Imatges de pÓgina

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Truly, the hearts of men are full of fear :
You cannot reason almost with a man
That looks not heavily, and full of dread.
All may be well; but, if God sort it so,
'Tis more than we deserve, or I expect.

SHAKSPEARE. King Richard III., Act II. Scene 3.




The cold blooded conspiracy against our working classes, which Fraud and Folly have combined to call “ Free Trade,” is raising such a spirit of discontent, and threatens us with such appalling disasters, that I scarcely feel I owe you any apology, for venturing once more to warn you of danger, which I believe to be imminent, and which will require, to face it, all the courage of all.

To Protection we must go back—and that soon -or be ruined: and, if I can throw one gleam of novelty over this dreary field of controversy; if I can confirm the faith of one wavering Protectionist, or bring one Free Trader to repentance; “ then indeed”—as a noble lord pathetically and periodically remarks_“I shall not have lived in vain.”

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* Hear his lordship's harangues on the Hungarian (or any other) insurrection-passim.


“And may I ask, Sir," haughtily demands Protection—"who has given you authority to interfere in my behalf? Am I indeed fallen so low as to have none but a perfect stranger to defend me?



Pardon me, Madam, if my zeal has outstripped my discretion: I acknowledge my temerity; but, in truth, my heart flew to your service from the first moment I beheld you.


And do you really take me for such a novice, as to be duped by a declaration like that? Why, my youth has passed away in listening to similar

professions. Not one of the hundred and twelve who betrayed me, but flattered me with his tongue to the very day he deceived me. And then to think what charming fellows among them! Youth, beauty,-fashion,-talent,-birth,—all that a


True, Madam ; but where are they now? never should I have ventured to come forward, but for that air of loneliness and dejection, that still interests me in your welfare so deeply. To see you mourning there, like Petrarch's Muse

6 Vedova sconsolata in vesta negra."


You, whom I had for years admired, so gay, and smiling, and radiant in all the splendour of white satin, whiter lace, pearls and diamonds !


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I thank you for your pity, Sir; but at heart I am not altogether so disconsolate as I

appear : flatter myself I have still charms enough to “ lure these tassel-gentles back again.”


Are you serious, Madam ? do you really imagine that

you will ever again have power to move that

gravem Peelidæ stomachum, cedere nescii ?"

And as for Sir James—as well might you solicit that æolian harp there, to whisper a reminiscence of those soft“ professions,” which the fickle winds, at his bidding, blew away. No, Madam, they are both lost to you for ever; even a weathercock may turn rusty, and turn no more; and did you view your quondam pets in the light I do, you would think yourself, believe me, well rid of 'em.


Ungrateful wretches ! to pass their youth in my-at my feet; and then to tell me all at once

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