Lux Christi: An Outline Study of India : a Twilight Land

Macmillan, 1902 - 280 pàgines

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Pàgina 82 - Take up the White Man's burden — Send forth the best ye breed — Go bind your sons to exile To serve your captives' need; To wait in heavy harness On fluttered folk and wild — Your new-caught, sullen peoples, Half devil and half child. Take up the White Man's Burden...
Pàgina 87 - How will it be with kingdoms and with kings — With those who shaped him to the thing he is — When this dumb Terror shall rise to judge the world, After the silence of the centuries?
Pàgina 73 - We hold ourselves bound to the natives of our Indian territories by the same obligations of duty which bind us to all our other subjects ; and those obligations, by the blessing of Almighty God, we shall faithfully and conscientiously fulfil.
Pàgina 174 - A noble army: men and boys, The matron and the maid ; Around the Saviour's throne rejoice, In robes of light arrayed. They climbed the steep ascent of heaven Through peril, toil, and pain : O God, to us may grace be given To follow in their train.
Pàgina 174 - T'HE SON of GOD goes forth to war, A kingly crown to gain, His blood-red banner streams afar ; Who follows in His train? Who best can drink His cup of woe, Triumphant over pain, Who patient bears his cross below, He follows in His train.
Pàgina 123 - At last I heard a voice upon the slope Cry to the summit, " Is there any hope ? " To which an answer pealed from that high land, But in a tongue no man could understand: And on the glimmering limit far withdrawn God made himself an awful rose of dawn.
Pàgina 31 - The embodied spirit has a thousand heads, A thousand eyes, a thousand feet around, On every side enveloping the earth, Yet filling space no larger than a span. He is himself this very universe, He is whatever is, has been, and shall be. He is the lord of immortality.
Pàgina 39 - Round their golden houses, girdled with the gleaming world : Where they smile in secret, looking over wasted lands, Blight and famine, plague and earthquake, roaring deeps and fiery sands, Clanging fights, and flaming towns, and sinking ships, and praying hands. But they smile, they find a music centred in a doleful song Steaming up, a lamentation and an ancient tale of wrong, Like a tale of little meaning tho...
Pàgina 174 - A glorious band, the chosen few, On whom the Spirit came : Twelve valiant saints, their hope they knew, And mocked the cross and flame.
Pàgina 30 - ... nor aught ; Then there was neither sky nor atmosphere above. What then enshrouded all this teeming universe? In the receptacle of what was it contained ? Was it enveloped in the gulf profound of water? Then was there neither death nor immortality ; Then was there neither day, nor night, nor light, nor darkness, Only the Existent One breathed calmly, self-contained. Nought else but he there was — nought else above, beyond.

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