Introduction to Molecular Biophysics

CRC Press, 26 de febr. 2003 - 584 pàgines
Molecular biophysics is a rapidly growing field of research that plays an important role in elucidating the mysteries of life's molecules and their assemblies, as well as the relationship between their structure and function. Introduction to Molecular Biophysics fills an existing gap in the literature on this subject by providing the reader with the modern theoretical tools needed to understand life processes from a physical viewpoint. The authors review numerous topics of relevance to biophysics, including peptide chains, DNA structure and function, cytoplasm, membranes, and motor proteins. Each chapter is richly illustrated and contains numerous examples, references, and problems that make this book useful as both an inclusive reference work and textbook.

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Post-doctoral Fellow (04/1983 - 09/1983). Chemistry Department, The University of Calgary. Supervisor: Professor R. Paul. Field: Molecular biophysics.

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