The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics

Iain McLean, Official Fellow in Politics and Professor of Politics Iain McLean, Professor
Oxford University Press, 1996 - 559 pàgines
Written by an expert team of political scientists, sociologists, philosophers, and political economists, this is the most authoritative and up-to-date dictionary of politics available. Containing over 1,500 entries ranging from John Adams and Young Hegelians to Additional Member System and zero-sum game, this comprehensive and entertaining work offers international coverage of major political institutions, thinkers, and concepts. All significant political thinkers and designers of political institutions are in the West are included, and special attention is give to Muslim and Chinese political thought. There are many entries in new and thriving branches of the subject, such as international political economy, voting theory, and feminism. The Dictionary also gives clear and precise definitions of technical terms such as Condorcet winner, Droop quota, and ultra vires, and includes an appendix of political leaders for a wide range of countries and international institutions. Designed especially for general readers and students new to the subject, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics will be an invaluable reference aid for anybody who wishes to learn about politics from around the world.

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Sobre l'autor (1996)

Iain McLean has written a number of books including Keir Hardie (1975), Dealing in Votes (1982), and Democracy and New Technology (1989). His varied research interests cover the history of social choice, the properties of electoral systems, and the political economy of the environment.

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