Comic Miseries of Human Life: An Old Friend in a New Dress

Dewitt & Davenport, 1856 - 182 pÓgines

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PÓgina 80 - Merciful heaven! What, man! ne'er pull your hat upon your brows; Give sorrow words: the grief that does not speak Whispers the o'erfraught heart, and bids it break.
PÓgina 43 - Not to mention the misery of turning back, splashing along at full speed, and fighting your way through the crowd ; and all this, in order to go the longest way round, and be too late at last ! 4.
PÓgina 157 - ... 16. At a ball; — when you have set your heart on dancing with a particular favourite, — at the moment when you delightedly see him advancing towards you, being briskly accosted by a conceited simpleton at your elbow, whom you cannot endure, but who obtains (because you know not in what manner to refuse) ' the honour of your hand
PÓgina 85 - Night, eldest of things, The consort of his reign ; and by them stood Orcus and Ades, and the dreaded name Of Demogorgon; Rumour next, and Chance, And Tumult, and Confusion, all embroil'd. And Discord, with a thousand various mouths.
PÓgina 149 - Rashly confessing that you have a slight cold, in the hearing of certain elderly ladies ' of the faculty,' who instantly form themselves into a consultation upon your case, and assail you with a volley of nostrums, all of which, if you would have a moment's peace, you must solemnly promise to take off before night— though well satisfied that they would retaliate, by ' taking you off ' before morning !
PÓgina 45 - ... past . . . clock . . . morning! " then, after impatiently lingering through another hour for the sound of your own clock (which had before been roared down by the watchman), being roused to listen by its preparatory click and purr, followed by one stroke — which you are to make the most of — the rest being cut short by a violent fit of coughing with which you are seized at the instant. lţeing accelerated in your walk by the lively application of a chairman's pole a pmteriori, his "by your...
PÓgina 44 - ... towards another passenger, (a scavenger,) who is doing the same ; then meeting, with the shock of two battering-rams, which drives your whole stock of breath out of your body, with the groan of a paviour : — ruinam Dant sonitu ingentem, perfractaque .... Pectora pectoribus rumpunt.
PÓgina 22 - While you are laughing, or talking wildly to yourself, in walking, suddenly seeing a person steal close by you, who, you are sure, must have heard it all ; then, in an agony of shame, making a wretched attempt to sing, in a voice as like your talk as possible, in hopes of making your hearer think that you had been only singing all the while. Tes. A forlorn hope, indeed !— if / had •been your hearer, I should have said, by way of relieving your embarrassment, " Si loqueris, cantas ; si cantas,...
PÓgina 22 - Aquarius — at a leap:-— behold the ruthless vapours! — they halt — they muster, directly over-head ; — at the signal of a thunder-clap, they pour down their contents with a steady perpendicular discharge, and the assault is continued, without a moment's pause, till every meadow is completely got under, and the •whole scene of action is a swamp. When the enemy has performed his commission by a total defeat of your hopes, when he has completely swept the field, and scattered your whole...

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