The Reliquary and Illustrated Archaeologist,: A Quarterly Journal and Review Devoted to the Study of Early Pagan and Christian Antiquities of Great Britain, Volum 8

J. R. Smith., 1894

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Pāgina 25 - Yet soft his nature, though severe his lay, His anger moral, and his wisdom gay. Blest satirist ! who touch'd the mean so true, As show'd, vice had his hate and pity too. Blest courtier ! who could king and country please, Yet sacred keep his friendships, and his ease. Blest peer ! his great forefathers...
Pāgina 207 - I must however observe to you upon this subject, that it is usual for a young tradesman, at his first setting up, to add to his own sign that of the master whom he served, as the husband, after marriage, gives a place to his mistress's arms in his own coat.
Pāgina 86 - Day of January 1748-9, was, with William Carter, attainted for the Murder of William Galley, a Custom-house Officer ; and who likewise was, together with Benjamin Tapner, John Cobby, John Hammond, Richard Mills the Elder and Richard Mills the Younger, his Son, attainted for the Murder of Daniel Chater ; but dying in a few Hours; after Sentence of Death was pronounced upon him, he thereby...
Pāgina 3 - Streaneshalch [Whitby], which work she industriously performed ; for she put this monastery under the same regular discipline as she had done the former ; and taught there the strict observance of justice, piety, chastity, and other virtues, and particularly of peace and charity; so that, after the example of the primitive church, no person was there rich, and none poor, all being in common to all, and none having any property.
Pāgina 3 - Heruteu, which monastery had been founded not long before, by the religious servant of Christ, Heiu, who is said to have been...
Pāgina 15 - The figure of three triangles, intersected [adds W. Kennet] and made of five lines, is called the Pentangle of Solomon, and when it is delineated in the body of a man it is pretended to touch and point out the five places wherein our Saviour was wounded. And therefore there was CAMD. soc. 5. o an old superstitious conceit that the figure was a Fuga Demonum — the devils were afraid of it.
Pāgina 209 - Stop, traveller, stop ! in yonder peaceful glade His favourite game the royal martyr played ; Here, stripped of honours, children, freedom, rank, Drank from the bowl, and Lowl'd for what he drank ; Sought in a cheerful glass his cares to drown, And changed his guinea ere he lost his crown.
Pāgina 25 - Satirist ! who touch'd the Mean so true, As show'd, Vice had his hate and pity too. Blest Courtier! who could King and Country please, Yet sacred keep his Friendships, and his Ease. Blest Peer! his great Forefathers...
Pāgina 211 - Here in this hive we're all alive,' Good liquor makes us funny ; If you are dry, step in and try The flavor of our honey.
Pāgina 3 - Lord in the monastic life. For she was nobly born, being the daughter of Hereric, nephew to King Edwin, and with that king she also received the faith and mysteries of Christ, at the preaching of Paulinus, of blessed memory, the first bishop of the Northumbrians, and preserved the same undefiled till she attained to the vision of our Lord in Heaven.

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