Imatges de pÓgina
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Printed for J. DODSLEY, in Pall-Mall, 1778.

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HE very favourable reception that the Annual Register has been honoured with from an indulgent Public, has made it no lefs our duty than our intereft to exert our utmost endeavours to make our work as worthy of their attention as we are able. The time of publication we are sensible is a point which it is our duty and intereft to attend to; and it is never without extreme regret that we have found the publication delayed beyond the beginning of the fummer. But for the lateness of the present publication we have only one excuse to make -a very fevere illness which for seve


ral weeks confined the gentleman principally concerned in the work to his bed. This created an unavoidable delay; but the first efforts of his returning health were employed in endeavours that the diligence and attention in the execution might in fome measure compensate for the lateness of the publication.



For the YEAR 1774.






Death of the Grand Signor, Mustapha III. His character. Acceffion of his brother. Preparations for carrying on the war. Infurrections excited by the Porte among the Tartars in the Ruffian Empire. Armament for the Crimea. State of the Armies on the Danube. Marfbal Romanzow crosses that river. Turks defeated in various engagements. Disorder, mutiny, and desertion in the Turkisb armies. Grand Vizir abandoned, and invested at Schumla. Propofes a fufpenfion of arms; obliged to fign a peace, upon the terms prescribed by the conquerors. Confternation at the Parte; peace confirmed. Principal articles of the peace. Grand Vizir dies fuddenly on the road to Adrianople. Rejoicings at Petersburgb. The articles fulfilled with good faith, and ambassadors appointed on both fides. Minifter appointed by the Porte, to Kerim Kan, one of the defpots of Perfia.


as well to wide dominions

Bothy termination of the ed the great belligerent powini, s

defolated the borders of Europe and Afia, it is to be hoped, that tranquillity will be fully reftorVOL. XVII,

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