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1. Each Number will contain Sixteen Pages of letter-press, (or, at the

least, Seven Days) very elegantly printed in demy octavo, and stitched

in an Ornamental Wrapper. II. The whole Work will consist of Fifty-two weekly Numbers, price 6d. , each, or Thirteen Monthly Parts, price 2s. each ; which will appear regularly on the First of every Month with the Magazines, forming, when complete, Two handsome Volumes.


Part XIII. (or the concluding Part) will contain a complete Alphabetical Index of the Births, Deaths, &c.


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The Editor feels it his duty to notice to the Public, that the principal feature of the present Work, in which it differs from any other of the same kind, is The Plan of combining in a two-fold CALENDAR, with appropriate Mottoes for every day in the year, a large assemblage of Eminent Narnes, collected with infinite labour from numerous volumes, arranged chronologically on Each Day, with the places of their Birth, and Burial, accurately affi red. He begs also to state, not invidiously, but expressly, that the Work will contain no line derogatory from the institutions, or the morals, of the Country; but rather it is his purpose to collect as much of the sententious wisdom of the great, the pious, and the ingenious, in every age, as could be introduced into a compilation of its variety and magnitude ; and he humbly trusts, as indeed it is his principal object, that The Work, when completed with the present year, may, from the accuracy and fulness of its details, form a LIBRARY Book of general reference.

An Alphabetical Index of all the Persons, with a note of the particular day and month on which they died, and were born, or are mentioned, will be supplied at the conclusion of the Work. The average Contents of every Number will be Seven Days.

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"This work by Mr. Bonner,

Listed at a very





In 8vo. with considerable additions, and a number of Lithographic Views, a


IN 1826, 7, 8, AND 9.
This edition contains an account of the dreadful hurricanes in 1831.

Opinions of the Public Press. “ Four Years Residence in the West Indies' has enabled our clever author to produce a work at once amusing and valuable---amusing from his lively manner, and valuable from his judicious information. He is not one of those who saw nothing but negro oppression and misery in the West Indies : on the contrary, though an advocate for gradual emancipation, he draws, on the whole, a favourable picture of the condition of the slave population; and his testimony is entitled to the more attention, as, being the son of a military officer, and utterly unconnected wtth planters, he can have no bias to warp his views on this momentous question. His volume is enriched by concise chronologies and statistics of the various islands, from their discovery to the present time, and by a number of well executed lithographic embellishments.".--Literary Gazette.

“The subject of which this volume treats, and the manner in which that subject is handled, will secure it a place in the library of the Historian and Geologist, while the lightness and humor of its style and descriptions cannot fail to make it acceptable to the general reader."---Intelligence.

“ This work is written in a lively style, and contains much curious information on the state of our West India Colonies. The author's pictures of negro society are very happy.---Sunday Times.


In three vols. post 8vo. price 24s. a Second Edition of



These volumes deserve a place in every library.---Blackwood's Magazine.

“ The story of Mary Ogilvie,' which commences the second volume, is in all respects a touching, well-written tale, that must confer additional reputation upon any author, even in these book-making days. It is replete with a melancholy tenderness that would be perfectly heart-rending had the termination been tragical; and sincerely did we rejoice in the fate which, after much sorrow and suffering, rewarded the farmer's pure and highlyminded daughter as she deserved. The tale is too long to extract, and we must not spoil it by mutilation. We can, however, assure our readers that this one tale is well worth the price charged for the whole book."---Morning Journal.


Elegantly bound in watered silk, price only 9so, or in richly embossed morocco,

price 10s. 6d. with 110 Engravings, a beautiful Portrait of the Author, and copious Notes, by W. Mason, a new edition of

BUNYAN'S PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. “ This edition is by far the cheapest and most elegant of any that have issued from the press since the first appearance of this extraordinary and popular work.---Observer.

“A very neat reprint of Bunyan's celebrated work, with a profusion of beautiful illustrations by Mr. G. W. Bonner."--Liter Guardian. A particularly cheap and beautiful edition of a very well known and valuable work.”

Standard. “This work comes before us in a new and an improved shape. The embellishments, by Mr. Bonner, are very tasteful and appropriate. It is admirably got up, and is published at a very cheap rate.”..- Entertaining Press.




CHRISTIAN MISSIONS. In a neat volume, price 5s. 6d. strongly bound in fancy cloth; or elegantly hound

in morocco, 7s. 6d. a Second Edition of TRAVELS AND RESEARCHES OF EMINENT ENGLISH

Commencing with the first Mission, in the Ship Duff, to the South Seas, and
including the latest Discoveries of Mr. Ellis. By the Author of Mary

“A little work that will be read with avidity;"---Atheneum.
“ is well conceived and extremely well executed,”---Spectator.
“and must soon become popular.”-.-Literary Gazette.

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In a very thick volume, 8vo. pp. 624, price 21s. with seven Diagrams,

A TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE HEART AND GREAT VESSELS; Comprising a New View of the Physiology of the Heart's Action. By J. Hope,

M.D. Physician to the St. Mary-le-Bone Parochial Infirmary, &c. &c. “ The claims which this truly valuable work has upon the profession are irresistible. As a work of reference and authority it must have a place in every medical library.”.

London Medical and Surgical Journal. “ It forms a necessary appendage to Dr. Forbes's translation of Laennec.”

London Medical and Physical Journal.

VI. THE GENTLEMAN IN BLACK, A Humorous Story, by one of the Contributors to Blackwood's Mugazine ; Second edition, price only 7s.6d. with numerous Illustrations by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK.

One of the cleverest and most amusing stories we ever met with. The illustrations are inimitable."---Literary Gazette.


LONDON IN MINIATURE, WITH NUMEROUS ENGRAVINGS. Price only 4s. 6d. in morocco, with gilt edges (being withmut a single exception

the cheapest “ PICTURE OF LONDONever published) KIDD'S GUIDE TO THE “LIONS” OF LONDON; Or, The Stranger's DIRECTORY to all the Places of Public Amusement, Exhibitions, &c. in London and its Environs; with an Engraving of each by G. W. BONNER.

“ The high character which Mr. Kidd has acquired by his embellished publications will derive new and solid grounds from the very elegant work now before us. A Companion to the treasures of the Capital at once so brilliant, correct, compendious, and cheap, is not to be found in the wide circle of mingled literature and art, to which it belongs. The type, paper, binding, and gilding of the book, are all on a scale of uniform taste, and render it one of the brightest gems that ever sparkled in its line of peculiar beauty."

United Kingdom. We shall be very much mistaken if the whole edition of this elegant little Bijou be not consumed in the country alone.”--- Times.

“ The woodcuts, which are numerous, are singularly chaste and accurate.”---Tatler.

“ This is a beautiful little gem, containing in a small compass an account of every exhibition in or near London, with a clever engraving of each, by Bonner; the binding surpasses every thing of the sort we have hitherto seen, and has to the eye a very pleasing effect. For so elegant a little matter, the price is surprisingly low.”---Satirist.

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