Corn Inside and Out

Rosen Publishing Group, 2004 - 27 pàgines
Each of these beautiful books features a series of lavishly illustrated spreads that invite young readers to explore the inner workings of an animal or a plant, while providing an understanding of how they work as well as how they interact with the environment in which they live. Other topics included in this inside-out look at animal and plant life include their natural enemies, geographical range, evolutionary history, defensive techniques, and the relationship the subject plant or animal has to humans. The intricately detailed color drawings and stunning photos offer a dazzling tour of the circulatory, digestive, reproductive, and respiratory systems of each animal and plant covered. The reader-friendly text enhances and explains the striking images. Getting Into Nature is a rich and lavish introduction to the science, beauty, and wonder of nature, sure to create a new generation of nature lovers and science enthusiasts. Corn has a rich history that stretches around he world and across centuries. A professor of botany, Hipp relates the history of corn and its various uses while focusing on an in-depth examination of the plant's appearance, structure, growth, and development. The book is lavishly illustrated with dazzling illustrations and photographs of corn's interior and exterior surfaces and intricate features and processes.

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