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readily seen that one of the principal objects aimed at by the author, has been to bring prominently forward the early intercourse which existed between England and Germany; while he has endeavoured con amore to illustrate some of the sources and channels through which the history and social progress of our own country have been modified and influenced by the German element.

The value of the present translation has been much increased by the careful supervision of the learned author, whose accurate knowledge of English has enabled him to suggest many important emendations.

The following is a list, drawn up by Dr. Pauli himself, of the various authorities which he has consulted in the composition of the several chapters:

CHAPTER I.-Historical Memorials of Canterbury, by A. P. Stanley, London, 1855. Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, a Biography, by J. C. Robertson. London, 1860.

II.—Chronica Jocelini de Brakelonda, Camden Society, 1840. Chronica Monasterii de Abingdon, ed. Stevenson, 2 vols. Rerum Britannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores, 1858. Monumenta Fraciscana, ed. Brewer, Rer. Brit. Med. Aevi Script. 1858 (the new collection published under the direction of the Master of the Rolls).

III.-Modus tenendi Parliamentum, ed. Hardy, 1848. Gneist Das heutige Englische Verfassungs und Verwaltungsrecht, vol. I. Berlin, 1857.

IV. A number of documents, formerly preserved in the Tower of London, at present in the Public Record Office, having either been

written from Germany, or referring to German affairs during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, were copied or extracted by the author under the direction of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin, to which also a report, accompanying nearly 500 pieces, was addressed. The details regarding the Prussian Crusade of Henry, Earl of Derby, in the year 1390-1, are taken from the original account-book, which is still preserved among the records of the Duchy of Lancaster.

V. Besides the Geschichte von England, vol. IV. a Wardrobe Accountbook of King Edward III. A.D. 1338-40, in the Public Record Office, is principally referred to, extracts from which have been printed by the author in Quellen und Erörterungen zur Bayerischen und Deutschen Geschichte, vol. VII. Munich, 1858.

VI.-J. M. Lappenberg, Urkundliche Geschichte des Hansischen Stahlhofes zu London, Hamburg, 1851; with a great number of English and German documents.

VII.-The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. London, W. Pickering, 1845, 6 vols. Confessio Amantis of John Gower, ed. Dr. R. Pauli. London, Bell and Daldy, 1857, 3 vols.

VIII.—Vaughan, John Wiclif, a Monograph. London, 1853. Lechler, Wiclif und die Lollarden, in Niedner's Zeitschrift für die historische Theologie, 1853. Fasciculus Zizaniorum Magistri Johannis Wyclif, ed. Shirley, Rer. Brit. Med. Aevi Script. 1858.

IX.-Aschbach, Geschichte Kaiser Siegmunds, 4 vols. Hamburg, 1838. Palacky, Geschichte von Böhmen, vol. III. Prag. 1845. Eberhard Windeck in Mencken, Scriptores Rer. Germanicarum, vol. I. Lips. 1728. Gesta Henrici V. ed. Eng. Hist. Soc. 1850.

X.-J. Quicherat, Procès de Condamnation et Réhabilitation de Jeanne d'Arc, etc. 5 vols. Paris, 1841-1849, ed. Société de l'Histoire de France.

XI.-The author's continuation of Geschichte von England, vol. V. XII.-Munimenta Gildhalla Londoniensis, vol. I. Liber Albus, A. D. 1419, ed. Riley, Rer. Brit. Med. Aeyi Script. 1859.

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