The Handbook of Social Psychology, Volum 1

Daniel Todd Gilbert, Susan T. Fiske, Gardner Lindzey
McGraw-Hill, 1998 - 1984 pàgines
The classic Handbook of Social Psychology has been the standard professional reference for the field of social psychology for the past 50 years. Now available in a new edition, this internationally acclaimed resource maintains the high standards of previous editions by recruiting leading experts from all areas of social psychology to bring readers up to date on new scientific methods and analytic techniques and to take stock of research advances in their respective specialties. In addition to a new and diverse group of authors, this edition is filled with new topics, such as emotions, self, automaticity, stigma, memory, and evolution, among others. The editors, who are three of social psychology's most noted researchers, have structured the volume to highlight the many levels of analysis used by contemporary psychologists, while maintaining a focus on social psychology's core concern: how do people think about, feel, and act toward one another?
Social Psychology's central questions have changed throughout the past 50 years, and the scientific approaches to them have changed even more. This expanded focus has led to many exciting developments that are detailed in this new edition. All academics, graduate students, and professional social psychologists will want to own a copy of this essential resource.

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Gardner Lindzey is at Stanford University. Susan T. Fiske is at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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