingling of drums, cymbals, &c., in honour of some of their deities ; and add to all this a villainous smell of garlic, rancid coco-nut oil, sour butter, and stagnant ditches, and you will understand the sounds, sights, and smells of what is called the " Black Town
Pàgina 364 - Buddh;* but by far the greater part reverence nothing except the Devil, to whom they offer sacrifices by night, that he may do them no harm. Many of the nominal Christians are infected with the same superstition, and are therefore not acknowledged by our missionaries ; otherwise, instead of 300 to be confirmed, I might have had several thousand candidates.
Pàgina 423 - The daughter of the voice," in Syrian, means no more than a word. It is a very usual expression for it. have been dipped in the blood of the Saints, from whose tyranny our Church in England hath been long freed by the blessing of God, and we hope to continue in that freedom for ever ; of whom are the Metropolitans of Goa, the Bishop of Cranganor, and he at Verapoli, who have, in time past, done the Indian Church much evil.
Pàgina 272 - I think it still desireable that, in this country, the newspapers should be licensed by Government, though from the increased interest which the Hindoos and Mussulmans take in politics, and the evident fermentation which, either for good or evil, is going on in the public mind, I do not think the measure can be long continued.

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